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Companions react to the moment they first realize their in llooovveee with Sole??

Sorry- I realise that I make every reaction really sad. So this one (Apart from Maxson) is a happy reaction. (Also, I don’t know if anyone else has this HC, but MacCready swears like a little shit in his mind) Enjoy Nonnie <3


The little shit challenged her to a fist fight. Why the fuck would Sole want to do that? Cait was in conflict with herself. She didn’t want to lose- she never lost, she won’t start now. But hurting Sole? She’d rather go up against Elder Maxson wearing nothing but her underwear.

Sole threw the first punch, hitting Cait in the jaw. That it, this is on. Cait retaliated, throwing a punch back towards Sole’s laughing face.

They both fought a tough fight, neither of them coming out as a clear winner. But as they both sat their on the floor of the bar in Sanctuary, Cait looked over to Sole’s bleeding but grinning face (she might have went a little overboard, forgetting who she was fighting) and it was as if she was having problems breathing. Maybe a heart attack, something screamed from the back of her mind. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s love.


Waking up after she moved to a human body. That’s when she realised. Sole was sat on the sofa pushed against a wall.

Throughout her time above ground in the Commonwealth, Sole had been the one and only consistency. The landscape changed; the enemies change; time went on, but Sole stayed. She felt like kicking herself. Why had it taken so long for her to have realised? She loved Sole.

They way that Sole effortly walked the Commonwealth, helping every person they came across. One time, when they were crossing a dam to Sunshine Tidings Co-op, a woman had been perched on the ground, half blocking the route. She had asked the strangers for water, and Sole had already had her pack open, shuffling around inside their low supplies for the water. Sole had offered the woman a place to stay; join Sunshine Tidings, they are always welcoming new people.

But now, with her new body that was down to Sole, Curie realised that the strange feelings that she got whenever she looked in Sole’s direction were Love.


Danse didn’t like to sleep. Behind closed eyes he saw everyone he had ever let down; cutler, his brothers and sisters. He also didn’t like to sleep because one time when he woke up he accidentally ended up punching Sole in the face.

He had to admit to them that he had PTSD, but he was fine for duty. He felt a little bad for lying; at least he wasn’t on the bald guy’s level.

It was the morning after he punched Sole he realised he loved them. Sole had- somehow- managed to pick the lock to his quarters, and had thrown a bedroll on the floor in the corner of the room. Sole cared for him.

He felt so bad- Sole’s eye was black and swollen, and it looked as if they had gone a round or two with a deathclaw. He ordered them to go and see Cade; although they initially refused, he managed to convince (forced) them to go.

He met up with them in the mess hall after. There wasn’t anything broken, but Cade could do nothing more than administering a Stim. As the pair sat eating in silence, he decided that he would not tell Sole. He thought they had a good thing going- they were a good team- and he didn’t want to ruin that.


For the fact that he’d always told himself that he wouldn’t love again, he realised he loved Sole very early on. Before they knew his name.

He’d watched as they emerged from Vault 111. He’d watched as they stumbled down towards Sanctuary and met with the Mr Handy. He’d watched from a roof-top as they threw themselves into power armour and killed a deathclaw, not ten hours after leaving the Vault. He’d followed them as they made their way across the Commonwealth to Diamond City; he’d dressed as a security guard and watched them as they interacted throughout diamond city. He’d be waiting for them when they made their way into Bunker Hill. When they stepped into Goodneighbour, and the scrawny little shit tried to offer them insurance, he’d watched as Hancock (who’d quickly sent Deacon a wink) killed in front of them to make a point. The moment that Sole hired the quick-mouthed merc MacCready he’d been watching from his seat, straining his ears to listen to their conversation.

That was the point that he’d realised he loved them. It felt weird for him; he loved them and they didn’t even know he existed. He’d followed behind Sole and MacCready as they made their way through the Freedom Trail, making sure that none of the enemies dotted along the route got the upper hand on the pair- not that they needed his help. As the pair stepped into the Old North Church he ran to the escape tunnel, making his way inside to join the welcome party.


He’d taken many drugs before. He’d been on many high’s before. This one however, was different. He didn’t want this one to end.

It had only been a hit of jet; a drug he’d done a million times before. He’d shared the hit with Sole; he’d done that hundreds of times before. As they rode the high together, it hit him. Harder than anything in his life. He loved Sole.

He felt his body go warm- and it wasn’t because of Sole’s body touching his (Sole was very… clingy… when high). He never thought that he’d fall in love. Back in Diamond City, he lived in his older brothers shadows. He partied hard, he fucked girls- and boys- and he didn’t develop feelings.

Then he became a ghoul. No one would want to love that. He knew that everyone he fucked now only fucked him for a claim. But he developed feelings for no one. And then they had to fucking walk in his life. They had to fucking go and clear out the warehouses. They had to fucking go and get caught in Bobbi’s stupid trap. They had to go and fucking snuggle down beside him when they were high. And for fuck sake he fucking loved them.


