briars of north america

The Briar Bunny

A favorite pet of American Witches and Wizards, the Briar Bunny is a magical breed of rabbit that is native to North America. The bunny was originally domesticated by Native American wizards who prized the creature’s high-intelligence and loyalty. Though not aggressive to non-magical peoples, Briar Bunnies do not partner with them and, in fact, have been known to play tricks on muggle hunters who underestimate the creature’s intense cunning.  

Briar Bunnies once ranged across North America and were considered pests by most European witches and wizards, as they often invaded their magical crops and fed with impunity on plant life that should have killed them, either through their poisonous properties or a sound thrashing. Tales abound in the south, however, of clever bunnies taking to certain, special slave children and becoming their lifelong companions.

Modernly, few Briar Bunnies live in the wild, but hundreds accompany children to school every year as animal companions. Their name derives from their strange influence over plant-life, and their affinity for nesting in thorny, dangerous, and venomous plants.

(Mod Note: This adorable little bun-bun is actually named George Orwell, and a link to his person’s page can be found in the picture)


So this is the fruit of what happens when you get me talking about a concert and the fun of the evening that was. More specifically the Jeff Mangum show from this Wednesday at Asbury Hall in Buffalo NY with openers Briars of North America and Tall Firs, which had it’s mixed bag moments but was brilliant simply due to Mangum alone. A long video, but a very spirited one if I do say so myself.