welcome to the les mis fandom
  • we are very big, and very old.
  • our story exists in multiple verses that are all canon: brick!verse, movie!verse, and musical!verse, just to name a few.
  • we care strongly about queer and poc representation in all adaptations and related works
  • we have a lot of popular ships including enjoltaire, valvert, courferre, and montponine
  • we also have some less popular ships like feuilly/bahorel, eposette and ferrejolras
  • we have the ships that cause huge ship wars: enjolras/eponine
  • we understand that you can like or dislike a ship and neither one makes you a bad person no matter what
  • we have fun events
  • we have favorite actors
  • we have actors that we don’t like
  • we have fandom drama
  • and of course we have our king
  • george
  • blagden

Listen to Run the Jewels’ new track, “Rubble Kings Theme”    

The newest track from cat chemists Run the Jewels, like most Run the Jewels songs, feels like a tow-truck backing up slowly into your skull. Killer Mike shoves verses like bricks through walls of crackling percussion; El-P raps like his brain is moving faster than his tongue. 

The track was created for Rubber Kings, a documentary about the evolution of New York City hip-hop in the late ‘60s and '70s. “

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