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Bri: You enjoy experimenting with your appearance, and it’s just something that you’re into.

Bri: Another thing is, when someone says “oh that girl’s wearing way too much makeup today, she’s gone way too heavy.” Maybe she wants to do that. Maybe she’s gone for the heavy look.

Can: Or when someone’s wearing lots of makeup and people use that to make judgements on their character. So like, “oh she must be _____”

Bri: “She wears lots of makeup therefore she must be a _____”

Bri: I have been wearing eyeliner, and for a stage, foundation, on my face since I was nineteen … I have not gone outside without makeup on for six years. And that is not because I’m cripplingly insecure. I am somewhat insecure, but not to the extent that if I were to go outside without it I would simply die inside. It’s just because it’s always nice to have confidence and feel nice about yourself.

Can: There are also people who don’t like to wear makeup. I don’t like to wear allot of makeup, I don’t feel like me with allot on. But I think there’s allot of pressure on young girls to wear makeup, that they have to wear makeup in order to be a woman, in order to be feminine.

Don’t feel like you have to wear makeup for anyone but yourself, and don’t feel like you look anything but beautiful without it on. What you do with your face is your choice, and whatever you do will make you look beautiful.