brick and power

So the other thing I noticed in DuckTales the Movie is Scrooge’s cane.

What exactly is up with Scrooge’s cane? It’s crazy enough that he can pogo on it, but apparently it’s also completely unbreakable despite being a thin piece of wood. Check this out:

BENT BUT NOT BROKEN. That’s a big, thick metal door against what looks like a brick wall, AND SCROOGE BROKE IT OPEN WITH HIS WOODEN CANE.



(Panel from The Mystery of Easter Island by Geoffrey Blum)


While there is no necessary objective to Lego Island, a special mission will occur if the player has built the police helicopter and is playing as Pepper Roni. Pepper’s caretakers, Mama and Papa Brickolini, who run and own the Pizzeria, receive a call from the island’s jail. Mistaking the caller for a police officer named Nick, Pepper is sent to deliver a pizza to the jail, which allows the Brickster to escape from his cell by using the pizza’s fumes to melt the lock. He escapes in the police helicopter and steals the power brick from the top of the Information Center before heading to the residential area on other side of the island. If the helicopter is not built, the Brickster will not be able to escape and rejects the pizza. Once the Brickster escapes, Nick, Laura, the Infomaniac, Papa, and Mama Brickolini discover what happened and Pepper then embarks to capture him.

After Pepper, Nick and Laura reach the residential area, they discover that the Brickster has stolen an ambulance from the hospital and is planning to disassemble the town with a laser gun powered by the stolen power brick. Pepper chases after the Brickster, collecting individual helicopter brick pieces that the Brickster has dropped while he stops in random areas to disassemble any buildings and plants that are nearby. After obtaining five pieces, the Brickster quickly heads for a cave entrance where he drops one more piece and disappears into the cave. After the Brickster has gone into hiding, Pepper searches around the island for the remaining four pieces of the helicopter. Once all pieces are recovered, the Infomaniac sends Pepper to rebuild the stolen helicopter. Alternatively, if the Pizzeria, Information Center, and Police Station are the only remaining buildings and all five pieces are not collected, the Brickster will instead dissemble the Pizzeria and the player immediately skips to the part where they must rebuild the helicopter. Once the helicopter is rebuilt, the Infomaniac, Nick, and Laura advise Pepper to use it to help them catch the Brickster using pizzas and donuts before the Brickster (who is now driving a stolen police motorcycle) can disassemble the remaining buildings.

Two different endings can occur, depending on whether the player succeeds or not. If all the buildings have been disassembled (except for the Information Center), it will trigger the ending that shows the Brickster standing on the power brick, gloating about his victory with pieces of buildings scattered all around him. However, the Infomaniac then reassures the player that they can rebuild the island and the Brickster will be returned to his cell. The other ending unlocks if the Brickster is reached by the police, leading to the Brickster being caught and thrown back in jail, the power brick returning at the top of the Information Center, and everyone celebrating Pepper’s success. The Infomaniac thanks the player, who is once again free to roam around the island.

We’re All in This Together –– Law and Order: SVU 19x04: No Good Reason