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“Behave!” Destructive kids spark online fury

A giant LEGO figure was pushed over and destroyed by a young child within an hour of the opening of a LEGO Expo in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on Sunday.

The intricate model of Nick, a character from the movie Zootopia, was almost human-size. Mr. Zhao, the artist who made the figure, had spent three days and nights carefully constructing it.

Mr. Zhao posted pictures on Weibo showing him making the LEGO Nick brick by brick – the photo gallery concluded with an image of broken LEGO pieces scattered on the ground. No words were needed, the pictures eloquently displayed his heartbreak.

The LEGO Nick was worth more than 100,000 yuan, according to a Beijing Youth Daily reporter. But Mr. Zhao accepted the parents’ apology for the actions of their son, thought to be four or five years old, without requesting compensation. “The child did not intend to break it,” he insisted.

Netizens have been less tolerant, partly because a similar incident happened recently.

A pair of wings of a glass angel named “Angel Is Waiting” were damaged by two visiting children while on display at Shanghai Museum of Glass on May 17. The Chinese artist Shelly Xue, who made the artwork for her newborn girl, decided to leave the wings in their damaged condition and renamed the piece “Broken.”

Netizens have expressed concern that children lack knowledge of appropriate museum behavior and fear more damage to artwork could occur. Seeing the LEGO Nick shattered on the floor has escalated the rage.

“Compensation should be made even if it was unintentional! Apology accepted, but how could the parents just leave it behind after that? Who will make up for the time and effort that has been made?” @Niangqingjiao

“Apology just showed they were sorry. Shouldn’t the one who misbehaved take the responsibility? ” @Jiuqianqianqian

The online debate over child behavior has expanded to include those who cause damage but refuse to be accountable for their actions. Some people think children may not understand what they have done, but parents should know better and must do what is needed to compensate victims.

But what is the best method to teach children manners and responsibility? A Japanese couple showed on Monday that parents can go too far, when they left their 7-year-old son alone for five minutes in a forest to punish him for throwing stones at cars and people – he is still missing, despite an extensive search by rescue workers. “I feel very sorry for my child,” the father told an NTV reporter. “I am so sorry for causing trouble for many people.”
(Photos from Mr. Zhao’s Weibo @迷之ALiu)

City of London l March 2016

Posted on 500px this weekend.

This is one of my first shots taken during my stay in London this week, after having delivered my works at the gallery and left my rest of bags at our colleagues in London. Very beautiful sunny day. That is doing well on 500px, although it is quite some time ago that I posted a B&W photo.

As for the exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery, I joined the preview opening last Wednesday and enjoyed a lot. Some of my good colleagues in the London office came to the gallery. Also met a friend on 500px, potential buyer of photos and had interesting talks with other photographers etc.
After all I am happy that I have done it. The exhibition is still held until 27 March. So if you are in London, please visit. Anyway the Brick Lane area looks very exciting.

Gradually I should go back to my normal life…

Have a great week ahead.


Habib Hajallie(from UK/ Sierra Leone) is a 19 year old Fine Art undergraduate at Loughborough University. His Sierra Leonean and Lebanese cultures feed directly his artwork. He looks to convey a sense of empowerment to often disenfranchised ethnic figures in society through the exploration of his Sierra Leonean heritage and Islamic roots. By producing biro portraits on an array of grounds such as; pages from Sierra Leonean textbooks, authentic African textiles, Islamic prints and London tube maps. The thought behind the work is to portray the overlooked corruption in the Sierra Leonean government and society. He also seeks to show a positive and generally unseen side to his homeland which has many negative connotations to the majority of western society. He does this by drawing those closest to him in empowering or confrontational poses; making his political works also rather nostalgic and personal.

Habib Hajallie is exhibiting in ART IN MIND; VIVID DREAMS at The Brick Lane Gallery from 2nd - 12th April 2015. To find out more about ART IN MIND; VIVID DREAMS or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email 


Wafaa Ahmed (from Kenya) reflects through her art, the struggles that she has experienced. As a medical student and as a junior doctor she faced severe depression, all that she saw was misery and death. Her work represents ideas that she has under the surface, the feeling of often being trapped in a role you must carry out without complaint and with dignity. It is a representation of the tight coils she had wound around herself. With fear, pride, obligations, and pre-conditioned fear of inertia. Her work deals with emptying my mind from these constraints, transferring them to a blank page, a way of purging. As you walk along these pieces you witness a transition occurring in her self-perception. The distortion of self-image and self-perception tie her individual pieces of work together.

Wafaa Ahmed is exhibiting in PORTRAITS at The Brick Lane Gallery from 5th - 15th February 2015. To find out more about PORTRAITS or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email


Pedro Demetriou (from UK) is an illustrator and designer based in North London, specialising in creating striking and humorous concepts through printmaking. He works from home, creating his images using disposable cutters, water based inks, a wooden spoon to burnish the prints and a washing rack to hang them to dry. He then applies colour digitally. He studied Graphic Design & Illustration at De Montfort University and graduated in 2013. It was there where he developed his passion for printmaking, and where he learnt to harness the skill of telling stories through images in a simplistic way. Having had his work exhibited in London, Rome and Barcelona and having worked in London since graduating, he has been eager to document his experiences and the stories of those around him through his work.

Pedro Demetriou is exhibiting in ART IN MIND; FUSION at The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe from 30th April - 10th May 2015. To find out more about ART IN MIND; FUSION or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email