bribed with dots

You've heard of Tagatha ft. Jealous Sophie, now have:

- Sophie giving Agatha love advice and suggestions (however shallow) on how to rule Camelot in the best way
- Sophie giving Tedros tips on Agatha: what she likes vs dislikes, what to get her on her birthday, which cat at the pet shop should become Reaper II
-Tedros and Sophie talking as they did when Sophie was Filip- reminiscing about their families and their schools/kingdoms
- Sophie becoming friends with Kiko and being able to talk for hours about stuff she couldn’t talk about with Agatha or Tedros, like fashion or makeup
- Sophie, Tagatha wedding planner and maid of honor
- Sophie convincing (read: threatening/bribing) Hester, Anadil, and Dot into being bridesmaids at the Tagatha wedding
- Sophie designing the bridesmaid’s dresses and trying to find a design and color scheme that works for her, Kiko, Hester, Anadil, and Dot- Hester and Anadil reject all dress ideas she has made, obviously just tormenting her
-She finally decides on a gradient of colors- Agatha in her white wedding dress, and the bridesmaid’s dresses in light blue, sky blue, blue, cornflower blue, and navy blue
- Sophie stepping back and letting Agatha design her wedding dress, but not without a few pointers on the fashions that season
-Sophie crying as Tedros and Agatha exchanged rings, not because she wanted Tedros for herself, but because she and Agatha are finally at their Ever After