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Ian Eastwood Fan Fiction Chapter 13

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I came crashing through Ian’s front door, cutting the silence in the house by singing a random song. He flicked on the light switch as I leapt onto the sofa, throwing my shoes onto the floor. “Ahhh” I moaned, sinking into the cushions. I felt Ian sit down across the couch near my feet. He didn’t say anything; I rolled onto my back, my arms resting above my head. He let his gaze drift all the way up me and smiled suggestively. I burst out laughed, rolling my head back as my body shook.
“You’re so drunk… You can’t go home like that” I sat up and pulled my knees to me playfully.
“What am I doing then?”
“You could stay here?…” He cocked his head slightly thoughtfully.
“Whatever you want” a smug look wiped over his face as he shuffled closer. “What dya wanna do?” I asked, stretching my legs out and laying them across Ian’s lap.
“Well…” he placed his hand on my upper thigh gently. I stared at it blankly, trying to fight through the alcohol to realise what was going on. He quickly swooped his hands under me and stood up, lifting me in his arms. He walked into his room and sat me down on his bed. “Want something to sleep in?”
“Sure…” He fished around in his drawers and passed me an oversized t-shirt without turning to me before pulling off his top. The material slowly rose up his back, revealing his broad shoulders. He straightened up. I noticed the subtle curve in his lower back and nibbled at my lip; he turned around and looked at me. “No shirt?”
“Nah… I don’t sleep in them…”
“Right” we stood there, watching each other- waiting for something to happen. I fought with myself, trying to keep my eyes from wandering down him.
“One minute…” he walked away into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Unholy thoughts bombarded my brain. I took a hair band from around my wrist and tied my hair up in a high messy bun. I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt, using this time to get changed. The sound of running water was coming from the bathroom as I took off my top and reached for the t-shirt but something caught my eye. Ian was now stood in the bathroom doorway, leant against the frame. I froze in my spot not knowing what to do. I turned to him and watched him, his gaze flicked down me… I picked up the t-shirt and pulled it on slowly, then took off my skirt. The hem came down to just above the middle of my thigh, covering my underwear only just. He was still watching me, I could feel his eyes burning onto my skin. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife as Ian stood biting his lip. I quickly went out into the kitchen and got myself a glass of water, hoping to sober myself. He came into my view as I hopped onto the counters and crossed my legs. “Sobering up?”
“Slightly” he chuckled and went over to his docking station, plugging his phone in. Music played out, breaking the silence. I watched as his muscles twitched slightly, like he was dancing in his head. I smiled, resting the glass against my lips. Ian came over and stood in front of me. When I had done, he took the glass and slapped it down on the side.
“Better?” I nodded looking down at him. ‘Lay it down’ started playing and Ian took over…

He had his hands on my legs when he reached up and kissed me softly, a different kind of kiss he’d ever given me. The kind of kiss that you couldn’t pull yourself away from. I brought my hands to the back of his neck and shoulders. He lifted me off the counter, wrapping me around him tenderly. The t-shirt rose on me to my waist as his hands took place on my ass. He stood there momentarily; his lips meshing against mine, our tongues exploring each other. I moaned slightly, holding myself tighter against him. Ian walked us across the room into his bedroom and laid down on the bed, laying me over him. He was playing with the fallen strands of hair I had around my face and neck when I realised what was going on. I reluctantly pulled away and sat up on him, he propped himself up on his elbows. “Ian, can I ask you something?” He sighed and lay back down.
“What do you want from me?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” he looked at me thoughtfully, there was something simple about him now. Now I had boiled him down to the reason, he just had to speak his mind.
“Anna. I want you. I want whatever you’re willing to do. I don’t know what it is, there’s something about you that I can’t get off my mind…” Well damn.
“Oh…” What do you say to that…? I looked down at my hands, watching my fingers fiddle together. He sat up, knocking me backwards onto his lap. But he caught me by wrapping his arms around me. I continued to look down, not daring to look at him.
“Anna…” he whispered.
“Mm?” He picked up my chin, making me look at him. We locked eye contact.
“Tell me you don’t feel anything” I opened my mouth to speak then paused. I couldn’t… Ian smiled and bent down, pecking my lips slowly. He laid us down and pulled the covers over us. “I knew it” he muttered. I couldn’t win could i. He wasn’t going to quit…
“This isn’t me giving in, you know”
“You keep telling yourself that” he rested his head centimetres away from mine and closed his eyes. I should’ve known from the moment I met him in the bar that he was going to become some part of my life. A big part in my life, whether I wanted him to or not…

