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Could u do a fic of Claire going back in time earlier than she originally does after she goes back to the future at the end of dragonfly in amber and actually interrupting Jamie and Laoghaires wedding? What would Jamie reaction be?

I should be asleep, but for some reason this whole week sleep has been my enemy.. and food. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it sure does make me productive in a creative way! I hope you all enjoy this incredibly long story. (I’ll add a break part of the way through so you don’t have a mile of scrolling to do on your feeds.)

   Maybe grabbing Bree was the wrong thing to do. She had a life ahead of her there, a father-like figure, college—even if she was making a choice I didn’t agree with— to become a historian, friends, potential boyfriends, but none of them added up to her family. She thinks we’re just going on a vacation, I’ve only told her we were headed to Scotland, nothing more nothing less. I do hope she will forgive me for what I am about to do.
    “Why Scotland, mamma? Daddy said you hate Scotland.”
    “I don’t hate Scotland darling. I have very painful memories from here, but some absolutely lovely ones as well.” A small wistful smile bloomed on my face thinking of the days with Jamie before the war.
    “If it’s so painful for you, why come back? I’d want to avoid somewhere that causes me pain.”
    Parking the car I turned to face Bree, touching her cheek I smiled lovingly at her, “Because some of the best things happened to me here, you for one.”
    Reaching for the basket and the Fraser Tartan blanket and faced the hill, it was now or never the stones would wait for no one on the days of fire feasts.
    Walking up the hill to Craig na Dun, flashbacks of the last time I was here flooded my mind. Jamie telling me to leave, the rough passionate sex before ripping my soul to tatters, and the all-consuming pain of traveling a second time. We set up our picnic just outside the megalithic circle.  
    “This place is beautiful, yet eerie. What do you think the stones were used for? Would daddy know?” Bree’s inquisitive mind was going a mile a minute, drinking in every detail of the circle and trying to puzzle out it’s secrets. One secret, even her most creative dream, could not conjure up.
   “It is. Your fa- Frank and I once saw a coven of druids perform a dance here. Come to think of it, it was on this day all those years ago we saw the druids dance. It was hauntingly beautiful chill bump inducing ritual that happened as the sun was rising.” I could see them dancing, Mrs. Graham leading the dancers in a fluidity of intricate moves.
    “There’s something I need to tell you. Something Frank has been trying to deny since before you were born.”
   Brianna set down the apple she was about to bite and looked at me, engrossed in what I had to say next.
   “In May of 1945 I came up on this hill to find a plant, forget-me-nots, that grew just over there. While picking a specimen to take home and study, I heard a buzzing like a thousand angry bees, or a cacophony of angry screams blending together into a horrible buzz, coming from the cleft in the center stone.”
    Brianna’s face paled “You—you can hear it too?”
    Laying my hand on hers I tried to reassure her, “Yes, darling. I can. Only special people can hear it. Some say it’s the blood of the Old Folk, the Fae that can hear it, others say it’s impossible. What I believe it to be is genetic, a tiny mutation formed hundreds of years ago that allow certain people, on certain days an ability from which fables are written. We have that ability. Who passed it on to us, I cannot say, but there are more than just us. Two-hundred years, it’s always two-hundred years in the Hieland ledgeds, that’s the jump we can make.”
    Brianna pulled her hand away from mine, “What are you saying mamma? That we’re some kind of time travelers like from Doctor Who?” I shuddered out a laugh, “Yes and no. We don’t go around in flying blue police box, but we can travel at least two-hundred and two years back. That’s what happened to me the first time I came here. I touched the stones, not only to find the source of the buzzing, but because it felt as though I were compelled to do so. Entranced by the horrific sounds coming from the stone. Even now it’s hard for me to not touch…”
    “Then why did you bring me here? To see if I had this, this… Ability?”
   Shaking my head I looked at her beseechingly, “No, I already believed you could, you made the travel once too.”
    “No I didn’t! I was born here, in 1948. You should know!”
    “True you were born in 1948, but you were conceived in 1746. Your father, his name is James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, and he lived during the 1700s in Scotland. For three years I lived, loved, and worked with him. Culloden changed everything. He knew about you before I did, sent me back to protect you.”
    “How do you expect me to believe all of this? If the Culloden you are referring to is the Battle of Culloden, April 16, 1746 and he was a Scot, didn’t he die in this battle?”
    “He expected to and no doubt tried and failed to do just that. I found record of him, at least I believe it’s him in a prison from 1753-1757 and then at a place in England from 1757-1764, don’t you see he has to have gone home from there.”
    Producing the documents I found and borrowed from Frank’s office, I handed them to Brianna. Not only was it a J. MacKenzie Fraser prison records, or the Alex. Mac. indentured servant papers, but my wedding certificate and the deed to Lallybroch we both signed over to young Jamie.
    Bree’s hand traced over my faded signature.
    “Mamma, this is your writing.” Nodding I looked at her face trying to find something to tell me what she was thinking, but was not successful—Fraser features through and through.
    “I’ve seen these before. In daddy’s study, he always tried to hide them from me. He left to get tea one day and I grabbed them before he got back. I thought it was interesting and beautiful to find your name on the page. As though it was an ancestor or something. I was wrong, it was you. You really went back?”
    Tears streamed down my cheeks as I nodded, “I did and I miss your father more than I can tell you. You look just like him; early on there were days it ached to even look at you for the memories it caused, but I never loved you less, only more with each passing moment.”
     Clutching her hands to my chest was my lifeline to the present, to 1966. “I brought you here because I intend to go back. I want you to come with me.”
    “I—I—I can’t. Daddy is here, we have a life here! Mamma you can’t leave me, leave us!”
    Sighing, I was afraid it would come to this. I handed Bree the parcel I hid at the bottom of the basket. “This is yours. It’ll be a little awkward to put on at first but it’ll get easier if you change your mind. The stones only work on fire feasts from what I understand—today being Beltane is one of the days we can travel. I’m going to a place called Lallybroch. It’s still around today, just abandoned. This is your father’s family home, your family home. The only way I know how to direct the jump is to think of who you are trying to get to. Think of me, my darling daughter, when you decide to come. Also, your father would want you to have these.” I placed the first gift Jamie ever bestowed upon me around our daughter’s neck.
   “They are Scotch pearls, and your grandmother’s. Your father gave them to me on our wedding night. If you want to take them to an antiques shop and have them confirm the date of origin go ahead, but please don’t sell them. They are very precious to me and I want them to belong to you.”
    Speechless, Brianna fingered the pearls. While she was distracted I grabbed my own garment parcel, placed the left over food into the basket and stood up. Seeing me stand Brianna stood, noticing the almost full basket and folded the blanket for me.
    “I love you Brianna Ellen Fraser.” I kissed her cheek and turned for the stones.
    “Wait! Mamma! WAIT!” Her face blurry from tears as I tried to compose myself.
    “You’re just going to leave me here, alone?”
    “Oh baby, I don’t wish to do so. I want you to come with me, if you will not then I must go. I’ve waited too long to turn back now.”
    “I love you mamma.” Bree’s broken whisper cracked my heart. I ran to her held her tight to me enjoying the feel of her before whispering I love you again to her.
    Letting go I turned for the stones and thought of Jamie. As my right hand began to graze the stone, a warmth engulfed my left.

