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A little lesson in appliqueing an eye onto a head:

1. Lay the head piece you will be appliqueing on a flat surface
2. Lay your pattern on top of your head piece to identify where the eye will be placed and slide your tear away backing underneath
3. Place your eye (and iris if desired) into the designated space in the pattern
4. While holding the eye in place, remove the pattern from the head
(Optional # 4.5. If using minky or other material with a fluffy surface, this is the point where you would lay a sheet of wash away Solvy on top of the eye to prevent the fuzzies from poking through the embroidery) 
5. Delicately pin the eye in place making sure to include your backing (and solvy if you choose to use it) in the pinning
6. Machine sew a loose zig zag stitch, no wider than what you want your final seam to be, to hold the pieces in place
7. Machine sew a tight zig zag stitch to seal the edges and connect the pieces (I use 3.0 width by .3 tightness for this example on my brother machine)
8. Cut off end threads and tear off backing (and Solvy)
9. Done! Sew your head peices together as normal :)

I do this for pretty much every smooth color change on the flat surface of my plushies. It takes a long time but it is so much stronger and looks nicer to me. Try it out! Hope this helps some of you <3

Example used: Space Unicorn plushies for briannedrouhard


“I’m saying you need to forget it’s a horror story, that someone might die at every turn. You see, you have to care if the smoking hot lit’ teacher seems a little too interested in his female students. You have to care if the team wins the big game. You have to care if the smart, pretty girl forgives the dumb jock… You root for them, you love them, so when they are brutally murdered, it hurts.” 

Case Study: Harpy Gee Increases Readership Over 650%

Artist and Animator Brianne Drouhard (known for her Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld shorts on Cartoon Network and character design work on shows like Teen Titans) and her comic Harpy Gee joined up with Hiveworks in November 2014.

Harpy Gee is an adventure webcomic starring Harpy, a sword-wielding forest elf and her magical storage cat. The story begins when both of them decide to settle temporarily in an item shop owned by a very upbeat witch and a soldier, and Harpy accidentally curses a cranky prince. 

Brianne’s character design skills and magical backgrounds make her comic unique, but Harpy Gee’s readership was standing still around 1,000 max weekly readers through control months after Hiveworks starting publishing the comic.

So, how do you boost a webcomic’s readership? 

You take it to the readers. To put Harpy Gee where potential readers would see it and want to start reading, we had to find where those readers already were. Part of that problem solves itself - Harpy Gee started getting new readers every day from our main site, when the comic went up on our hub where readers can sort webcomics by genre, age group, and update day. 

Beyond that, as part of our focused marketing round for Harpy Gee, we distributed banner advertisements for Harpy Gee across our published webcomics and our affiliate network. Ads for Harpy Gee on sites like SMBC brought in new readers already familiar with webcomics in general, and continue to boost its traffic. We also put Harpy in priority in on our aggregated marketing campaign on larger sites and networks outside of Hiveworks. 

We do marketing rounds like these quarterly or bi-annually, depending on the comic, but what exactly do they do for a comic’s readers? Let’s take a look.

Where is Harpy Gee now?

Harpy Gee just wrapped its first marketing round with Hiveworks, and we’ve tracked its readers and visitors along the way. Starting off at a max of 1,000 readers per week, Harpy Gee now has a weekly readership of around 7,000 users.

When you take a step back, the change is even more obvious. In a few months, Harpy Gee has grown from around 3,000 readers to an average of around 20,000 monthly users - an over 650% increase. 

Want to join Harpy Gee on her adventure? Catch up on the comic here, and read more like it at Hiveworks.

Mayor Icons for wholock-xing, pixachuu, cranky-villager, nookandgo, izzycrossing, rainy-village, viva-monteor, mayor-brianne! These were all fun to do and I tried out new brushes! Hope you guys like them! 

I will be submitting each persons’ icon individually! 

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