Blossom used Kiss Attack! It’s super effective!
Brick has fainted!

I got a little sick today.


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Anywho, I originally had the idea to make a comparison between PPGmac Blossick and OG Blossick. But I really liked how the OG drawing of Blossick came out, so I decided to go with that instead.

While working on that, I watched several episodes of Cow and Chicken and a very few episodes of I Am Weasel. I had loads of fun watching the cartoon while working on my fanart, and I do recommend that you give it a watch when you have the chance.

On a last note, this was inspired by @mniiv when making this, and one of her Blossick sketches on Tumblr.

Powerpuff Girls © Cartoon Network
Powerpuff Girls created by @crackmccraigen

Les Misérables (2012) but every time someone dies it cuts to a one hour documentary about the battle of Waterloo and every time Javert and Valjean meet it cuts to a one hour documentary about sewage systems and every time those candlesticks appear on screen it cuts to a one hour documentary about priesthood in the late 18th-early 19th century

Enjolras/Grantaire modern AU fic but written as Victor Hugo would have done

Chapter III: In which Enjolras and Grantaire encounter the crowd at the Louvre

Enjolras, striding imposingly up stairs with Grantaire at his heels, exited the Tuileries métro onto the rue de Rivoli. They followed the road east, alongside the Jardin des Tuileries, past the statue of Jeanne d’arc, then crossed through the Jardin…[etc]…and finally arrived in front of the Pyramide du Louvre.

‘It is no less busy than usual,’ remarked Enjolras, his youthful beauty striking even in the crowd of hundreds. 

‘That is what I said; even on a Tuesday morning on such an ugly day the tourists will flock to this grand triangle for the purpose of a single photograph. To have such motivation! Had I but an ounce of it for such a thing, my own portrait would be smiling on the wall alongside Mona Lisa herself,’ replied Grantaire. ‘But no matter, we are here for the heart, not the skin. And which is more important? Let us enter. If it is alright with you.’

Enjolras gently clasped his hand with a smile. ‘It is.’

Chapter IV: The Louvre

A few words on the Louvre. 

[9000 words redacted]