brick heels

MariChat May
Day 5: Baton
Words: 1,240|AO3

It was just… sitting there.

Laying in the middle of the street untouched.

She had to grab it.

This akuma is dangerous, and she couldn’t find a safe spot to transform. She could see her classmates hiding around various corners, too scared to move because of the akumas projectiles.

It was deadly, nightmare dust that you would be forced to inhale, people wouldn’t be aware of what’s going on around them. Just thrashing, some running, some writhing on the ground in agony.

She can’t move, she can’t transform.

But she can’t leave her partner out there.

She can see Chat in the middle of the plaza, snarling and hissing at the akuma, fighting it hand to hand because the chance to grab his baton never presented itself through the giant’s arms. The akuma is massive, a writhing mass of blackened flesh with too many arms and hollow spots where the eyes should be. Its smile is stretched too wide across its face. Truthfully the most horrifying looking akuma she’s seen in all of her years.

‘What would Ladybug do?’

Ladybug would trust her partner and attack from the backgrounds, thinking of a strategy.

Chat doesn’t have time, every minute she can hear his Miraculous beep.

‘What would Chat do?’

Chat would know she needs her weapon, run toward it with a one track mind and feet fast enough to dodge everything, anything to protect his partner and himself.

Chat can’t do that right now.

But she, Marinette… she could… She could do something. She could be useful.

‘Be useful’

Marinette huffs, pulls off her shirt and shoves it in front of her mouth with one hand. She wraps her jacket around her and takes a deep breath through the cloth.

‘Go.’ her brain urges. She does.

She hears Alya yell her name as Marinette leaves her safe haven, but she doesn’t follow, for which the bluenette is thankful. One of her best friends is already out there.

Marinette runs towards the baton, lungs burning from the lack of air but she continues to ignore the explosions following her and instead keeps her gaze focused on the silver cylinder on the ground.

“Princess!” Chat Noir gives a strangled shout as she distracts him from dodging an oncoming hit, but she doesn’t spare him a glance and slides between the legs of the giant nightmare monster. One of its appendages chase her, threatening to wrap its large fingers round her ankles. She jumps over it, slides across rough brick, heels digging in the cracks in between. She stumbles, toes catching and tips forward, her hand landing on the baton at the last moment.

She flips her body over and swats at a few balls of nightmare dust flying her way, closing her eyes against the sand like texture that burst from them.

“Princess!” Chats shouting, still desperately attempting to get past the monster and to her but every time he tries one of the akuma’s many arms swipe him out of the air and send him flying in the opposite direction.

Tears streak down his face, and his miraculous beeps, Plagg likely trying to hold on as long as he can.

She swats the giant’s legs with her partners lengthened weapon, dodges a stray arm and swats him with the baton again, watching in satisfaction as all the akuma’s attention is turned to her.

Chat needs to recharge, and she needs him to recharge so she can transform. She runs between the monster’s legs, jumping over large and grotesquely twisted fingers and gives a grin to Chat.

Running on adrenaline she looks up and yells

“Hey, Boogieman!”

The Akumas eye less face turns down from Chat towards her tiny form and she watches the Cat try and fail to get it back by yelling as loud as he can.

“Mari! Please! Dont-”

“Catch me if you can!” And with that, he chucks the baton at Chat Noir watching as he leaps to catch it instinctively and then falling back onto a roof, a green light flashing from the spot he disappeared.

MARINETTE!” Chat’s voice breaks from where he hides.

Then, the girls tongue sticks out of her mouth and she dodges back as 8 arms come flying at her all at once.

The akuma has sent all of its arms through between its legs but doesn’t seem to mind as its upper body follows and it twists itself around, going through its own legs and then the legs just flipping over to land heavily on the ground behind him.

The grin is still there, terrifying as ever.

The chase is on.

“Marinette!” Tikki shouts from her purse and she grabs it to stop the jolting motion as he feet desperately pound against the ground. “Go right!”

Marinette trusts her kwami explicitly and doges to the right, landing hard on her shoulder as nightmare dust explodes where she was seconds before.

“Thanks for the save, Tikki!” Marinette huffs, lungs aching so bad it’s making her dizzy.

She’s starting to struggle, barely getting out of the way in time, just jumping over the sweeping arms of the monster. So little air reaching her lungs it’s making her eyes water.

She’s tackled sideways out of the way just at she stumbles over a sewage covering and the air is knocked out of her lungs with a shoulder to the solar plexus.

Chat jumps to the nearest roof and instead of setting her down, falls and presses her shoulders to the roof. The shirt tied around her mouth loosens and hangs around her neck.

“Are you out of your mind?” he growls, tear streaks drying and shoulders trembling.

“What?” Mari tries to sit up but Chat keeps her down without the slightest effort. “It’s fine, kitty I-”

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again!”

Actual tears are filling his eyes again but before Marinette can really do anything he tips forward and hugs her as best he can. His hands hold cautiously at her shoulders and she grits her teeth as he rubs his face against her neck.

“Chat, the akuma.”

