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Her Or Me

Request Prompt: Is this where we send request? Sorry I’m not really sure how to send this stuff(New) could you do an actual Chandler Riggs X Reader where Brianna gets jealous of the friendship only to have Chandler pick you over her because of her over reacting? Or something like that? (Sorry if I did this wrong in kinda not sure what to do, clueless)- Anon

Pairing: Chandler Riggs x Reader

Warning: Fluff

“Chandler right foot blue.”, I laughed as he twisted his body to set his foot on the blue circle.

Chan had called me and asked if I could come over to play games with him. But of course Brianna was there and she hates my guts.

“Briana left hand green.”, I said after spinning the wheel again.

She struggled to place her hand down but when she moved the two of them came tumbling down. I fell on my back holding my stomach as I laughed at the couple bickering about who caused the fall.

“Way to go Bri.”, Chandler said.

“No it was your fault. You moved.”, she countered.

“Briana it was totally your fault.”, I added and Chandler nodded.

“Thank you Y/N.”, he said and she scoffed.

“Thank you Y/N.”, she mocked him and I cleared my throat.

“Alright what’s next guys?”, I asked and Chandler shrugged.

“I don’t know. Connect 4 I guess.”, he suggested and I nodded.

“I want to be point keeper.”, Briana said and I shrugged.

“Sure go for it. Point keepers switch up anyway.”, I told her before setting up the game.

I must admit he’s good at this game. Between us he’s got 5 wins and I have 5 losses. Were almost done with the last game and I accidentally placed my chip in the wrong spot. I just helped him win.

“Damn.”, I mumbled and Chan looked at me.

He chuckled before placing his chip to the far right leaving the open space I had for me to win. I slid my chip in the space and threw my hands up as I finally win one.

“No point. Chandler let you win.”, Briana commented.

“Give her the point. She won fair and square.”, he told her and she frowned.

“But you let her win. That’s not fair”, She said and he nodded.

“She still won so 5 losses and 1 win.”, he smiled and I did a victory dance.

Brianna scoffed and put a point on my side of the board.

“I don’t want to be point keeper anymore. I want to play.”, she pouted.

“Alright I’ll be point keeper now.”, Chan stated grabbing the board.

The games against Brianna weren’t hard at all. She lost all of them and I was happy.

“Great way to make a comeback!”, j cheered waving my arms.

My hand hit my cup of sprite and it toppled over all over Chan’s shirt. I gasped and quickly went to grab a towel and helped get the soda off of him.

“Chan I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it!”, I shouted and he chuckled.

“Its alright Y/N. Its cool.”, he said.

“No its not cool.”, Brianna stated.

“You told me that was one of your favorite shirts. And this bitch just went an ruined it!”, she snapped.

“Brianna cut it out.”, Chan warned.

“I’m sorry.”, I mumbled feeling terrible.

After helping him dry off I stood up and grabbed my bag.

“I’m just gonna go home now.”, I said and Brianna’s frown turned to a smirk.

“You don’t have to leave Y/N.”, Chandler sighed.

“If she leaves we can finally be together.”, Brianna scoffed.

“Brianna you leave.”, Chandler stated with a frown.

“What?!”, she shouted.

“Leave. You’ve been like this the entire time she’s been here. And you made her feel bad for an accident.”, he snapped.


“This is my last time saying this. Leave.”, he warned and she turned to leave.

She bumped me as she walked out and he ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m really sorry about her.”, he said and I nodded.

“It’s okay. Sorry about your favorite shirt.”, I frowned .

“Its only one of them. No big deal.”, he chuckled.

“Come here.”, he whispered and wrapped his arms around me.

“Its okay. Seriously. You don’t have to worry about her.”, he said and I smiled.

“Thank you.”

what-the-fel  asked:

1, 3, 8, and 19 for the OC creation ask meme? ❤️❤️

You didn’t specify a muse, so I did a bunch XD

1 What was the first element of your OC that you remember considering (name, appearance, backstory, etc.)?

Briyanna was never meant to RP, or have backstory, etc. I created her purely because some friends asked me to make a healer.
So, her first consideration was her name (Brianna, but it was taken. I had a funky a character until it was reported, so I had to add the y. Briyanna was born).

Tshion was created as a kind of AU “Tseng” from Final Fantasy 7. His first element was his backstory, which entwined with his betrothed (Aurelian, an AU “Rufus”). When said betrothed was deleted after a falling out with her player, Tshion changed completely. Once again, his backstory was his first element.

Name here. I made her as a joke using my own name. It wasn’t taken (on FEATHERMOON no less!), and … it kinda stuck. Her full name, however, is Gerilynn.

Backstory. She is the daughter of Briyanna and Elesen Lakirr, and was the result of a rather wild tryst during the Lunar Festival.

