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Skaree, Laovic, Briate, Ammete, Sulky Psychic Boy

Cannis Skaree

–First appeared as potentially menacing blockmate, hence “Skaree” from scary. Her name had emphasis on the second syllable.
–IIRC, what came next was her sign – Canes Venatici, hunting dogs. From that, we get “Cannis” and her dog-head dragon lusus.
–Has very limited midblue-psychic powers – she can identify weaknesses, hidden or otherwise.

Lagust Laovic

–Last name based on Law And Order VICtim, first name based on the rune I gave him for a sign
–He HAS noticed Frieas looks down on him, but he appreciates that it’s mostly because of his blood color, not the head injury, and he appreciates having someone he can vent to without people using the venting to evaluate the head injury. He figures he’ll decide what’s next after he’s taken care of his future.

Briate Medlai

–Not sure where his first name came from, but Medlai was very loosely based on middle/medium/that family of words.
–I think his sign is a symbol from some ancient syllabary which is based on a fishhook
–Blames himself for the auspisticeship falling apart, because he never was able to figure out why Cappul and Taggue were like that.

Amiety Ammete

–Had just enough psychic power – might have been zoopathy, might have been very minor necropathy –that she could shield, which made her much less headache-inducing to Panthe than most people.
–Told Overbear exactly what she thought of him before he killed her – and she verbally sparred with Frieas a lot, she could be vicious.
–Probably because of this, her death would have been very painful if Panthe hadn’t shielded her from that
–Despite what Panthe’s afraid of, the psychic entanglement has nothing to do with why she’s never turned up as a ghost – she just really didn’t want to be a ghost.

Panthe Silber

–His lusus was a cathawk – body of a bird of prey, head of a big cat. He was not as good a hunter as one might think. Overhear killed him.
–His sign is an alchemical symbol for silver
–He had uncontrollable psychic-power-induced migraines as a kid.
–He was hoping to land a desk job

Quand j'ai pris cette photo, Duane s'était arrêté pour que je fasse pipi. J'avais toujours mon Minox avec moi à cette époque. J'ai escaladé un remblai et pendant que mon urine formait de petits ruisseaux très vites asséchés , je pris cette photo de Duane essayant d'allumer une clope dans le vent du désert.
Il a fait semblant de ne s'apercevoir de rien. Il a pourtant cet ait poseur, faussement concerné par les techniques d'ignition en plein vent. Alors qu'il me matait du coin de l'œil .
Il adorait me voir pisser dans la nature.
Et son désir devenait intense quand il apercevait des gouttes d'urine scintiller sur la poussière de mes escarpins .

“Found- created” Picasso - 24 works of Pablo - one drawing will be published every hour/ April 8th.
Stolen canvases found , unknown works turning up ( the Le Guennec sketchbooks ) , hidden painting beneath Picasso’s masterpiece …
I will publish on wednesday ( the 8th of April 2015) 24 of these “found- created” Picasso.