“What…what… would I… do?” he asks, his nose pushing against her pulse and then tracing her jaw. He’s purring in his distress, his body trying to calm him down. It vibrates where his chest is pressed to hers, and shakes through her lungs, going all through her body.


“If I lost you.” he whispers. “How could I live with myself? Knowing I should’ve done something.” he pulls away from her neck a little, gives a sniff and seems satisfied with his work of… scenting her, maybe? Some Chat thing.

Chat Noir isn’t often selfish, and he doesn’t usually abandon his responsibilities. She lets him sniff her, purr, and press against her a little more, her face burning.

“Go, Chat.” she urges after a minute, pressing his shoulders.

He leans back, gives her a look that’s sadness and longing and relief and disappointment all at once, and then jumps away without a word.

She sits up slowly, somehow dizzier than when the shirt was over her mouth. Her face feels too warm and she pressed a hand to her cheek.

Yep, she’s absolutely burning.

This is bad.

Things I Wish Someone Told Freshman Me
  • Have $100? Great. Put it towards an awesome pair of rainboots, NOT posters from Etsy.
  • Someone you hate from high school annoying you on social media? Delete them everywhere. Literally, it doesn’t matter anymore.  You’re a sophisticated scholar in Boston now, not some basic hometown drama. DE-LETE.
  • Want to meet your professors? Good, you should.  But, don’t go up on the first day of class and just give them your name.  Wait for a few classes, and then ask some good questions about what you’re discussing in class or (even better) ask them for some book recommendations. They’ll remember who you are, and it will be easier for you to approach them in the future. 
  • If you don’t know how to wear heels, then start out slow. DO NOT wear them to your first professional event because everyone will know. Also, Boston sidewalks are made of brick. Your heel WILL get stuck, on top of you not being able to walk anyway. 
  • You will get lots of emails for extra lectures, speaker series, consortiums, etc. Go to them.  Yeah I know you’re in class all day and whatever else, but if the topic interests you then go. Best case scenario, your professors will be there and will be seriously impressed and/or you’ll meet a future employer.  Worst case scenario? There isn’t one. Either way you’re going to learn something new. 
  • If you’re going out to eat, eat somewhere new every night. This city is too great and too delicious for on-campus Qdoba to be your default. 
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD take that lanyard off from around your neck. Seriously no one does that. Put your ID in a wallet and call it a day. 
  • Talk to your parents, even if its only a text every now and again.  After all, its kind of difficult to ignore the people who gave you life and then beg them for money over the holidays. 
  • Learn to do things on your own. Wanna go to the moves? Great, just go.  Don’t try and coordinate a million people to come with you. 
  • Become aware of yourself and your surroundings. DON’T walk three people wide on narrow sidewalks, DON’T talk loudly if you’re riding crowded public transit, DON’T make unnecessary enemies of anyone.  
  • You should want to build your resume, but it shouldn’t be the thing that gets you out of bed in the mornings. Focus on spending your time meaningfully and not just joining clubs because it sounds good. 
  • Go to the gym. No one said you can’t watch Netflix on your phone while walking on a treadmill…
  • Try and do something good and something fun every single day.  This is the beginning of your new community, so you should try and build it little by little every single day.

biroba  asked:

I just saw that someone had already asked for the number 53, so: 33. The door’s locked. / 59.…or we could make out….

“The door’s locked.” / “…or we could make out…”

“The door’s locked.”

“Of course it is,” Molly said, throwing her hands in the air.  Because obviously someone taped the hand-written ‘Door locks automatically, use brick!’ sign to it for shits and giggles.

They cast about the loading dock; the thief had gone over the chain-link fence.

“Don’t even think it,” Molly said, looking at Sherlock as he eyed the fence.  He could go over just fine; her, not so much.  Maybe if she weren’t wearing a pencil skirt and kitten heels…  "Next time you say ‘dress like an office lady,’ I’m going to assume you mean Special Forces commando.“

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twelve suns rise in the west / can you feel the heat;

baptize me in your white wine cellar
induce a reaction between my teeth
plaster my skin against the brick walls
scathe the heels of my feet, bleed them

[ wicker hands tighten my throat cords
i dare not voice seething songs
bile bites my tongue as she dances
peeled eyes dare not look away ]

raise me up to the tallest lightbeam
sever the ties from my wrists, chafed
lick the sweat off my lips, kiss me silent
deplete suns from my eyes one more time

A Scarecrow's Heart [Luciel Choi/Reader][au]

Fandom: Mystic Messenger,
Pairing: Luciel Choi/Reader [you]
Summary: After being sent away by the munchkins, you have a chance encounter with the great and magnificent scarecrow, Luciel! You were still confused why a scarecrow needed glasses, though.
Part one of the “Road to Mint City” series, maybe??? Read A/N at end.

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A/n: Just to point out, this isn’t really a crossover of the Wizard of Oz, I’m just using some elements from it in the story. I took Kyrie from Ozmafia!! and Autumn Embrace by Peter Gundry as inspiration for this.

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