Da'arin is kind of a cheat.. since he is an OC of mine from MANY years ago and has nothing whatsoever to do with any game/verse other than one in my own head that I may never write, becasue I’m terrified of it.
I did have to come up with a good reason for him to be on Azeroth, though.

Story. This poor thing has been through some shit, and he and his sister are all the other has. I mean. They’ve sacrificed everything (but each other). What have YOU given?

3 How did you choose their name?

Briyanna is a derivitive of Brianna, who is an OC of mine from many years ago, in a story that I may never finish.

An alternate pronunciation of “Tseng” - pronounced “Shion” or “Sung” or “Tshung”. I went with Tshion.

…. It’s my name. I plugged it in as a joke. It took. *shrug*

Joint effort between Elesen’s player and mine, as we went back and forth with different names until this one stuck to us both.

Based on an OC of mine as stated above… again, with a story that may never be written.

I clicked “random” until Landoral came up, then I changed it to Landoriel .. then gave it the ’ for inflection.

8 What (if anything) do you relate to within their character/story?

Have you ever been so deeply in love, only to have that stripped from you, be strung along and dangled with bait?
Yeah. We share that.
Briyanna found a happy ending.
I moved on, and found someone better than the dick who strung me along.

At the end of the Third War, Tshion had lost everything - home, family, everything but what he carried.
I, too, have lost everything. I regained it, and so did he - in different ways, but still.

Uhm… We have our name in common? She’s NOTHING like I am… the only thing I can relate to her is that her family doesn’t understand her and drives her NUTS.

We both have a strong will. Don’t tell us we can’t do something. We’ll turn around and tell you we can.
…. also, we both might have a serious crush on Medivh.

We’re both a bit cynical, have sarcastic humor, and both of us think Khadgar’s an idiot at times.

When it comes down to it, we will do ANYTHING for our sister(s).

19 What is your favorite fact about your OC?

Despite all she has gone through, she keeps going. She doesn’t give up easily, and is very stubborn.

He defies all the odds for the man he loves, and will stomp anyone who tries to tell him it’s wrong.

Does her own thing. Doesn’t give a flying fuck what others think.

Is an anomaly. Loves books. Drools over a man three times her age, and doesn’t care what others think.

Was born a warrior, died, became a mage. Talk about selective amnesia.
Live Da'arin? He was the mage ‘half’ when his soul split. If/when he dies, he’ll wind up a Forsaken warrior.
The irony kills me XD

Tries to enjoy life, no matter what he and his sister have been through. Wants his life to mean something, and goes SEEKING that meaning.

Reunion special

Little one shot thing because I believe people change :)


11 years, 5 months since I left college.

7 years, 2 months since I graduated uni.

6 years, 8 months since I married my best friend.

4 years, 7 months since the birth of brianna.

2 years, 1 month since Patrick joined his sister.

1 year, 3 months since my first book was published.

4 months since we moved back to Stamford.

3 weeks since I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child.

2 days since we finalised the papers to our new home.

But only 1 minute since my heart nearly stopped when Stacey Stringfellow started walking towards me.

My palms started to shake as I held onto Patrick’s hand that fraction tighter, why was I Stupid enough to think that after all these years Stacey wouldn’t still be here. She still looked the same, pretty and thin. The aura of her presence still screamed bitch at me but that smile she had slammed across her face looked pleasant maybe even comforting. I looked for the fastest escape route but that was blocked of by some old codger with a wheelbarrow. Typical Stamford. I looked to find my husband still ordering our food inside the chippy being distracted by Brianna who is showing him her ballet moves. I am desperate for him to notice me but I lost all hope as I noticed Stacey was now standing a few feet away rooted in the one spot giving me a confusing look.

“Rae… Rae earl?” She questioned me.

“Stacey” yes I may of said that a bit bluntly, but I wasn’t going to act like this girl was my best friend when she made me college years a living hell.

“H-how are y-you? Who’s this little fella?” Is she nervous! Did he just stutter her words to me?

“I’ve been good.” Yup still blunt. “This is my son Patrick” this time I managed a smile as I looked down at my little boy kicking around a loose stone.

“Are you living back in Stamford again?” What’s with all the daft questions. This women never had the time of day for me now she is trying to strike a conversation with me. Sigh. Be nice Rachel.

“Yeah we moved back few months back, being a writer it’s easy to pack up an move… What about you?” Ok, that wasn’t to bad. I wonder if she noticed my eye roll.

“Moved back about 8 years ago actually. I’m actually a hairdresser down at clippers hair dressing studio and Simmy manages the local sports shop” I couldn’t help but gasp at that reply. What did she just say…

“Simmy? Simmy-Simmy? You married him? Well that doesn’t surprise me, you guys acted so much ALIKE” this time I defiantly know she saw the eye roll because the smile faded and her eyes hit the floor. Maybe I was being to harsh.

