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msmed08 submitted: What if Faith and Brianna, little more than toddlers, try to go off on their own to find Fergus, as he’s off to school leaving the adults a little bit crazy as to where the two scamps were? #faith fluff #modernglasgowau

Anonymous said: Faithlet prompt: imagine Faith and Brianna having a fight and Jamie has to scold them.

Combined these two a bit and kept everything set in the 18th Century (Modern Glasgow belongs to @gotham-ruaidh).

“I dinna wanna go,” Brianna objected as Faith tugged her along down the road. Brianna looked back over her shoulder at the yard of Lallybroch disappearing behind them.

“Do ye no want to find Fergus?” Faith asked. “Da sent him along to Broch Mordha to fetch the new tutor which means he went this way.”

“But why did ye no tell Mama that Da sent Fergus instead? She wouldna have sent us to fetch him if she kent he was so far—what about Rabbie? We can fetch him to help her instead,” Brianna argued.

“If that’s what you think then you dinna have to come,” Faith pointed out.

Brianna stopped in the middle of the road. “You dinna want me to come?”

“That’s no what I said.”

“Fine!” Brianna fumed her face darkening as she spun on her heel. “I’m gonna go tell Mama about Fergus and then ye’ll—”

Faith reached out instinctively and pushed her sister to the ground to shut her up.

Brianna burst out crying.

“I’m sorry,” Faith immediately apologized and bent to help Brianna up to her feet again. Her sister shrugged off her help and pushed herself to her feet on her own.

“What’s going on here?” Da’s voice called out with an edge to it that quieted Brianna quickly. “What are the pair of ye doing out of the yard? Where d’ye think ye’re heading off to?”

“Mama wanted us to fetch Fergus,” Faith explained, shrinking under their father’s scrutiny.

“Oh, she did? And did ye no tell her that I’d sent Fergus to Broch Mordha in my stead?” He crossed his arms over his chest as he peered down his long nose at them.

“I tried to stop her, Da,” Brianna spoke up. “I told her we should fetch Rabbie instead but she—”

Jamie held up a hand and Brianna stopped talking.

“That’s enough from the both of ye. Ye both ken better than to leave the yard on yer own regardless. I want ye both to march back through those gates and into the house to explain what ye’ve done to yer mother, right now,” he instructed. “Faith, dinna leave out that ye pushed yer sister down and Brianna, dinna forget that ye were ready to turn on yer sister to get off lighter yerself.”

The sisters looked to one another before turning back to their father with matching hangdog expressions and nodding. Their mother wouldn’t spank them but she would give them a sound tongue-lashing—the dangers of being out on the road like that on their own to start, then she would lecture Faith about using physical force on her sister while she checked Brianna over for injuries and lastly she’d lecture Brianna about tattling like that to escape punishment. It wasn’t that their father didn’t yell at them for misbehaving but with their mother there was always such an underlying sense of having disappointed her that lingered more than their father’s flash of anger.

“Go on then,” Jamie urged. “To the house. Now. And dinna think I won’t be asking yer mother what she had to say about the matter later.”

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