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“Well, you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic”

  Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore

Someone asked me if I knew who wrote Les misérables and everything I’ve seen about Victor Hugo on this site came back to me in half a second: Hugo wearing sunglasses, Hugo wearing a flower crown, Hugo posing like one of your French girls, Hugo writing naked to avoid the writer’s block, Hugo sending a living bat to his fiancée. I think I managed to only smile a little when I said yes.


#64: Victor Mewgo writing about The Pawrisian Sewer Systems, from Les Meowserables 

this is actual book canon. we get more backstory on the sewers than on any member of Les Ameows de ABC. because they’re just so great you know

Red carnations mean “I love you and miss you” in the language of flowers.

I feel like it has been a while since I last posted a drawing. (>_<) I hope you are all enjoying Leo’s EA. (:

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Okay, so this is partially Coleneti, but a lot of it became the inner workings of CS’s brain. I think this might be in my top three favorite analyses I’ve ever written.

Anyways, enough praising myself. Enjoy!

0:59 - For any asshole who doesn’t get it, CS is so supportive of Jughead being asexual and this was the first of many times he touched on it. Don’t EVER say he’s acephobic.

1:17 - It really bothers me that when CS went into the show, he went in with the idea that the only thing Jughead really truly cares about is himself, and then BH happened. And fine, falling in love is a thing that happens, even to the most egotistical people, but it does not happen over the course of three weeks. BH, on the face of it, doesn’t make even a bit of sense. They made Jughead OOC so they could get fans that only watch for the relationship. It’s such a calculated move. BH shippers don’t give half a shit about the timeline, and how long they were actually “dating” for before Jughead said “I love you.” All they care about is LR and CS getting a fairytale ending. If it wasn’t for BH/ SH, the show wouldn’t be getting a second season, and that’s the reality.

1:52 - It’s a very typical question, but CS decided to give a real answer, and it’s such a pleasure watching his face light up as he starts talking about something that he’s extremely passionate about and has nothing to do with Riverdale. CS is a huge nerd, and I think Riverdale fans forget that a lot of the time. He’s a video game/ comic book kid at heart. Comic Con is like his candy store.

2:31 - Another question that he didn’t even kind of expect to be asked, and it warms my heart that he was. INTERVIEWERS, ask him more about his photography, please!

This entire exchange fascinates me and touches a bit on who CS is as a person. CS is an anthropologist first and foremost. He’s fascinated by human behavior and culture and how those two things interact. I mean, did everyone forget his Tumblr experiment. It was meant to make people angry. From day one, that was the entire point of the experiment. He wanted to expose himself to fans and watch how they reacted when he took that away. He wanted to study the difference between celebrity and fan and where the fans feel that boundary lies. He doesn’t want to be loved, he wants to be questioned. The idea that someone is loved and revered just because they show up on your television screen is insane and everyday CS tries to destroy that illusion.

I don’t understand how SHs say he wouldn’t do a PR stunt. If he knew if would deeply hurt anyone, especially the person he loves, not a chance, but he’s been given the opportunity to fuck with the fans without putting a damn minute of effort into it and I think there is some part of him that revels in that. As painful as PR stunts are, CS has done this before, and if he looks at it as just another anthropological experiment, it’s probably a lot easier to get through, maybe even fulfilling, in some twisted way. If you think CS would never lie to fans or do something to keep a job, you are sadly mistaken.  

Also, kind of off topic after this rant, but I really really want to see those shots. I hope he releases them at some point.

5:02 - CS starts by saying he auditioned cause he “liked it” and says that’s the entire story, but then he keeps talking, and the most interesting thing is how he says that the reason he liked it was for the challenge. He wants to be challenged. In his first role back as an actor, he wants to be challenged. He didn’t want to ease into anything. He took the hardest role and most polar opposite to Cody and jumped in head first. For CS, from this story, and from the photography story, it’s clear that if it’s easy, he doesn’t want to do it, and I think that speaks volumes to who he is and how he handles all facets of his life.

