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So during the NSP concert in Orlando tonight, Danny said the record amount of bras they had thrown at them in one show so far was 10.

Orlando got up to 10.

Orlando got over 10.

Orlando started chanting “SIXTY-NINE! SIXTY-NINE!”

Guess how many bras we got on stage and down Ninja Brian’s pants tonight (plus underwear, shirts and a tutu).

Florida, you are the good kind of crazy sometimes. I am both impressed and slightly terrified.

all dressed up, headed nowhere but you (trixya) - dare

Katya, still decked up in high whore drag from her show, emphasis on whore, crawled into his lap, her black silk robe falling open over her chest.

“Hello,” she said, red mouth curled slyly, eyes searching his. Then she leaned in and bit his lower lip.

(AN: first time posting! i have something longer in the works but i wanted to put this out first. this is shameless smut, set sometime future-ish, established relationship. i use “she” and “katya” here, but it is queen!fic. warnings for implied mild gender dysphoria and gender-y sex stuff.)

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Brian is sharpening his favorite blade when Danny comes in and throws himself dramatically onto the opposite end of the couch. He’s not wearing pants, Brian notes. Just a revealing blue kimono and a dreadful pair of socks. Somehow the atrocity that is his wardrobe doesn’t do much to detract from how handsome he is. Not that Brian means to notice. It’s just- Danny’s clearly just woken up so his curls are all over the place, his cheeks are pink, and there’s stubble dusting his jawline, and it’s these little things that only Brian ever gets to see that really do it for him. Danny would never go out like this but around Brian he’s happy to just be. Brian isn’t sure if that means anything but he’d like to think it does.

Danny sighs a few times, casts a few pitiful glances in Brian’s direction, but Brian refuses to give in and acknowledge him until finally Danny kicks his legs out and huffs, “It’s my birthday.”

Brian stops sharpening his sword. He looks at Danny and waits.

“Did you forget?” Danny asks, blunt as ever.

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So I got to go see NinjaSexParty live here in Orlando feat. TWRP and Starbomb and it was AMAZING! These dudes were just the best, and I was so glad to be there for their first performance here in the state of Florida! Also; ORLANDO IS THE FOREVER WINNER OF BRAS AND OTHER ARTICLES OF CLOTHING BEING THROWN ON STAGE WITH MORE THAN 69 BRAS BEING STUFFED INTO BRIAN’S PANTS (I’ll post pictures if y’all want!)

I can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the future!

Brian May in tight pants

Brian May in shorts

Brian May with his shirt half unbuttoned

Brian May in clothing that is a fashion sin

Brian May in drag

Brian May in an undershirt

Brian May shirtless

Brian May in clogs

Brian May in glasses/sunglasses

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For The First Time (Brian Smut)

Request:  Hellooo would you do a smut with Young K from day6 where it’s your first time? Xx

Summary: You did the thing with Brian for the first time.

Genre: Smut, kinda cute tho

Word Count: 1.1K

Note: -Sings song title in brain- Tell me what you think cause i still suck at smuts yo, enjoy ~

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You were sat on the couch in your living room, the sounds from the television as the background noise to your thoughts. You had been wanting to tell Brian that you were ready to take the relationship to the next level, but you had no idea how to.

Do you just come right out and say it? Hey, sex me up? That would be funny to be honest. You weren’t too sure how you would tell Brian without making it weird or silly. As you sat on the couch pondering and coming up with ideas, you heard the doorbell ring.

You were silently cheering yourself on as you opened the door to your beautiful boyfriend Brian standing there with a bouquet of flowers. Of course he would.

“Hey.” He said, grinning as he handed you the flowers.

You let him in and he immediately plops on the couch, spreading his arms as he looks at you expectantly. You laugh at his actions before heading over to lie on his chest as his arms encircle you.

“So what’s up?” Brian asks, looking at you.

You cough awkwardly. Okay now’s the time.

“Uh… I wa-No wait. Uh… I’m ready…?” You say in a questioning tone.

“Wait what.”

Brian sits up and pulls you with him.

“Are you sure?” Brian asked, looking at you with concern filled eyes.

You nodded in response, biting onto your lip as it finally settled in your brain that you had just asked your boyfriend to take your virginity.

“No but like are you sure?” Brian asks again, making you giggle.

“Yes Brian, I am. Can we do it now or like do you want to wait some more?” You tease, a small smile on your face.

You were actually quite nervous, I mean who wouldn’t be for their first time? Brian picks you up bridal style and carries you off to your room, gently placing you on the bed.

He then starts off by kissing you, a small simple gesture that quickly turned into a full on make out session, complete with tongue and moaning. Brian slowly starts to trail his lips to your neck, nipping and kissing. The moment he finds your weak spot, he sucks harshly, effectively making you moan.

For a short second, Brian stops his actions, pulling away as he pulls off his shirt. Shyly, you do the same, leaving you in your bra. You instantly get self-conscious when Brian stares at you, his eyes raking down your body.

“You’re so beautiful.” Brian mumbles, reconnecting your lips.

His hands move from your neck down your back, his cold hands making you shiver. Soon he has you pinned under him as he kisses down your body, stopping to unclasp your bra. His hands are roaming all over your body, but never touching your exposed chest.