They cleared out Mass Pike Interchange. They just waltzed in there, guns blazing, took down an assultron, and fucked up Winlock and Barnes. And then, to fucking top it all off, they fucking walked over to a toilet and fucking just picked up a copy of Grognak the Barbarian. Sole just fucking picked it up.

He stalked over to them, pushing them against a wall, before bringing his lips to meet theirs, clashing together, fighting each other for dominance. They’d kissed before. Once on a fucking game of spin the bottle. Once when they were trying to avoid death and ended up pushed tightly against a wall as a stupid raider ran past. But this was different. This was new. This was…

“Fuck…” he pulled away, nearly screaming in Sole’s ear, earning himself a smack around the head. Sole tried to release themselves from where Mac had them pushed against the wall, but he gripped their hands tighter, raising them above Sole’s head. He brought his lips to meet theirs again, and then admitted to them what was on his mind.

I love you.


Nick realise that he loved Sole the moment that they blew the head off the man that murdered their spouse.

They might not have looked the most… attractive. Blood was splattered across their face, clothes ripped from where the synths had grabbed at them, small lacerations littering exposed skin from the energy weapons. They looked strong. Sole might not have felt it, but in that moment, they looked as if they could take down everything that stepped in their path. Nick promised himself that he would be there for them- whether they wanted him there or not- when they eventually crashed back to reality.


Piper watched as Sole argued with Mayor McDonough. For some reason, Piper had once again been locked out of Diamond City. Sole had marched up and demanded to see the Mayor.

‘Sorry, the mayor is busy’

‘Listen here lady, I have a lot of friends who I can go and call. You do NOT want to get on my bad side.’

That’s how they had ended up in this position. The old slimebag was trying to convince Sole to stop shouting (Ain’t gonna work old man- I know, I’ve tried)

Then it hit Piper. It hit like a ton of bricks. Sole was here, arguing with the old man- potentially making the whole of Diamond City an enemy, for her. For plain old Piper.

She loved Sole.


They’d travelled to one of their newest settlements: Coastal Cottages. They’d developed it and left in a hurry; one of the other settlements had been under attack.

When they arrived- and talked a protective father out of shooting the pair of them- they realised that there was three families- two pregnant women with their husbands, and two women with a small baby.

Sole had instantly gravitated themselves to the baby, and after asking the mothers questions about the beautiful little girl, happily accepted her for cuddles. The baby cooed up at Sole, and Sole cooed right back.

Sole promised the mothers- including the expectant mothers- that they would build them all a crib, as well as separate shacks for their families. They promised them that the minutemen would be making regular rounds to this area, and that they would relocate a few to protect the families.

That was the moment he realised that he loved Sole. Sole was still trying to locate their own son; but they put the needs of others over their own needs.


He’d never thought he’d be in a position where he thought that he would ‘love’ someone. He was, after all, a synth. But for some reason Sole was different.

He felt himself feeling things after a while of travelling with Sole. Just little things at first; Sole tripped in a pot hole in the road and he’d laughed- not a fake haha, but a laugh that came from deep within. Sole had practically bullied him into feeling bad whenever the dog got injured.

He slowly developed a deep affection for Sole- as winter slowly rolled into the Commonwealth he slowly found himself becoming a portable heater to them (He joked- actually joked- that they were a popsicle). The affection soon turned into ‘love’, but he needed Sole to admit it first before he could fully put a name on the emotion.


The moment Maxson realised that they loved Sole was when they were down in the Glowing Sea with Danse.

He worried about every one of his soldiers. Some people would say that he was too young to be an Elder, barely an adult. For some reason, the thought of Sole so far away from him brought nerves up deep within his core. He ordered teams of vertibirds to do regular rounds near the Glowing Sea, ready to extract Sole and Danse the second they stepped onto safer grounds.

When he heard that a vertibird was making its way to the Prydwen with an exhausted and hallucinating Paladin and a ‘fatally’ injured Knight, he felt his heart move to his throat.

When the vertibird docked, he watched as Cade moved to help out Danse, the Paladin’s life being treated first. He heard Danse scream, telling him to take the Knight first. Maxson’s blood ran cold at what he saw. Sole’s battered body, the power armour smashed and battered, but clearly holding Sole’s life together.

He loved Sole, and he hoped that they pulled through this. For him.


Desdemona had always know that she was the first one out of the pair that felt love; unless Sole was just really good at hiding it.

The exact moment Des realised was hard to pin-point.

Had it been the moment that Sole had returned to HQ after assisting with moving H2-22? Or maybe it had been the time that Sole had sat and humoured Tinker-Tom, listening as he rattled some bullshit story about the crows being spies for the institute?

Des watched as Sole emerged from the small room that they had set aside at HQ for people to clean in. Sole walked across the room, smiling warmly at Tinker and drummer boy, shooting a glare at Carrington’s back as he hunched over his work desk. They smacked Deacon on the back of the head, picking up their pip-boy from his hand with a curse, and walked over to Glory patting the heavy on the back to receive a playful scowl.

Then it hit Desdemona; the exact moment that she realised that she loved Sole was when they came along and pulled the family closer.