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Brian Fan Fiction Chapter 10

Rubie’s P.O.V

Brian was kissing me. I jumped at first, still on edge from the party… but he was gentle and slow… he stepped closer and his hand found its way to the nape of my neck under my hair…then he pulled away suddenly. He touched his fingers to his lips, looking shocked at himself. I stared at him, stunned myself and not quite sure what to do. “Umm… Sorry…” he murmured.
“don’t be. it’s uh… it’s okay” He opened the door and went inside, I followed him obediently. Damn… he was a good kisser. The desire to kiss his lips was burning in me, but I knew better than that and kept my hands to myself.
“Sorry… can I get you a drink or…?”
“Sure, thanks”
“Okay… sorry” He said hesitantly before going into the kitchen.
“Will you stop saying sorry? I don’t mind…” He looked over his shoulder slightly and smiled to himself cutely, almost smugly.
“Right, what can I get you? Wine? Something stronger?” he joked, but funnily enough that was what I fancied.
“Wine… you know. If you have it…” He smiled and raised his eyebrows at me, surprised at me. Yeah that’s right, I can be classy. I rolled my eyes at him and sat down on the sofa, bringing my feet up next to me. Moments later he sat down next to me, passing me a wine glass and putting the bottle down on the floor under us. “Thanks” I raised the glass to my lips as we looked at each other and took a sip. “Mm” he smiled and drank from his own. “You too?”
“Sure, why not” he winked and smirked.
“You’re surprising. You know that?” My statement puzzled him, but he clearly didn’t realise how different to me he was to the other men I’d dealt with.
“Go on…?”
“Well. No one’s ever apologised for kissing me” I joked, but sure enough he went bright red and got all embarrassed. “I’m just kidding! It was sweet…” But he just blushed harder. Fucking hell he’s cute.
“It’s only because you’re Jun’s sister…”
“Is that all?” He fell silent and watched me, my lips…
“Yeah. I guess it is…”
“and why’s that so bad?”
“I don’t know. You’re his little sister… and I’m his best friend. He wouldn’t like it… right?”
“He doesn’t know?” He mulled this over for a moment, staring into space then he darted forwards and our lips met knocking me over onto my back on the sofa, spilling my drink onto the floor.
“Sorry…” he murmured onto my lips. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck
“I don’t mind”

Brian’s P.O.V

I knew what was happening was wrong and it was going to have its consequences but I couldn’t stop. Her touch was cosmic and it was driving me crazy… She was beautiful. Tiny underneath me, but not at all fragile. Her fingers slid up my chest and began undoing the buttons on my shirt. Oh god. My mind was running wild with fantasies and thoughts and her hands pressed against my bare skin and her legs wrapped around me. Stop. I couldn’t.

Rubie’s P.O.V

I was right; I knew he’d have a good body… His hands were now gripping into my hair, pulling my head back as his lips grazed over the warm skin on my neck slowly…

Jun’s P.O.V

I’d checked everywhere in this house so many times. Where the fuck is she? “Bam, have you seen Rubie?”
“No? Have you seen Brian? I haven’t seen him since he got here?” I was seeing red.
“Okay thanks man” I hadn’t seen either of them anywhere… I swear to god. In my search for them both I bumped into the Jawn. “Man, you seen Brian?”
“Uhm, he left? I saw him go out the front? Why?” I pushed past him and stormed out the front door, looking around frantically. Nowhere. That’s it- I’m going home. If he fucking touches my sister then he’s dead.

