brianna perciallia

i got this tattoo today because im going through a rough time; a rough heartbreak but i know him and i are going to be back together soon its just i know life is a beautiful struggle and its so true to be honest my foot hurt worst than my ribs but im in love with it and i got in ALOT of trouble but it fits me and i dont care what people have to say for it its about for my boyfriend and me and my life<3 i love it.

i honestly dont care how i look in this;

this woman is my nana she has stage four cancer; and it is pretty bad but we keep her in good spirits; she is my fathers mother; well step mother; i never met my fathers side of the family until like when i was a freshman so three years ago im a junior this year; all these stories i use to hear of this woman and to finally meet her is just a blessing to me; she is just so loving and adorable; i remember seeing pictures of her when i was little in the 50s with the style thats where my love for the 50s started to come into play because of her and my real grandmother; even though this woman is my fathers step mother; thats my nana and even though we are not close; i feel close to her and i am proud i met my fathers side of his family and i think things happen for a reason so im happy to say that i am an ELMER my last name; and that my family is beautiful! stay strong nana i love you<3

-Brianna Perciallia