“Look Rae… I know nothing I can say now will replace my actions when I was 17 but I want to apologise. I was a cow, I acted awful to you and I just want you to know that I’m sorry. I’m not the person I was before, since having my son braylen I really had a change of heart. For his sake and mine, even Simmy has changed. We understand what we did was wrong and if there is anyway we could make it up to you, we would be happy to do so…” I tried to close my mouth before I caught flies but I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

“Stacey… I-I… I’m sorry did you just say sorry” she just nodded in reply to me. I felt the disbelief wash over my body.

“I forgive you… Wow… Did I really just say that? YES! Yes I did.. Stacey I forgive you. It is over a decade later and I’m glad your still not a cow” I couldn’t help but laugh at my own words.

“Thanks Rae, even though I don’t deserve it”

“Everyone deserves a second chance Stacey. I’m just glad you’ve got the courage to say it. Means a lot, honestly”

Her arms were now around me. Her fucking perfect hair slapped my face but I didn’t care because Stacey Stringfellow was actually hugging me NICELY. I actually embraced her back for a few seconds before I heard the chippy doorbell chime.

“What going on?” The strong voice of my husband echoed a bit louder then he intended, but I think he was in just as much shock as I was.

“Finn..” Her voice was high as she let me go and caught the eye of my confused husband who was holding our daughter and the food.

“Stacey…” He shifted his body towards me me and continued. “Babe what’s going on?” All I could to was giggle, if a strong enough breeze gushed through he would be knocked on his arse.

“Stacey and I were just having a catch up love” his blank face didn’t change.

“Look I really need to head off but if your willing to catch up more you can pop over to the salon I’m there most days. I’d love to see you again and Rae I truly am sorry” and with that she continued her journey down the street but not before turning and waving goodbye. My state of stock was slowly seeping away.

“What the fuck was that” Finn whispered in my ear and all I could do was laugh.

“Oh finny… Never mind. Now are we going to head to the park for lunch or not” I said as I pushed him in the direction of the park trying to uproot his feet that seem to be stubborn. “Come on this pregnant mummy needs food”.

“Yeah daddy I’m hungry to” brianna always knew when to speak at the right time.

“Ok, ok we’re going but you girl are going to tell me what all that was about tonight aye” oh his devilish smile still got me hot under the collar, I didn’t plan on explaining anything to him unless it was the details of his body. Then maybe I might tell him but until then I liked this frazzled Finn of mine.

I smiled walking to the park rethinking mine and Stacey’s conversation. Looking a the tips of my hair I decided that I was in a desperate need for a haircut.


Thank you, hoped you like this short fic :)

celestev31 tinakegg i-dream-of-emus

French Kiss


~~Justin’s POV.~~

“And when I french kiss,Im suckin on that bottom lip,that bottom lip!in suckin on that bottom lip,that bottom lip.”.

I was in the shower while my speakers were blasting French Kiss by Trey Songz. I’ve been missing Brianna so much.

She’s been at work all week and we haven’t had time for us.I wanted her so bad.Just thinking of her body made me hard.

The song and the thoughts made me horny and now I have a boner.I look down and sigh.

I place my head on the glass shower door.I didn’t feel like jerking off for the tenth time this week.

“Need help with that?” I heard from behind me.

I look up and Brianna was standing there naked,making me harder,if it was even possible.She slowly walked closer to me.

“Do you?” she asked.

“Y-yes.” I stuttered as she touched my shaft with her fingertips.

She goes down on her knees and starts to rub my shaft teasingly.She opens her mouth and puts it in.

“Ugh..fuck.” I moan out at the contact.

She massages my tip with her tongue as she starts to bob her head up and down at a perfect pace.She puts as much as she can fit and jerks the rest off.

“Mhmm.” I moan as I close my eyes.

She grabs hold of my thighs and she sucks on my cock without hands.I start feeling my balls pull back as they tense.

“I-I’m gonna c-cum!” I say and I shoot my load down her throat as she swallows it.

I pull her up by her arm and push her against the bath wall.I kiss her hard and pull her body close to mine.

I let my hand wander down to her sex and i feel in between her folds.

“Mmm so wet..” I say.

I pull her up and make her wrap her legs around my waist.I pull away from the kiss and kiss down her neck making her moan.

“Fuck me,baby.” She whispered aroused.

I slid into her hard and fast,without warning.I moaned as I felt her tight pussy around my hard cock.

“Ugh fuck,tell everyone whose fucking you this good!” I yell as I pound into her hard and fast.

“Ugh fuck,dadyyy!” she screams.

“Yea,scream my fucking name,bitch.” I say as My orgasm starts building up.

“JUSTINNNNN!” she screams as she cums on my dick,making me cum right after deep inside her.

I put her down as we breathe heavily.

“That was so fucking good.” she says and kisses me.

“Round two in the room?” I say as I turn the water off.

“Fuck yea.” she says and grabs my hand as we walk to the room.


Hope u enjoyed!