11:34 - CS says “we really want the fans to hype this.” If you’ve listened to CS throughout this interview, and I hope you have and aren’t just reading the analysis or skipping to points where i say something happens, it’s not a show that SHOULD do well in this day and age. Cole mentions Black Hole, Brick and Film Noir enough times for someone playing a drinking game to get wasted. There are also elements of The Twilight Zone, which he brings up in other interviews, and Kubrick’s work, which I don’t think anyone brings up ever for some strange reason. It should have never become more than a cult show, with these elements. It should have been thought provoking and confusing, political and illusionary, but it’s not. Why? “we really want fans to hype this.” As much as CS makes the connections to these truly remarkable works of art, on the face of it, they want the obsession and they need it to be widespread. So this fascinating storyline and genre he’s being told sets the stage for this story becomes secondary to the thing that gives a show, or any form of media, for that matter, attention and obsession. Romance. Romance that everyone can enjoy from the most conservative rural farmers to the most liberal Bernie supporters. Straight, cis, romeo and juliet romance. And CS wants to love the show, he has to. What is he dealing with all this crap for if he doesn’t? So interview after interview he pushes the film noir and the reason he got into it in the first place, cause that’s the only way it’s still worth it.

12:12 - The nonexistent amount of time it took from the interviewer to say “What is KJ like on set” to CS saying “the best” is actually incredible. And then he goes on to pull a KJ “I actually uh….” and then he choses a different sentence. CS is quick on his feet, but there is this split second where he gets a horrified look on his face before he starts speaking again, so my big question is, “You what, CS?”

12:16 - Really talented is one thing, friends say that about each other all the time, but savant? Prodigy? For someone like CS, someone who is a self proclaimed narcissist to give another human. A man younger than himself who has less experience than himself THAT much praise? And we’ve seen it. KJ isn’t like other actors. He has a connection with the crew like I’ve never seen before. He sees the importance in the fucking gaffer, I don’t even know if most actors know what a gaffer is. Notice how the question wasn’t how is KJ’s acting, it was “What is KJ like on set” He’s using the terms savant and prodigal not just for his acting skill but for his maturity and grace, his personality and everything else. For everything acting entails, not just the acting itself. And that’s fucking beautiful.

12:39 - CS doesn’t get speechless, but he completely trips over his words while talking about KJ’s talent, and to top it off, even though he doesn’t finish the sentence, he starts saying “I’m not a religious man myself.” Let’s take a second to let that sink in. CS is comparing KJ’s talent and just KJ as a human, at this point, as an act of God. A God he doesn’t even believe in, to top it off. This just got even deeper than it was before.

12:56 - Notice how the interviewers haven’t said a damn thing for about a solid minute, once you start CS talking about KJ, he doesn’t stop. Secondly, I NEED TO SEE THIS PICTURE!

13:08 - “KJ and I are legitimately two peas in a pod” I don’t know, there is just something about this line that says a lot more than a cliche.

13:18 - “We’re solid.” That’s not a phrase people often use to talk about their friendships. It’s a relationship phrase, and remember, this is July 2016, only 5 months since they met. This entire monologue, cause after you’ve been talking without interruption for a minute in an interview, it’s a monologue, just goes to show how strong that bond it, that they really are “solid”

13:29 - Archie and Jughead are not on the best of terms in episode 1, which is the only episode they had shot at this point. CS knows they did a crappy job of expressing that. That their relationship majorly bled through to how they portray Archie and Jughead

14:46 - We are back to CS talking about anthropology, cause, that’s where he feels safest. If he can give an anthropological reason for an event taking place or an experience being required, it makes more sense. I’d love to hear him speak about BH and SH on an anthropological level. Explain why the obsession exists and why it’s so powerful for those who believe it. I’m sure he has some fascinating insight if he has anthropological reasoning for V.O. work.

