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jrdnalbrchtsn  asked:

Who are some of your favorite illustrators/artists?

(this is a late reply, but I’m making it long to compensate…?)

It changes all the time! There’s so much out there! When I first started drawing and making comics as a kid it was Bill WattersonGiorgio Cavazzano and Masahiro Ando all the way - though I didn’t know their names back then. Later it was all about Alessandro Barbucci and Don Rosa (Don Rosa more for his storytelling, humor and mood than the art). Hayao Myazaki - and everything Ghibli - has been a big inspiration. When I started hanging on dA I was a fan of MakaniLoishKtshy and TracyJB (who still drives me crazy with her talent!). In more recent year’s I’ve been into Tekkonkinkreet (Black and White),Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akria, every movie ever made by Satoshi Kon, “Kerascoët“ - especially Beautiful DarknessNancy Peña, and Ron Cobbs sci-fi concepts (who’s like the only non animation/comics-person here). Bryan Lee O’MalleyScott Pilgrim blew my mind, as did Patrick McEown’s Hair Shirt and Jillian (and MarikoTamaki’s - This one Summer. These days I find most of my favourite artists on Tumblr and some of them are my friends! <3 All of the people listed (in no order at all) below are amazing and deserves a follow:

Emily Partridge

Natasha Allegri

Madéleine Flores

Patrick Crotty

Jake Wyatt

Zac Gorman

Valentin Seiche

Mathilde Kitteh 

Guillaume Singelin

Violaine Briat

Sam Bosma

Radford Sechrist


Elliot Alfredius

Luke Pearson

Claire Belton

Kate Beaton

Tiffany Ford

Fabien Mense

Olle Forsslöf

Natalie Andrewson

Kris Mukai

and there are soooo many more!! I probably forgot like 20. I could do this all day, except I’m already tired of it so not really. 

Long Time No See || Briate

Bridget smiled as she sat down in the back of a cab. She couldn’t help it. It was kind of silly but she was excited. She hadn’t told anyone she was coming back – or at least not the date – so she could surprise them. And God, was she ever ready to be back. Home had long since become the old dorm rooms at the Academy. Good ol’ Miami.

Things had sorted themselves out in her head while she’d stayed in New York. It was hard to cope with at first. Sure she hadn’t exactly been social in her last few days before leaving, but she still felt like there were people there. Most of all she missed the strong arms that kept away the nightmares that crept in. Her smile wavered as she thought about it. That was a long and complicated something she didn’t need to think about and spoil her good mood.

Her luggage had gotten on the wrong flight apparently and was still in the process of getting here so Bridget was able to skip going to the Academy and go straight to somewhere else. There was one place she had to go to first. Her feet still remembered the way but someone it was like her mind was one second behind. She stepped in front of a door and a wave of nerves washed over her. She didn’t know anything. Sure there were pieces of things she’d heard but that was nothing like actually living at the Academy. She closed her eyes, took one deep breath and knocked on the door. As the door open she smiled brightly and tried to hide her nerves, “Hey.” She said weakly. “I’m home.”