brick mortar


On this occasion, a home, more than bricks and mortar, a turtle, it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling of belonging. Isn’t it? Of love of course. Of hope… for the future. I don’t know if I have ever met two people who are more suited to one another than you two. To Barry and Iris. To us.

Alternative Music Zodiac Edition:

Aries: Pumped up kicks (Foster the people)

Taurus: Old boy (Brick + Mortar)

Gemini: Stolen Dance (Milky Chance)

Cancer: R U Mine (Arctic Monkeys)

Leo: Riptide (Vance Joy)

Virgo: Cigarette Daydreams (Cage the Elephant)

Libra: Take me to church (Hoizer)

Scorpio: Dangerous (Big Data)

Sagittarius: Skinny love (Birdy)

Capricorn: Do I wanna know (Arctic Monkeys)

Aquarius: Sugar, We’re goin’ down (Fall out boy)

Pisces: I wanna get better (Bleachers)

Mom, we have walls
brick and mortar 
layered between our generations
mom, I love you
but sometimes we don’t understand
palms pressed to the barriers
keeping us apart
I try to tell you that maybe
it’s not our fault
that I was born with the audacity
to exist
and you were born under the impression
that another son couldn’t hurt
sometimes I feel like I cannot go to you
because I will never be the daughter
you taught yourself to be
sometimes I feel like I am rotten
with America
and I only say that because
I don’t even know how to speak my way home
mom, I know we have our differences
and it’s not always easy to remember
that heritage is an honor
but it is, it is
and I promise to make a lasting legacy
I won’t let your life fade away
just because we are on the other side
of the sea
sacrifice is in our lineage
and remembering the taste of 
soil and rice fields and mosquito territory
is the least I can do to say
I am grateful for all the goodbyes 
you have ever stomached and all the
faces you never got to see again
just so you could give me my best chance
in this new homeland and I am sorry
I am sorry that the transition hasn’t been easy
and I am sorry if I had ever been a part
of making you feel like you were unwanted–
mom, we have walls
but I won’t let them keep you out.
—  Confessions of a Chinese-Vietnamese American Daughter
My Amontillado

Hi my name is Montressor and I have long ebony black hair with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Edgar Allan Poe (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Roderick Usher but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m really mad at this guy Fortunato cause he’s such a prep. He’s also really full of himself, and I’m totally gonna get revenge on him. I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I keep all of my wine in a deep dark cellar in the catacombs. I love hardware stores and I buy all my bricks from there. For example today I bought a bunch of bricks and mortar and a trowel. I was walking through a party. It was the middle of carnival season at dusk, and everyone was really drunk which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

“Hey Montressor!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was…. Fortunato!

“Want to come down to my cellar and try out some Amontiallado?” I asked.

“Sure.” he said shyly.

‘Aisles Have Eyes’ Warns That Brick-And-Mortar Stores Are Watching You

Consumers have grown accustomed to the idea of online retailers amassing information about them, but author Joseph Turow says that now physical stores are doing it too: 

“Sometimes [retailers] get the data based on what you do online. Sometimes they may get the data based on how you’re walking through the store with your phone on, if you have the right app or with Wi-Fi even. Sometimes they may get the data based upon your walking outside and your app is connected to GPS, and they actually can track where you’re moving in the outside world.”

The Foundry - Home of their Hearts

I love the new Arrow Cave. I really do, but there was something so… simple about the old foundry and I was feeling so very nostalgic about it when I realized that the foundry is actually so much more than just bare bricks and mortar. It’s symbolic of something much bigger, something that speaks of Oliver and Felicity and their irrevocable journey to find each other, stay with each other, through thick and thin, for better for worse.

Essentially, from the very beginning, the foundry has been Oliver’s and Felicity’s baby.

The first time Oliver digs up the basement, it’s a ray of light that pierces the screen for a second. He’s just come back to Starling to find himself kind of homeless in his soul and the foundry becomes where he goes to be himself, who he has become, where he can be who he is now without any bondage.

Essentially alone. It’s dark, damp and lonely, just like he is. He is at home there because it reflects him.

Then it’s not so lonely anymore. While it’s still dark and damp, because Digg is a battle-worn soldier just like Oliver, they find in each other companionship.

He just gets so joyful because he has someone to play with now. 

But it’s still just their base of operations, nothing more.

Not until a tiny blonde with no tolerance for his bullshit saves his life and the changes his settings.