 Brian’s P.O.V

My hands were all over her body. Uncontrollable. And she wasn’t exactly innocent herself… She’d removed my shirt and now she was fiddling with the buckle on my belt, undoing it with complete ease. But then she stopped and got on top of me, not letting me touch her. Her beautiful, devilish grin swept over her face as she began to lift her dress off of her body then unhooked her bra, throwing it onto the floor. Holy fuck.

Jun’s P.O.V

As I reached our street I began to pick up the pace, determined to get out of the cold and find my missing sister… hopefully not with my best friend. I was so confused, she was right with me and then she’d vanished, but if she’d gone anywhere then it’d be here. Keys. Where are my keys? I searched around in my pockets as I reached the front door, slapping at my legs waiting for a jingle of metal. Ah. And then I let myself in…

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Brian Fan Fiction Chapter 1

Rubie’s P.O.V

“Are you sure you have to go?” I buttoned up my jeans and flattened out my clothes, then walked over to the mirror.
“Yeah. But thanks for that” I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through my hair, trying to calm the sex hair I had going on. I felt his strong hands on my waist, the heat radiating off his chiselled chest and the deep breathing on my neck.
“Come on… don’t go…” I rolled my eyes and kissed him, holding onto his neck. He moaned and his hold on my tightened, his hand gliding up my stomach. I pushed him away from me and picked up my handbag.
“I’ll see you around” I added walking out of the room. It was a good thing I left; I couldn’t even remember his name…

I opened the door and walked outside, touching up my hair again. I took out a cigarette and lit it, I thought it was only best to have one now… my brother never approved of smoking. He was a good big brother undoubtedly but he was protective which was why I was nervous to see him today. After hearing I back in town he immediately contacted me, bless him. I was supposedly going to his apartment; I’d never been which made me all the more worried.

Jun’s P.O.V

“Jun will you chill out…” Brian nagged from the sofa. He wasn’t wearing pants… as usual.  
“No… I haven’t seen her in a year or something…” Ian walked into the room in his boxers to see what I was fussing about.
“What are you on about, man?”
“Will you two put some clothes on, for Christ sake. She’ll be here soon” Rubie. My sister. I’d missed her most out of my family; she was the typical little sister. She’d listen to me; I was an influence on her possibly.
“Why? What’ going on?” Ian asked. Does he ever listen?
“My sister is coming here” None of the guys had ever met Rubie…which had its pros and cons. My sister was very beautiful and the guys will never let me hear the end of it.
“Is she hot?” Brian very seriously questioned.
“Don’t even go there.” Brian chuckled and sat up, wiping the dust from his eyes. There was a knock at the door and all three of us snapped our heads to look at the door. “Will you two put some clothes on!” I pulled Brian up and pushed him into Ian. They frowned and waddled into Ian’s doorway. “Go”
“Jun?” I walked over and opened the door, revealing my beautiful sister. She was different, but still Rubie. “JUN!” She smiled and threw her arms around my neck and hugged me. She was slimmer than I’d remembered, smaller in my arms. She still smelt the same: the same perfume infused with the smell of smoke. “Oh hi…” I pulled away to find her looking behind me. Ian and Brian were still stood in their doorway, waving daintily, looking her up and down. I facepalmed and groaned. She waved awkwardly and smiled at them both. Rubie has always gotten a lot of male attention, which if i’m honest made me uncomfortable… she was my little Rubs.
“Rubie, this is Brian and Ian. My roommates…” Brian was making me burn… I watched as he scanned her thoroughly and then bit down on his lip. He realised I was watching and quickly turned and went into his room.

