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it just really frustrates me when people act like women’s hockey is hilary knight and only hilary knight. i meani get it, she’s an amazing athlete and a role model and she put so much on the line coming to play in the NWHL. ANd I love her too, I have no criticism for her at all.

But Brianna Decker may be the best scorer in the women’s game…ever! Kacey Bellamy is an amazing fucking defensemen and runs the whole ice. Blake Bolden is a feminine black woman playing in a predominantly white male sport and she’s still one of the best offensive defensemen in the game. Meghan Duggan is skilled leader, she lead Team USA to a silver medal. Julie Chu is an ICON, she’s played in 4 olympics, 9 world championships, and 10 4 nations cups. 

Learn about these women they deserve it! They’re getting paid now, so treat them like professionals they are and should have always been.


OH BOY *rubs hands together*

This is actually a head-scratcher in a lot of ways because it’s difficult to pinpoint why Drew treats Brianna the way he does. She’s a rookie coordinator and a big fan of his – and the show’s history /seems/ to imply Drew enjoys picking on rookies (See: “Now That’s Flower Power,” in which Drew goes up to May, then a stranger, on the beach and criticizes her style FOR NO APPARENT REASON) and that he’s uncomfortable around his fans (See: “A Fan With a Plan,” in which Drew is noticeably uneasy when surrounded by the M.F.P.)

Drew IS uncomfortable around Brianna. When May gets them to shake hands, she leans in and teases, “Done this before, right?” and he rebuffs her, clearly irritated that she’s enjoying putting him through this.

But he never picks on Brianna, a rookie, even though he picked on May when she was a rookie coordinator. In fact, Drew does the opposite: He’s generally very encouraging of Brianna, heaping praise on her appeal during the contest and then complimenting her skills afterward. Why is that? Why does her treat her differently?

I don’t have one answer, but I’ve come up with several possible explanations. It could be just one of these or a combination of all of them, but they are simply the best conclusions I can propose based on the canon.

First off, it could very well be that Drew just has matured a lot since his debut episode. Let’s be honest: He’s kind of a jerk to May in his first several appearances, but he loosens up the more time they spent together. By the end of “Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?”, it’s safe to say he and May have grown a lot closer, and he starts treating her with a great deal more respect from then on. His relationship with May, thus, proves to be a good influence on him: Rather than teasing the rookie Brianna as he did May, he decides to be nicer.

Drew’s respect for May is actually canonized when Brianna later tells May, “I know for a fact you’re the only female coordinator Mr. Drew respects.” So, another possible reason Drew did not pick on Brianna is /because/ he respects May, and he’s not gonna give her new friend a hard time.

In a less forgiving interpretation, it might be that Drew’s positive treatment of Brianna is a ploy to make May jealous/motivate her to get stronger as his rival. Consider: He offers very kind words of encouragement and advice to Brianna following her loss, but when May – fishing for compliments – asks earlier for his thoughts on her performance, he flippantly dismisses it, saying she got lucky. He later reminds May that she only needs two more ribbons, giving credence to the notion that perhaps he’s only being nice to Brianna as a way to fire up May.

Of course, I could be looking at this in the entirely wrong way: Perhaps Drew’s treatment of Brianna is not the anomaly. Perhaps the way he treated May upon them meeting is.

Like I said earlier, there was /no/ legitimate reason to for Drew to go down to the beach and harass May. Why do it then? Maybe he saw her and was like, “… That’s a cute girl… I wanna talk to her,” but he actually has the social aptitude of a potato. So he goes down there and instead of just flirting like a normal person, he decides to start insulting her. Meanwhile, a hundred episodes later, he’s not interested in Brianna, so he doesn’t make a fool of himself with her.

Character I miss the Most -- Faith Fraser


This one was hard for me. I do miss Murtagh because of his fierce love of Jamie and willingness to do anything for the people he does love and trust. I also miss what could have been with Brian, Willie, Robert, and Ellen Fraser. There are so many characters that we have lost over the course of 8 main novels and multiple novellas. I choose Faith Fraser to miss the most because of the heart wrenching moment I had when reading the book. I miss what could have been, what Jamie and Claire should have had with this miracle of a child. That’s one character I wish never would have been killed off before she was able to live!

