Say hello to my varsity shirt. Buti nagkaroon na ako nito bako sibakin ng pinakamamahal naming Chancellor ang mga varsities sa UPLB.

Anyways, kakadating ko lang mula sa LB.

  • Parang nakita ko si Clarence (bribe182) kanina sa may bandang Gateway.
  • Bumili ng mga bagong pants sa Penshoppe. Suki nga pala ako dun at since high school ay dun ako bumibili ng damit. Kilala na nga ako dun eh ng manager at ng supervisor. Para lang akong sponsored ng Penshoppe. Oh well.
  • Buti naman at hindi masyadong umuulan.

Ikaw, kamusta naman ang araw mo?

Tumblr Appreciation: Part IV

*After the anonymous request for blog description yesterday, I owe those who liked the post a description. Only three responded, though, probably either because I have already done this for almost everybody or just because people are tired of this. Anyway, here you go. No hard feelings please. I don’t want another issue like this.


goodydoodyjoevert- The good thing about your blog is how you reach out to people. Your greetings could make your followers feel that you are not after making them impressed with yoyr posts but you are after making connections with them. Most bloggers do that, but everyone has his own way of doing it.

It is nice to know that you support those who write to write more, promising that you’ll be among those who would love to read them.

You post things on love and friendship, showing that you truly value them. Also, you say things with conviction. 

Nice photos and Mr. Krabbs shirt. :p

Rate: 7.5

fauxminimalist- Your posts can be funny at times and personal on another. You have a lot of ideas in you so you better let them all out.

Indeed, we shouldn’t let anyone stop us from writing. I am looking forward to your writeups. You are an intelligent person and it shows.

Your photos are really cool. An all-in-one package of looks and wit, I must say.

Rate: 7.5

bribe182- Romantic. Comic. There is always something in your words and ideas that makes people read your posts. They say your posts are superb however long or short they are, I say I couldn’t agree more.

You are also good in writing those posts where you say what you feel. Truly, when it’s the heart that speaks, it tells a thousand words that touches the hearts of others.

On the other hand, you make people laugh genuinely. It takes an equally well-functioning mind to get your comic side.

Using my personal opinion as basis, I think you are one person who is hard to impress. That’s how we see great people, right?

Rate: 9