Brian’s P.O.V

Holy fuck… She was beautiful. I couldn’t look away, she was incredible… I realised I was biting down on my lip. I looked up at Jun who was ‘death glaring’ me. Oh shit. I quickly went into my room and shut the door behind me. Rubie. Good god… If Jun could listen to the voice in the back of my head he would kill me unmercifully. Maybe I best keep these thoughts to myself…

Rubie’s P.O.V

Jun’s roommates were cute… Like really cute. One was a little young, but still he was hot. The other one seemed more my age, there was something about how he had looked at me that made me curious of him. The way he had nibbled on his lip just made me want to know what was on his mind… “So uhm, come in” I smiled at my big brother and stepped inside awkwardly. “How have you been?”
“I’ve been great actually, it’s been forever!” I sat down on the sofa and crossed my legs. “What about you? Whats been going on with you?” he sat down across from me and thought.
“I moved in here… you know. Dance is a little crazy but I love it” Same old Jun, always dancing. He was an incredible dancer, he used to try and teach me when we were younger. I was his main student, his test dummy… but I didn’t mind. It made him happy, which was what I wanted.
“You haven’t changed at all” he chuckled and scratched his head.
“Yeah… I guess I haven’t. You have thou-” he was interrupted by a knock at the door, another man I hadn’t met emerged from one of the rooms and looked at me curiously. “Bam, this is my sister… Rubie” He added with a harsh edge as ‘Bam’ looked me up and down. He smiled and raised his eyebrows before walking to the door. It opened and 4 boys flooded inside. Jun groaned and pressed his face into his hands.

Jun’s P.O.V

No not the boys. Not now… All four of them clocked onto Rubie and studied her. “Rubie I’m sorry. We can go out if you want?” I asked standing already to whisk her away.
“No it’s fine, we don’t have to. I don’t mind” No, but I do…
“Hi, you must be Jun’s sister, Rubie” JP said walking over and holding his hand out to her. She stood up and smiled at him.
“Yes. And you are?”
“JP. It’s a pleasure to meet you” I was going to kill him. He lifted her hand and kissed it. She giggled and took her hand away afterwards.
“Nice to meet you too” This was horrible.

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One shot- for Cameron.

Your volleyball game had just ended, with your team winning the match. Your teammates swarmed in excitement, basking in your triumph. Soon everyone was outside and ready to leave, still buzzing from the match.

You picked up your bags and were just about to leave. “Hi there” you looked up to see Ian stood there looking suave as usual. You smiled and ran over, throwing your arms around his neck, kissing him softly.

Ian had been away and was supposedly coming back a week later. You heard gasps and whispers from your teammates as they clocked onto your gorgeous boyfriend. “How was the game?”

“We won!” he looked at you and smiled sweetly. You could feel yourself melting into his darkening eyes.

“Wow. That’s awesome! Can I just add you look so cute in your uniform” you blushed and took his hand; he led you out to his car. You looked back to see your friends with dropped jaws as you walked away with this beautiful specimen.

“How come you’re back so early?”

“I thought I’d surprise you” Ian was always one for surprises. You grinned at him and got into the car and drove back to the lion’s den, discussing the match and his trip.

“Is it just you that’s home”

“no, but they shouldn’t be home for a while… so the den’s ours” he chuckled deeply, making you curious.

Upon stepping inside Ian pinned you to the wall and pressed himself against you. Desire was burning in his eyes as he stared you down. You shared a moment as he bit down on his lip longingly. He darted forward and kissed you, biting your lip instead.

“Well I’m glad your back” you muttered wrapping yourself around him. He chuckled onto your lips and lowered you to the ground, laying you on your back.

“Glad to be back” he added happily before pulling off your t-shirt.

“Don’t waste time then” he laughed and kissed you passionately, silencing the sarcasm. He glided down your body and let his fingers traced your hip bones slowly as he kissed your neck. You grabbed the back of his top and tugged it off over his head before crashing your lips onto his desperately.

