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Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

I’ve been wanting to try this place for quite a while, so today, my family had lunch at their store in Podium (which is less frequented than their Makati store). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of the Bianca Verde Pizza (Olive Oil, Garlic, Kesong Puti, Ricotta, Parmesan, Basil, Arugula), but here are photos of the other two pizzas the family had. The photo of the Burrata Caprese, on the other hand, I got from my sister. And it is every bit of delicious as it looks! The soft, creamy, chewy mozzarella cheese with the garlicky herb flavor of the pesto made for a delicious appetizer. Among the pizzas, I liked the SMEGG the best - which is practically breakfast on a pizza mainly because of the runny eggs on top. The pizza crusts were soft which I liked, and I ended up using them as “breadsticks” to soak up remaining pasta sauce. The Tomato Basil pasta was simple but just right, I was happy that it wasn’t sweet like traditional Filipino pasta and more on the savory side with a subtle basil flavor.

sajtos-tejfölös lángos [ˈʃɑjtoʃ tɛjføløʃ laːnɡoʃ] – lángos with cheese and sour cream

Traditionally lángos was baked in the front of the brick oven close to the flames, and that’s where its name comes from:
láng [ˈlaːnɡ] – flame
lángos [ˈlaːnɡoʃ]
1) Hungarian food speciality, a deep fried flat bread made of a dough with flour, yeast, salt and water.
2) (something) with (a) flame
[e.g.: Lángos tetkó. – A tattoo with a flame.]
3) lángos – very hot

sajt [ˈʃɑjt] – cheese
sajtos [ˈʃɑjtoʃ] – cheesy; (something) with cheese
tejfölös [ˈtɛjføløʃ] – (something) with sour cream
tejföl [ˈtɛjføl] – sour cream
tejfel [ˈtɛjfel] – sour cream (dialectical)
tejfeles [ˈtɛjfeleʃ] – (something) with sour cream (dialectical)


forró – very hot
tüzes – very hot
tűzforró – very hot
tűz – fire


“Nope, something’s burnin’, something’s burnin’.” Liam chanted, quickly going over to the oven as a cloud of smoke began to emit from it. “Oh, god. Y/N’s brownies!” He whined, slowly opening it up and coughing, eyes squinting as he grabbed the tea towel to beat away at the smoke. It probably wasn’t a good idea to let the boys bake treats for your birthday.

“Liam, you idiot! We spent such a long time making the batter!” Louis groaned, smacking his own head against the wall as Liam gave him a sheepish smile. 

“Well, you should’ve kept an eye on the time, Louis!” Harry exclaimed, watching as Liam pulled the hard bricks out from the oven tray. “Yikes.” 

“What are you guys doin’? Did ya make t’e brownies, yet? I wanted to taste t’em!” Niall walked in, the smile dropping on his face as he caught sight of the black blocks on the counter. “Never mind.” 

“Boys, I’m home!” You chirped as you closed the door behind you, kicking your boots off and hanging your coat up. “S’gettin’ pretty chilly – you guys better bundle up.” 

“Y/N’s home – shit.” 

“What do we do?!” 

“Hide the brownies.” 

“Jus’ throw them away!” 

“But if we throw them away, she’ll think that we never even tried!” 

“Why can’t a group of twenty year old men bake one batch of bloody brownies?” 

“Maybe they’re still salvageable!”

“Yeah, they’re just crispy! Y/N likes crispy things.” 

“Sure, but not this crispy!”

“We can make them together if you guys would like that.” You grinned as you leaned against the frame of the kitchen door, giggling at the sight of the boys freaking out over brownies. 

“Happy Birthday?” They all muttered sheepishly, standing in front of their failed attempt at baking. 


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