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The Cast of “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” Weighs In On Nicki’s “Anaconda” Song


Brianna - Rack City (freestyle)


I finally watched Brianna Perry's music video for "Marilyn Monroe" and I am not sure if I wanted to hear her rap or model while watching it; she’s so bubbly and cute that I want her to just model. Fortunately, for this song, the content wasn’t overly vulgar nor was it overly aggressive, which tends to be an issue for some female rappers. 

When We Met:  When I had first seen Brianna, she was the co-host on “106 & Park” New Year’s Countdown. She was such a natural on camera, I would have never thunk she had another occupation, rapping.

My final remark, is it just me or  does she remind anyone else of Diamond (formerly of Crimb Mobb)?

Nonetheless, I will be looking out for more of her music along with figuring out my feelings for her as a rapper She should just be a TV Host/model, it’d be great!)



Brianna Headlines Freestyle Music Video

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