He got a little heated and went for the clasp of your bra, popping it open almost immediately. He eyed you up before trailing his tongue along the curve of your breasts. You moaned through slightly parted lips. Both of you jumped at the sound of a key in the door. “Fuck!” You both jumped up and ran full pelt into the bedroom, clutching your clothes.
“Well… I didn’t see that coming”


dont know. hope you liked it… 

One shot- for Kathryn.

“Kathryn, do we really have to watch this…”

“Don’t be a wuss. It’s not even scary!” to turned to find Brian hiding behind his hands at your side. “Awh, come on” You grabbed his hands and pulled them down but he clamped his eyes shut. “Brian! For Christ sake just watch it” you were still holding his hands away when he wrapped his fingers in yours.

Brian had been a close friend for a while now, you had to battle past the romantic feelings you’d first had for him; but right now it felt right having his hands in yours.

“No…” he whimpered.

“You’re such a baby” you muttered, resting your head on his shoulder. He stiffened slightly.

“I’m not…”

“Then watch the film” you challenged. Reluctantly he opened his eyes and squeezed your hand tighter. He flinched from the film multiple times and kept going to hide in his hands but you had a firm hold of them.

“Well thank god that’s over!”

“You were so scared” you cracked up laughing as he walked away into the kitchen.

“No I wasn’-” You screamed and ran up to him quickly. He jumped and screamed like a 6 year old girl.

“Yeah… not scared at all…”

“Hey. Not cool” he pushed you playfully.

“You should’ve seen your face then!” you mocked him, creasing with laughter.

“You should see your face now.” Brian spat. You gasped and pushed him, he started laughing at you and hugged you.

“I’m just kidding, you know you’re beautiful”

“Awh cutie” you pinched his cheeks, shaking his head, with his face incredibly close to yours.

“Ow!” he shook off your hands and rubbed his cheeks. You giggled and kissed both of his cheeks in compensation. He froze and licked his lip slightly as you looked at him. And then his lips were on yours momentarily… you pulled away in shock.

“Oh…” you crashed your lips against him once more. His hands slipped to your waist, squeezing you against his strong body. This was a different sensation… You were melting away in his arms, sinking into his lips. He moaned softly as you rubbed the nape of his neck, pushing your hands through his hair.

Every restraint you’d ever made was breaking away as Brian pushed you back onto the counter. “Brian…” you moaned as he climbed on top of you and grinded his hips onto you. Things were about to get physical as Brian bit down on your collarbone.

Your bestfriend Brian suddenly withered away and was replaced by the sexual predator above you.

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One shot- for Hayley.

im sorry this was one of those chapters where i just slapped the keyboard and hoped for the best:L

Breaking up with Ian Eastwood was the worst choice you ever made. You still saw him day in and day out because he only lived across the hall. You’d agreed on staying friends, but you still had those feelings bubbling away deep down.

You were alone in your apartment just listening to music and tidying up from your breakfast when yours and Ian’s song came on… ‘kiss me’ by Ed Sheeran. You sighed and tears formed in your eyes as it hit you how much you missed him. A few tears rolled down your cheeks…

You heard a knock at the door and hurried to answer it, wiping your cheeks. Ian was stood in the doorway looking stunned at you. You continued to wipe at the tears but he noticed the ones that took their place. A warm smile wiped over his face as he recognised the song.

“Hayley…” he put a hand on the side of your face and pushed you back inside, kicking the door shut behind him. “I missed you” he kissed you softly and held you in his arms. Your hands were pressed against his chest, clutching to his t-shirt.

“I’m sorry… I was stupid…”

“I know” He kissed your forehead and held you against his chest. “It doesn’t matter” you looked up at him; he smiled and wiped the tears with his thumbs then kissed you again and pulled you over to the sofa. He sat up against the arm rest and let you lie between his legs, resting your head on his chest. “I really fucking missed you…”

“Me too… so what does this mean?” he chuckled slightly at your blissful ignorance. 

“It means I’m not letting you go this time” You nuzzled deeper into his chest as he wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m fine with that…”

“So it’s you and I again, is it?”

“You bet”

“Perfect” you reached up and kissed his jawline, cuddling him in.  