When he does, oh god, when he does, he does it in a way that got you tingling. He brings his hands up to play with your breasts, fingers tweaking your nipples as he covers your chest with open mouthed kisses. You were gasping and moaning as he played with your chest, and felt yourself get wet as he makes eye contact with you, kissing down to the waist band of your shorts.

Oh god. Brian pauses and quirks his eyebrow, silently asking you once again if you were sure. You give him a nod and he pulls off your shorts, coming face to face with your soaking underwear.

Brian starts slow, rubbing circles against your clothed clit as he kisses your thighs, making his way up. You moan as the feeling of Brian’s fingers on your clit is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Brian then pulls off your underwear, leaving you completely naked. His fingers now make full contact with your pussy as he runs his fingers through your folds.

“Fuck Brian.” You moan, grabbing onto the sheets.  

Brian slowly starts to push his index finger in you as you feel slightly uncomfortable at the new feeling. He watches your facial expression, making sure you’re fine before moving on with anything. He slowly pumps his finger, his thumb rubbing at your clit.

You moaned at the new sensation. Fucking hell, his fingers are magic. Brian sets off with a rhythmic pumping of his finger and curls it, which makes you moan his name loudly.

You felt something building in the pit of your stomach as Brian adds a second finger, stretching you out. The rhythmic pumping and curling of his fingers and his thumb rubbing your clit pushed you overboard, making you scream out Brian’s name as you came all over his fingers.

You were all fucked out and he hadn’t even fucked you yet, holy shit. You didn’t realize you had a death grip on Brian’s hand until he had to loosen your fingers.

In the blink of an eye Brian removes his pants and boxers, and you’re staring wide eyed at him because holy shit. He’s hung.

“You’re sure?” Brian asks again as he fishes out a condom from his wallet.

“Oh my god Brian, just do it.” You answered, watching him roll on the condom onto his length.

He comes back onto the bed, and you’re dying because holy hell you’re still sensitive from your orgasm and now, how are you going to fit him in you?

Brian pumps his already hard length as you watch, feeling yourself get wet.

“Ready? It’s gonna hurt.” He tells you, staring into your eyes.

You nodded and feel him line up to your entrance before he slowly pushed in.

Oh there’s that pain he was talking about.

You were being stretched out in a way you didn’t know you could be and it felt uncomfortable and painful. It sucked to be honest.

Brian goes slow, pushing in inch by inch, as you felt tears spring to your eyes. Holy shit it fucking hurt. The moment he bottoms out, he stills completely. He holds onto you and kisses all over your face, whispering sweet nothings to you. When you felt like you were okay and the pain had subsided, you tell him to move.

Brian slowly thrusts into you, engaging you in a kiss. Soon the pain turned into pleasure and you were calling out for Brian at every thrust as you arched your back off the bed. He had reached between you to rub at your clit again, and the pleasure was building as you felt yourself clench around him.

“Brian I’m-Fuck.” You called out as the feeling in your stomach became too much to handle.

You came again and you felt your legs shaking slightly as the pleasure rocked through you. Brian had continued thrusting to let you ride out your orgasm, but soon enough his thrusts became sloppily and your clenching had caused him to climax.

The both of you lay there for a bit, catching your breaths. Brian pulls out of you and discards of the condom before he returns to bed. The first thing he says to you is, “I love you.”

That was all you remembered before you dozed off.

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vernon just going to town on brian for his birthday

Vernon/Brian: NSFW

“From your lackluster tweet I almost thought you didn’t know it was my birthday at all.”

Vernon smirks and releases Brian’s wrist. He had lead Brian to his bedroom, quiet but giddy all at once. It was this weird energy that passed between them. Brian knew he could work Vernon’s buttons but it never stopped Vernon from coming back and asking for more.

“You really think I’d forget my daddy’s birthday?” Vernon asks, his cheeks going a soft pink, even as he pulls his t-shirt over his head.

Brian feels a spike of heat pulse through him. Maybe Vernon knew how to work him up too or maybe he was just more obvious in his old age. Brian isn’t sure, he’s admittedly distracted by the silver and black hoops decorating Vernon’s nipples, the way the metal glints in the dim light of the room.

It had been a little bit since Brian had gotten to play with Vernon, since Vernon had let him touch his cute titties. How many times had Brian jerked off in the quiet of his bedroom imagining himself biting at Vernon’s perky pink nipples, tongue sliding the piercings, making Vernon hiss and arch against him.

“I’m not that inconsiderate,” Vernon continues, “I even got you a gift and everything.”

“You did?” Brian asks, “Something you think I’ll like?”

Vernon’s smirk widens and then just as he had done with his shirt, his hands are at his pants and he’s shoving them down to his ankles, leaving himself standing there in soft lilac colored panties.

“Something I think you’ll love.”

Brian swallows and he meets Vernon’s gaze. He was unusually confident, not shy or squirming, or feeling unsure of himself. Brian’s glad for the spike in self-esteem, for this plan that Vernon had put together. He has every right in the world to feel confident because he’s a vision standing there with his olive skin, his piercings, his dick going hard through the soft silk of the lilac panties, the thin fabric concealing nothing.

“Baby, I think you’re right.”

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