brick ring

ivy on wet brick, sock rings around ankles, loose lips on tired arms, orange juice with pulp, sourdough appetizers, headlights on dark rainy pavement, pressed leaves in wax paper, tires like static on gravel



  • Bog: "Hey, Marianne?"
  • Marianne: "Yeah?"
  • Bog: "Where are ye?"
  • Marianne: "In the kitchen!"
  • Bog: *comes in* There ye are! Listen, I can't find my phone anywhere. Will ye call it fer me, please?"
  • Marianne: "Sure." *takes out her cell and dials Bog's phone*
  • Bog: "..."
  • Marianne: "..."
  • Bog: "..."
  • Marianne: "..."
  • Marianne: *deadpan* "Really?"
  • Bog: *grinning* "Yup!"
  • Marianne: "You're a dork." *leaves the room*
  • Bog: *sings and dances down the hall after her* "Ow, she's a brick house! Well put-together, everybody knows! This is how the story goes..."

@doctorxdoom  (ง •̀_•́)ง

Tony hits the wall hard, and the impact reverberates through the suit and him.  He pushes out of the small crater he’d made in the stone bricks.  As he drops to his feel, pain shoots up his spine, but still he opens his mouth and taunts.

“Come on, Vicky, you’ve got to be a little sick of us kicking your ass all the time.  Let’s sit down and talk it out before you embarrass yourself.”

so what is cheeky nandos?

so bascs ya jus come home from skool with your swegga m8 gazza lying on the couch eating some wotsits and gluging down some asda own brand cola while watching the double bill of jezza kyle.

then your nokia brick starts ringing “turn down fo banter” and its your m8 dave who is an absolute ledge bi the way. you answer the phone and say “wot you fooking want m8″ and then he says “cheak my twits enit fam”

den you look at dave’s twitter : @.bantaclauseenitfam90934567849e84758394869fuckthesetitsfam86774

and his latest tweet is “cheeky nandos lads? 👌👌 :) xD ;)”

so den you answer his tweet. @.archbishopofbantalolzsozz

“yhyh dave you absolute ledge 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌“

so den you tell gazza that da lads are getting together for some cheeky nandos so he goes home to get the nikeys on.

“knock me up at 5″ he says while leaving, which means come to his at 5 so they can go get some cheeky nandos, not beat him up bc gazza is one of the mains.

den you go with grey and blue addias trackies with some white nikeys on (#richswegga) and go to gazza’s at 5 and his 14 yr old sis awnsas da door

den you member the night you shagged her fit tits off, init fam sccooorrreee!!!!1 XD :)

den gazza comes down before you shag her again in his balck and white trackies and black nikeys.

“i need credit first doe m8″ says gazza waving his orange nokia in your face

“sure fam we can stop off the asian crnor shop m8 yhyh”

den you get to the ckeekiest nandos of all time and you and the lads sit outside looking at looking at the fit cows that pass by!

den you go in and have the cheekiestnandos yet with the “x” sauce even doe none of u eat it and your were served by the fittest cowhag eva, and you thinking of shagging her there and then but you would den ruin everyones cheeky nanados and be a banta kill and you dont want that cuz you want to be an absolute ledge.

That, my dear, confused, mostly American friends, is how you have a propa cheeky nandos