The floor of the greenhouse. 🌲One day I was hiking through the woods here and came across a perfectly square stack of old, old bricks. Some were falling apart but we foraged and gathered them up, covered in moss and dirt. Max moved the bricks into the space and I pulled out every single weed and patch of grass by hand and leveled out the space, then laid them down one by one in the greenhouse. Luella spent the day at her Mimi’s while Minoux slept on my back and ate a little too much dirt. The colors intrigue me so much. The cream palette like a fresh dollop of sour cream or glass of goats milk. Some of the creams are tinted olive green and already had a thin layer of moss covered them and the red ones somehow seem to have an underlying tone of blush pink. We tenderly tucked small handfuls of moss into seams of some of the bricks and wanted the floor to feel raw taking form as being part of the imperfect forest. Hopefully new life will even sneak through some brick seams too. Although there is a slight pattern and flow here like life usually has, it also has surprises and turns. Intrigues. It’s was a ton of hard work but loving how it turned out so far. #Greenhouse #Brick #Moss #DayOne

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