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some pics of really cool cosplayers i saw at Sakura Con! i wish i would’ve remembered to take more pictures! everyone was so friendly and it was such a great experience

if you see yourself please let me know and i’ll tag you in this post!!

Chuuya and Dazai: @imverynotfunny and @osamuu-san !


“I love it,” You gushed, looking at yourself in the mirror, then giving Briana a mischievous grin. Today was Halloween, and you were expected at Jensen’s apartment for his annual party. Most of the Supernatural cast and crew would be there, including you and Brianna. “This is the perfect costume.”

“Jensen’s gonna freak,” She giggled, looking you up and down. 

“For the last time, Briana, I didn’t pick this for Jensen,” You sighed, then rolled your eyes. “I just really like it.”

“Uh-huh,” She laughed, then fluffed your hair up a bit. “Come on, let’s go. We can’t keep lover-boy waiting.”

“Will you stop?”


When you arrived to the party, it was already in full swing and the first thing you spotted was Jared talking with Misha and Mark, giving them a full body laugh. You could tell he already had a few drinks in him.

As you kept walking with Briana, you caught his eye and he immediately stopped sipping at his drink as he was sitting on one of his barstools. It almost looked like he choked on what he was drinking, which caused you to giggle. He was dressed clad in a early 1900′s get up with suspenders and a nice button up, with simple khaki pants and vintage shoes. His hair was slicked back and he had an unlit cigarette behind his ear. You cocked your head to the side as you walked over to him and gave him a grin.

“And who are you supposed to be, Ackles?”

He rolled his eyes, then almost pouted, “You’re like the twentieth person to ask me that. I’m freaking Jack Dawson for crying out loud.”

“Oh my gosh, that’s so cute,” You giggled and laid a hand on his shoulder. “I wish I had known. I could have been your Rose.”

“Titanic is a classic,” He mumbled, then took another sip of his drink. “And you, m’lady, are gorgeous. Love the Zelda costume.”

There were a few moments of silence where you just kept looking at him and he was slowly grinding his top row of teeth on his bottom lip in the sexiest way. You took a deep breath as he handed a drink to you.

“Did you pick that costume for me?” He gave you a knowing smile. “You know I’m a closet Zelda freak.”

You decided to say ‘fuck it’. It had been months since you had been eyeing Jensen and you knew he had a thing for you, too. The both of you were too stupid to do anything about it, but enough was enough. It was time.

So you leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “I chose it exactly for you, Jensen.”

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The Wedding Dress

Title: The Wedding Dress

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Gen, Brianna and Kim

Word Count: 526 - sorry :(

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Ash and Jill’s Birthday Challenge ( @eyes-of-a-disney-princess and @sis-tafics ). My prompt was “The one with all the wedding dresses”. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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LINDSAY AND HALSTEAD IN EVERY EPISODE || Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb (3x17)

The thing is firefights never scared me. It was coming home. And having to look into the faces of the wives and the families of the guys that didn’t make it back. 

Brianna. Ye say it wrong, Sassenach. It’s Breeanah.

Always that f a c e, long-nosed and wide-mouthed, with those high, broad, flat Viking cheekbones and slanted eyes - a finer-boned, more delicate version of her father’s.