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New Traditions

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Last Christmas

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Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager.

As always, let me know what you think.

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HI Gotham! Whatever happened to the pearls Jamie gave Claire on their wedding night? In the show, we never see her give them away. Are they tucked safe away at Lollybrach? After he gave them to her, we never see them again. Guess traipsing thru the Scottish Highlands doesn't exactly call for pearls!

Ooh, the pearls! Let me trace their journey for you:


  • Given by Marcus MacRannoch as a wedding gift to Ellen MacKenzie
  • Pearls pass to Jamie upon Ellen’s death


  • Jamie gives the pearls to Claire on their wedding day
  • Claire attempts to give the pearls to Marcus MacRannoch as payment for taking in a wounded Jamie (whereupon Marcus insists she, Jamie, and Murtagh shelter in his manor, and come under his protection)

Dragonfly in Amber

  • Claire wears the pearls when she and Brianna travel back to Scotland, and she references a painting of Ellen MacKenzie hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in London, where she is wearing the pearls
  • Claire is wearing the pearls in her dream of Frank giving a lecture to his history students (“A lady, with brown hair curling luxuriantly”)
  • When living in Edinburgh in the final days of the rising, Claire pawns the pearls to get money to buy supplies for the Lallybroch men (she later gets the pearls back)


  • Claire mentions that she has left the pearls for Brianna, in a box of keepsakes at their house in Boston

Drums of Autumn

  • Brianna wears the pearls when she goes to Mass with Roger on Christmas Eve
  • Brianna wears the pearls when she travels back through the stones; at Lallybroch, she shows them to Jenny and Laoghaire as proof that she is Claire’s daughter; at Lallybroch, she sees the portrait of Ellen MacKenzie wearing the pearls

The Fiery Cross - no mention

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • Claire wears the pearls “for moral support” as she, Jamie, and Ian ride into Brownsville following her abduction

An Echo In The Bone, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood - no mention