TIPS: ¿Para qué sirve la laca?

La laca es uno de esos productos que tiene una (inmerecida) mala reputación. Nuestra generación, acostumbrada en los últimos años a las texturas en aceite y algún que otro protector del calor, tiende a equiparar laca con aquellos olores y efectos apelmazados de las “peluquerías de señoras ya mayores” a las que iban nuestras madres.

Como el champú seco o la espuma, otros productos…

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Kerastase Cristalliste

Since I am going to a wedding today, I thought it would be the perfect time to use my Kerastase free samples.

I really liked the shampoo because I felt like I was using a clarifying shampoo. It gets in there and cleans out all the dirt and product build up.

The conditioner was really different that my usual conditioner because it wasn’t very thick. I left in my hair for a good 10 minutes, then rinsed it out. It doesn’t give your hair that soft feeling, like your fingers just glide right through your hair. It actually made my hair feel squeaky clean.

I’m not really a fan of the smell. It smells kind of like alcohol. It’s not overwhelmingly awful though, it goes away fast.

Once I towel dried my hair, it was really easy to run my brush through my hair. No tangles :) and then I put in my Moroccan Oil and waited about 20 minutes before I blow-dried my hair. It was surprisingly very manageable and my hair felt thinner than usual, in a good way. It felt healthier and it wasn’t as frizzy as it usually is.

After I blow-dried my hair, I straightened it then used a little bit of the Lumiere Liquide drops. I concentrated mostly on my dry ends and it made my hair softer and shinier.

All of these products worked amazing well and now I want the full size products!!

Well played Birchbox, well played…

REVIEW: BRICHBOX y Mr Wonderful - Diciembre 2014

Por primera vez he decidido cogerme una caja de regalos, muestras, o sorpresillas; en este caso un BRICHBOX que en esta vez colaboraba con Mr Wonderful.

Este tipo de productos son de suscripción mensual y dependiendo de la marca de las cajas suelen contener diferente muestras de productos: Gosslybox (cosmética para hombre y mujer), Guapabox (cosmética), Nonabox (maternidad y bebes), Degustabox…

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