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Okay but twins R and Ferre who go ghost hunting. Part of it is a scientific endeavor, the other part is a ghost adventures style 'if you're real, throw this brick at me' kind of ghost hunting.

Here’s a bunch of clips they have on old videos they took while ghost hunting

Ferre: if there’s any ghosts in here say something

R, mumbling into the video camera while zooming in on Ferre: suck a dick

R, slowly walking backwards towards staircase: if there’s a ghost in here why don’t you throw a brick at me-

R: /falls down stairs/

Ferre, silently zooms camera down to R who is on the landing: that’s what you get for angering them
R: hey Ferre I brought a Ouji board-

Ferre, sighing: if we die it’s your fault

R: but if the footage gets found we can get a Hollywood documentary based on it

Ferre: OOOH FUCK- Yes cool okay

R, making loud incoherent sounds as he’s ‘trying to summon a ghost’

Ferre:… is that… are you doing the lion king?

R, makes eye contact with the camera: … maybe

R: If there’s any ghosts here can you tell me if my crush likes me

/floor creaking above them/

Ferre: see even ghosts can tell he likes you

R: shut up!

R, making out with Enjolras in an abandoned house

Ferre, zooming the camera in on them: if ghost movies have taught me anything.. they’re gonna die first

f tom and red leader fuck

ss4arts said: Hi! For your drabble stories, could I get Future Tom x Red Leader with #3, #14, and #23? ((BTW, I hope you’re alright!))

Ahh yes my babies


Idk if you wanted smut but to be safe this is safe for work BUT if you would like a nsfw drabble just let me know!!!

Edit: This was going to be sfw but i got carried away so….they fuck. oOOPs

3. “Fuck me”

14. “You have a nice ass”

23. “This sucks”

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boy groups as arctic monkeys songs
  • SHINee: Balaclava
  • TVXQ: Old Yellow Bricks
  • BTS: R U Mine?
  • Seventeen: Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured
  • Super Junior: Brianstorm
  • EXO: Teddy Picker
  • BtoB: She's Thunderstorms
  • Pentagon: Joining the Dots
  • BIGBANG: Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong, But...
  • BAP: All My Own Stunts
  • Infinite: Dangerous Animals
  • Shinhwa: Knee Socks
  • VIXX: Dance Little Liar
  • Monsta X: Dancing Shoes
  • 2PM: My Propeller
  • Got7: The Bad Thing

So I’ve seen a lot of les mis posts in the last several days but what genuinely amazes me is that nobody ever talks about that bit in the brick when R is drinking with Joly and Bossuet in the Corinth and then Enjolras sends that little gamin for Bossuet to tell him to join them at Lamarque’s funeral and R just proceeds to down an entire bottle of wine in a “melancholy way” and starts moping about E not sending for him instead and it’s the funniest thing ever I mean look at this drunk nerd

“Enjolras disdains me,” he muttered. “Enjolras said: ‘Joly is ill, Grantaire is drunk.’ It was to Bossuet that he sent Navet. If he had come for me, I would have followed him. So much the worse for Enjolras! I won’t go to his funeral.“

And it’s hilarious bc 1) R, babe you ARE drunk and 2) you are literally 5 years old