Excerpt in italics is from E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web.
Here is my fan fiction piece to accompany my most missed character:

    “Unca Murtagh?”
    “Aye, mo chridhe?”
    “Da is sad.” Her little face scrunched up in thought and in sadness, “So is mam.”
    “Aye they are. They’re missin’ ye and each other. Neither more than the other. We Fraser’s love deep and yer mam was born to be a Fraser, attached at the soul with yer da.”
    “Can we send them a lil’ bit o’ love? I think they need it.”
    Murtagh looked at the wee lass on his lap, dark curls that match her mother’s wayward mop, crystal blue cat-eyes that remind him of his godson, and a heart as pure as her grandma’s. The thoughtfulness of this bairn never ceased to amaze him.
    “What do ye want to send them, lass?”
    “Each other. They should no be alone. My sister needs her da, not the imposter who hurt da.” Her little face grew grim and serious at the mention of Frank Randall, who looked all to like his ancestor.
    “Yer da is about to go to sleep, how about we help him find yer mam and sister? Let him see them in his dreams.”
    Nodding vigorously, dark brown curls bouncing, Faith agreed.
    “Now what about mam? She canna see da when we let him see her though his dreams.”
    “This time maybe we can help her see. If she canna then we will send him back to her when she sleeps. She always sees him in her dreams wi’ or wi’out our help.”