One shot- for Courtney.

My god oneshots need to get out.

“Are you ready?” Today as the day you were going to meet Ian, finally. You’d been longing to go to one of his workshops for ages but now was your chance and you weren’t going to screw it up.

You were stood fiddling with your hair as Ian entered the room, taking all the attention from everyone.

“Hi guys, sorry I’m late but he felt the need to stop off for food” he said gesturing to Brian holding some fries.

“Shh. I’m hungry” Ian rolled his eyes and then looked around the room at everyone. Your heart was pounding as you waited till he looked at you. He stopped and your eyes locked together, he smiled softly and then continued looking.

Had he really just looked at you? You specifically? By this point you couldn’t stop smiling.

“Courtney… you’re like a Cheshire cat… what are you smiling at?” your friend asked you, laughing. “Nothing…” you replied, eyeing up Ian at the front of the room.

He got you all warmed up, all the while stealing glances at you in the mirror and smiling to himself. It made you a little nervous and you couldn’t help but blush.

“Sorry! Sorry I’m late!” Who else came crashing through the door but Olivia Gonzales. She ran over to Ian and hugged him quickly before scurrying into the group.

With all the “Chian” buzz about you expected there to be more of a scene, but Ian continued to watch you curiously… He started teaching the choreography slowly but for some reason it felt he was teaching you alone…

Near the end of the class Ian stopped “Right” He was about to choose the selected group. You followed the crowd and went to sit down. “Brian. Chachi and you” you looked up at him to see him smiling at you.


“Yes you, whats your name?”

“Umm… Courtney…” he grinned warmly, making you a little lost for breath

“So Brian, Chachi and Courtney. Give them a clap” The group on the floor obeyed and clapped for us.

“Ian, imma eat. Liv and Courtney can do it” Ian groaned and shook his head at him.

“Fine then” Oh god. Chachi smiled at you and took her place at your side. Well… you didn’t see this coming. Stood with Chachi Gonzales performing Ian’s choreography. The music played and you both began.

You caught a glimpse of Ian, who was looking straight at you. Why wasn’t he looking at Chachi? He realised you saw him and smiled, then winked… Chachi ran over to him and threw her arms around him afterwards. He hugged her back, but was still smiling at you over her shoulder.


first of 16. cry. 

one shot- for sabrina.

The party tonight was pretty good, but you’d lost Ian in the crowd. You searched around but your vision was blurred from the amount you’d drank.

You sighed and leant back against the door behind you. It opened and you fell back into the room, landing flat on your ass.

“Oww” you groaned and stood up wobbling on your heels whilst you heard the door shut and the sound of a lock clicking. But suddenly you didn’t need to hold yourself up as you were pinned to the wall by someone.

You looked up and tried to focus your eyes on the man in the person in front of you. Ian…

“Hi…” He smiled and kissed you lustfully. He was pressed up against you, nearly lifting you off the ground with the pressure. He moved his lips down to your neck, kissing below your jawline. You gasped, breathing heavily as longing for him began.

He now held you at your waist as you wrapped your legs around him. The wall held you up as you bucked your hips, urging him on. You moaned and dug your nails into his shoulders as he nibbled on your skin. He let go of you and pulled at his trousers frantically. He then tugged at your clothing, removing it from you swiftly.

He crashed his lips down onto yours and entered you. Your back smacked against the wall as he moved you. He smiled against your lips, passing the sickly smell of alcohol between you two.

He lifted you and took you over to the unfamiliar bed and lay you down softly. He climbed over you and kissed your skin tenderly. Without thinking you shot up and bit his lip quickly. He growled and bit you back, moving faster for you. You clutched onto his shoulders then left deep scratch marks down his back. He slowed and worked deeper, causing loud moans to come rolling out of you.

He kept this up for what seemed like hours, making you writhe under him. Ian smiled down at you then looked away before finishing. He lay down against your naked skin and kissed you softly.

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