15:31 - The SECOND KJ walks up, CS’ entire demeanor changes. It’s as if he becomes a different person. Slightly flamboyant and campy and entirely distracted from the task at hand.

15:50 - And now the task has changed. It’s all about making KJ smile and laugh and pay attention to him now. So when he starts bonding with the interviewer, CS says “Australia is way better” and sure enough KJ’s attention is back on him instantly.

16:30 - KJ says “it’s cool to see all these fans” CS gives KJ and eyebrow raise. I have no idea why, but it seems almost suggestive in nature

17:10 - This angle sucks, but CS reaches over to KJ’s hand? given the fact that KJ was just playing with that ring of his and CS was staring at him doing so, I have some idea it has to do with that. Now would be a great time to have a table cam

17:54 - You can literally watch the wheels turning in CS’ head as how to get KJ’s attention and make sure he’s always looking at him. The second KJ arrived CS just started flirting and entirely stopped paying attention to anything that wasn’t KJ’s body. How on earth can anyone think these boys are or were “just friends?” I mean, are you watching these looks CS gives KJ??? Anyways, KJ is talking about how strange the American school system is to him and CS has to chime in with “I was homeschooled, so…”

18:02 - Glee? Really? The polar opposite of Riverdale in every way. It was progressive as all hell. I wonder if he thought that was the route Riverdale was going with queer couples and physically disabled and neuro divergent  characters. I can’t imagine how disappointing finding out none of that would be happening must have been.

18:36 - How much of a fangirl were you, KJ? Every time he mentions it, he gets this same look in his eye and smiles really widely. Did he have posters? Did he read R.O.N.I.N 47? I feel like there is more to this story than he will ever share with fans.

18:41 - CS believes that if Archie were to come to Comic Con, he’d cosplay as Jughead. CS says this so quietly, and it’s clear KJ didn’t hear him, but KJ gives the exact same answer the second he understands the question. And then the look at each other. Somehow, this is a conversation KJ and Cole have already had, in detail it seems.

19:23 - This is the first of like three or four times that CS likens KJ’s red hair to Drumpf. I love how we hear their inside jokes but have no idea what they mean. They are so brazen about making it clear that no one else has a single clue what they are talking about. It’s just their little secrets.

19:52 - CS starts going on a rant about how outer appearance effects your actions and how they play their characters, specifically talking about the hair, but, I’m sure you’ve all noticed, KJ and CS don’t have costumes, except for the beanie and the letterman jacket, they own the clothes their characters wear. I wonder if that was intentional for the reasons CS is laying out. If RAS and the rest of the creative team wanted to bring some of KJ and CS to the characters, and it’s interesting, it’s only with them. The rest of the cast all have costumes. It’s like KJ and CS’ connection is something they need on screen. I would not doubt we have been hearing how the audition process went, wrong. That they did a chemistry read early into KJ’s audition process and that that was the entire reason he got the role.

20:51 - Another conversation CS and KJ have had prior to this. They both REVERE Luke Perry. Which is interesting, cause throughout this monologue, CS speaks as if Luke knows WAY more than him, and in reality, that’s not necessarily the case. CS acts as if he’s not a veteran to acting at all and I think that’s what makes Jughead work. CS isn’t looking at is as coming back to acting, he’s looking at it as starting over. That he doesn’t know anything and wants to learn from scratch. IDK, I think that’s really beautiful.

21:13 - CS might not want to talk about his previous career, and pretend he didn’t learn anything, but KJ sure as hell wants to think CS for all the help and advice he’s given (notice CS’ seductive smirk. I have an idea that CS wasn’t thinking about acting advice…)

21:30 - KJ says interviewing never came naturally to him and then CS compliments him talking about how much better he’s gotten at it. CS is so proud, and you can see the pride on his face.

If you don’t believe KJ and CS are a couple after reading/ watching this, there is no hope for you. 


Heteronormativity’s Nightmare