    In a cave overlooking Lallybroch, Jamie Fraser lay looking up at the stars aching for his family. Tears pricked at his eyes and the ache in his heart grew tighter, as though each passing second away from Claire and the bairn was a subtle tightening vice on his heart.
    A comforting breeze caressed his face. Imagining it was Claire’s hand Jamie closed his eyes and leaned into the wind, giving in to the exhaustion of his body.
    Before him stood a scruffy man with a face he would recognize anywhere—Murtagh— holding his hand was a little girl no more than five, curly brown hair, bright blue eyes— his eyes— pale skin with a smattering of freckles crossing her cheeks and nose. He felt like he had been punched in the gut. The little girl, minus the eyes, was the image of what he believed Claire to have looked as a child.
   “Faith?” His voice cracked when he said the name of the babe he never got to meet.
   A smile lit up her small face, “Hi da!” Faith exclaimed with a giggle.
   Jamie closed his eyes and tilted his head up to the sky. He finally had died, he is in heaven with his child, godfather, and somewhere his parents and brothers. Peace was all he felt.
   “Yer no dead, da. Ye were too sad in the cave all alone. We’re here to help make ye happy!”
   Reaching out for his daughter Jamie smiled a waterlogged smile, full of happy tears.
   “Oh álainn, just seein’ yer face has made me verra verra happy.” Faith smiled and released Murtagh’s hand, walking slowly to her father.
    “Da, mam is sad too. I can take ye to her and my sister, but only while ye sleep. Ye may no remember me, or where yer about to go in the mornin’, but ye will be happier.”
     Reaching a small hand out Faith didn’t wait long before the warm strength of her father’s hand to engulf hers. Faith smiled and looked to Murtagh, “Unca Murtagh, are ye no coming wi’ us?”
    Murtagh’s gaze softened but his eyes never left his godson.
    “No, mo cridhe, I’ll no be coming wi’ ye. Look after yer da, sister and mam for me will ye?”
    Nodding to her pseudo uncle, Faith tugged on Jamie’s hand and led him toward a glowing door that appeared out of no where.
    “Come on da, mam and Bree are through here.”
    The feeling of stepping through cobwebs made his skin crawl as Jamie walked through the glowing door. The door opened into a nursery, Claire reading to a small redheaded child in a chair by the window. Jamie’s knees shook and he nearly lost the ability to stand.
   “Come on, mam canna see ye from o’re here.”
   “…he’s a runt. Tell your Uncle Homer you’ve got a pig you’ll sell for six dollars, and see what he says…” He heard Claire say in mock deep voice causing the little girl on her lap to laugh.
    “It was soon—”
    “Claire.” Jamie interrupted her narration. Stopping abruptly, Claire spun around and saw what had to be a ghost. The love of her life was standing not two feet from her, clutching the hand of a child that looked like her.
    “Mo nighean donn, yer here. Ye are alright!”
    Tears streamed down Claire’s face at once.
    “Mamma,” the little red head said patting her mother’s face, “finish stowy please. Mamma?”
   The little girl looked to where her mother was staring and her little face lit up with joy.
   “FAITH!!” The red head flew off her mother’s lap and into her sister’s embrace.
   “Hi Bree! I brought da to see ye, just like I promised.”
   Bree looked up at the tall, funnily dressed man before her.
   “You have the same color hair as me! Mamma look! He looks like me!”
    If Claire wasn’t already sitting down she would have fallen to the ground. Her family was there, together. How? How were they with Bree and herself?
    “Mam, I’ve missed ye!” Faith squealed as she launched herself onto her mother’s lap.
    A warmth and solid little body that should not be sat on Claire’s lap causing the memories of first losing Faith flood to the surface. Her hands wrapped around the child and she rocked back and forth clutching her first born angel to her chest.
    “I never stopped loving you.” Claire whispered, not only to Jamie, but to Faith as well.
    Jamie smiled and picked up Bree.
   “I know mo nighean donn. I know. I have never stopped lovin’ ye either. I dinna want to wake up and lose this moment.”
    “I don’t either.”
    Jamie walked over to Claire and Faith and sat down next to them on the floor resting his head on Claire’s knee.
    “God! Ye’re real! I miss ye so much, Sorcha. I wish ye were with me.”
    “Mam is always wi’ ye da! Just like I am, Unca Murtagh, grandda, grandma, Unca Willie and Unca Robbie. We’re alway wi’ ye. Ye may not see us but we are wi’ ye.”
    Claire could feel the tears running down Jamie’s face as they splashed against her knee. Removing one hand from Faith she gently stroked Jamie’s hair.
    “Please don’t leave me.”
    “I canna ever leave ye, Sorcha. Ye have this bonnie lass to hold on to, that is of me.”
Moving into a kneel, Jamie reached out and brought Claire’s face to his and reverently kissed her lips.
    Pulling away Jamie fully broke down and pulled Claire and Faith to the floor and into his arms with Brianna.
    “If I die tomorrow, I’ll have this moment to look back on and I’ll never forget the completeness of having my entire family wi’ me. I love ye Claire more than anything and I thank you for taking such good care of my daughter— “Brianna.”
    “Her name is Brianna Ellen Fraser. Unfortunately right now she has to go by Randall, but please know you are her father and always will be.”
    “Ye are sayin it wrong, Sassenach. It’s not Brianna, it’s Brrreeahna.” His Scottish burr rolled out Bree’s name in a way only he could. Bree tightened her grip on her father and started to nod off.
    “Da, it’s time to go.”
    “No, Faith please. Let us just stay here wi’ yer mam and sister.”
   Shaking her small head and tears forming in her own eyes, “Ye ken that’s no how it works. When ye fall asleep again I’ll bring ye back to them. Every night if I can I’ll bring ye back to them I will.”
    Claire’s never ending tears doubled at the prospect of losing her husband and daughter again.
    “Please, please no. I need you. I can’t do this without you!”
     “Shhh, shhh. Claire, it’ll be alright. I’ll see you soon, mo nighean donn.” He kissed her forehead, disentangled a slumbering Bree from his chest, handing her back to her mother. Faith was clinging to her mother’s leg and smiling.
    “I love ye, mam. I’m always watching over ye.”
    With those parting words, Faith took her father’s hand and pulled him back through the glowing door; leaving Claire and Bree a heap on the floor, Claire crying and clutching Bree with everything in her. Looking back Jamie sighed.
    “Ye’ll see them again, da.”
    Jamie woke to the sound of birds and rustling near his cave entrance. Tears stung his eyes when Fergus walked into the mouth of the cave with a loaf of bread and flask of whiskey.

    Murtagh stood beside his long lost love and best friend looking down on the grief stricken boy they each called a son. Faith lay beside them looking down over the clouds. To her right her mother and sister cuddling each other deep in sleep, and to the left her father awake, speaking with her adoptive brother. For her everything was still not right, but she knew in time she would reunite them forever and not just in their dreams.

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