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SMS is a compilation of responsive poetry to text messages I have received from either current or past lovers of mine. The collections delves into the thoughts of three men who had/have stolen my heart, if only momentarily or for the long-term.

Of the three boys, each has three “good” texts and three “bad” texts I have expanded on via poetry and given my honest thoughts on. Ranging from verbal abuse, heartbreak, and hurt, to passion, adoration, and even puppy love, this collection of poetry attempts to put all emotions I felt at the time into perspective.

Art format for the texts was inspired by the Tumblr user @unsends

[ @eccentriclookingwizard ]

“Merlin’s Beard, your kid is practically a fucking adult.  I feel ancient.”  He remembered holding Luna as a baby, but here she was - grown and just as beautiful as her mother (and father tbh if he was asked) and eccentric as her father in all the best ways you could ask for.  “I’m sure you do too.”  They’d become friends, at least, once he’d come to the good side, so to speak, after breaking up in Hogwarts when he (as he considered it) basically lost his mind.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever apologized to you for my fourth year, for when I changed into a different person, more or less.  I - I don’t know what I was thinking, but it was foolish and I’ll be regretting it for the rest of my born days and probably my dead ones too.”  Lifting his prosthetic arm - as he’d amputated the arm with the dark mark to make it safer for him to be around his loved ones, though he could still feel some of that magic within him, unfortunately - he ran a hand through his dark hair.  “I’m sorry for how that went down, Xeno.  If I could change it, I would.”


Citron was used to traveling since their last encounters. Having gained much more self confidence and determination from meeting many different trainers, and people he became much more open to leaving his home and Gym on multiple occasions.

Though the farthest he had ever gone from Kalos was Sinnoh. Citron was honestly excited to come to Kanto.

 Not only would he have the chance to see multiple Pokemon he`d never seen before, but he was more excited about seeing Satoshi and Pikachu again.

Resting against the window he heard the last announcement before landing. Taking his bags and walking out of the plane he walked towards the receiver, his heart was pounding.

It was had been a year already.

A year.

Arch of Constantine, from Colosseum opening, Rome

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Deep slumber, grey, heavy.
Oh it was strange.
Old memories, vivid nightmares, voices I didn’t miss,
I woke up paralyzed, alone.


I missed you, you know.

I’d rather dream of you,
hear you thinking,
smile at my name.
Pretend I’ve got you in real life for some time.

You haven’t showed up in a while,  though,
you left me in this icy cage,
do you mind coming tonight?
I’m tired of monsters, it’s cold lately,
you’re the sole source of constant warmth
I have
even if I’m
hallucinating you
with my medicated mind.

—  LG ; Medication II - Dreams, I miss you