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The Woman in the Jar

TITLE: The Woman in the Jar


RATING: M, sexual content.

GENRE(S): Romance…sort of.

SUMMARY: It was an arrangement between artists, a mutual partnership to fulfill the needs of both parties. She couldn’t have known how completely she would lose control, until the day she decided to leave.

NOTES/WARNINGS: Alpha Tom is back, though substantially darker this round. This was inspired by a dream to which a hapless cimmerianwish fell victim. I do not condone (or romanticize) this sort of relationship, though I also do not fault this sort of human weakness, in both characters’ cases. Also, my ask box has been turned on (I didn’t know it was disabled) so, please let me know what you think!


Indhara hadn’t been prepared for how little time it would take for her to pack her things. Her small collection of carpet bags looked smaller still in the vast living room, lousy in hardwood floor and Persian rugs. As it turned out, she had very little things of her own, anymore. She supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised by this, given the nature of their…arrangement.

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