Slowly, over a period of time, she changes things. Makes the foundry her own. Adds her essence to it, an essence so bright that both warriors fall under its spell and fall in love with what she creates. From a sole base of operations, it becomes their hang out zone, the place they come to after bad dates to avoid talking while eating Chinese or Big Belly and have Felicity crack some jokes. It becomes the place Oliver enjoys showing off his skills, uncaring about his scars and tattoos because that’s how comfortable he becomes in their presence.

Anyways, I digress. My point was, that while the foundry was made for their nightly activities, and while a lot of people waltz in and out of there, and while a lot of destruction is caused over a period of seasons, Oliver and Felicity are always the ones who make it more - they made it a home.

It started with Oliver making it a foundry and Felicity taking the liberty to upgrade things around as much as possible.

When the first base is destroyed in the Undertaking, Felicity is the one who finds the new base and makes it a home for whenever Oliver decides to come back 

something that stuns him to no end (because when has anyone ever done anything for Oliver Queen because they cared?)

Now, all three of them have a place to be, a place they can rest assured that nobody will harm them.

The Arrow Cave held some of the most profound memories for them, a place where they could be themselves and be heroes without pretense.

Come home.

Thought this is where you’d go.

Let’s go home.

Oliver lost his house, his company, his everything at the end of Season 2. So he started living in the foundry quite comfortably.

The foundry that Felicity spruced with a bed and a fern. A foundry Oliver called home for so long. 

It was staying here that gave Felicity the strength when Oliver had been presumed dead, and it had been here she had found him again

It was there that Felicity finally allowed herself to break down when she thought she lost Oliver again

even more so because she lost this too, this place that had rooted her to him and him to her for so long.

And although they left it all behind and the foundry was lost, to them, they returned and they changed places. But it was still theirs, the upgrades theirs

The ruins were theirs too.

And in the end, they were the only two left standing, 

Everyone else had gone, leaving the foundry Oliver had started and Felicity had carried, that they had both made home destroyed. 

Oliver and Felicity. Standing alone. Side by side. To build it back up again.

From the start, the foundry has been a creative child of Oliver and Felicity that they’ve nurtured, loved and lived. It has been a home of their hearts as they’ve lost and rebuilt it over and over again. 

This is so symbolic of their journey and their destination in each other.

It’s so beautiful.


🌙 [2.20.17}🌙

Bujo spread from last week! I was feeling very inspired by the moon, so I thought I’d try decorating a spread for the first time! I’m pretty happy with my results, but I want to try filling the pages more next time 🌟

World History and Hospitality and Tourism have been really interesting, which is new for me because I used to be so exhausted when I went to brick and mortar school that I never enjoyed my subjects. Feeling enthusiastic about learning is so amazing.

Oh, by the way, I started a ✨ studygram✨ ! It looks a bit barren right now, but I’ll be posting quite often, so don’t worry!

The The Adventure Zone Playlist™ (you’ve solved my fanmix puzzle)

cover art by @glowbat (used with permission)

this may be the longest goddamn fanmix ive ever created but do i care? no. i tried to give each arc a few songs with some character focused songs thrown in approximately where they would go in the podcast, so there’s a bit more structure to this playlist than i usually do

here there be gerblins/moonlighting: dirty town - mother mother // let’s steal everything - world/inferno friendship society // aerodynamic - daft punk // everybody loves me - onerepublic

murder on the rockport limited/petals to the metal: aha! - pentatonix // cops and robbers - the hoosiers // in one ear - cage the elephant // hero - elizaveta

the crystal kingdom: zip it up - zowie // crazy=genius - panic! at the disco // staying gold - brick + mortar // AhHa - nate ruess

the eleventh hour: san cristóbal - mal blum // kiss this - the struts // vagabond - misterwives // save our city - ludo

the suffering game: my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine // not the end of the world (even as we know it) - faded paper figures // immortals - fall out boy // rabbit heart (raise it up) - florence + the machine // forces of the unseen - cloud cult

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‘Things I Would Like To Do With You’

Christen reading this book…

“A cabin began this story that is not a story—though I did not then know where I would find the cabin that would finish this story that is not a story. This story is not true, but it is not fiction. This story is my heart’s life.”

“Relationships—love—is not fantasy, it is bricks and mortar. It is earth. But it is fantasy, too. It is heaven: dreams and hormones and the pleasure in biology and sudden laughter.

As we talk, our hands wander but only slightly.

It is our first kiss, so we take our time.

I would like to remember our first kiss.