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spreading the love ❤️💜💙💚💛

Misha and the whole cast of SPN inspired me to do this. There is too much hate in this world so I want to spread a little bit of love.

I just want to tag some of you who I’ve connected with on here. Even if we just said hi to each other. I would tag everyone of my followers and people I follow because you’re all awesome but then I’d probably have about a thousand. So here a few amazing blogs:

@beautiful-bees- Dani I love you @justrandomspnstuff- Lindsay you’re the sweetest @spnjohnlocked @celestialrebel @castielinparadise @perfmishka @conquestcastiel @justanearth-boundmisfit @royalrowena @mishasfreckledkitten @zeeimpalaangel- love you- I love seeing you on my activity feed- you’re so sweet- @deservetobesaved @chibi-lie- thanks for showing my blog so much love @saviordean @weallneedcastiel @rosewhipped22- I don’t think we talked much but I think you are amazing @weathergirl83 @spnjohnlocked @haven3333- I love that you have so much Misha content @castiel-junkie @acewinchesters- you just make me happy even though we haven’t talked much @euclase- your art is phenomenal @elizabethrobertajones- I love your positivity and metas @inacatastrophicmind- you always have amazing content @mishasminions @elicedraws- aaaah, you are just the sweetest and your art is so adorable @sketchydean- I love your comics @unfortunatecas @unicornmish @yourfavoritedirector- your blog is awesome- I love everything you post

OMG I got carried away. I’m just inspired by each and every one of you. Always know that you are not alone.
Lean on Me
This is my love song to all my followers and blogs that I admire from afar.

 You don’t have to watch the video. I just love to sing. <3

I decided I would like to share some blogs I admire for different reasons:

@beautiful-bees Hi Dani! Thanks for being a great friend. You are one special bee who always brightens my day. <3

@justrandomspnstuff Hi Lindsay! I always enjoy talking to you. You are so sweet and an amazing writer. <3

@spnjohnlocked Hi Linda! I have really enjoyed our talks. We have shared the pain from the Sherlock fandom and now we have bonded over the SPN fandom. And thanks for listening to all my problems and giving great advice. You are such a beautiful soul. <3

@sunshine-hunters  Hi Dani! I love how we bonded over Misha. Maybe one day I can visit you in Argentina or you can visit me in CA. You are so sweet. <3

@destiel-is-cockles-fault Hi! You were one of the very first blogs I followed. You have such an amazing blog. Thank you for being one of the first to introduce me to the SPN fandom. <3

Now I want to thank all my followers from the SPN fandom. Thank you for showing my blog love this past year I’ve been part of the SPN family.

@casistooadorableandithurts @castielinparadise @compulsive-baker @casbeliever @casismybestfriend @castiel-angel-of-plaid @fangirlingtodeath513 @iwantsomepie @justanearth-boundmisfit @lies-unfurl @marie-kory-grayson @not-natural-moose-and-squirrel @rosewhipped22 @wayward-warrior-universe @weathergirl83 @englishlitgirl @wehatemisha @gneisscastiel @chevroletcastiel @stuckinfangirllife @cornerbackcastiel @demonicangelwingz @imabbythoma @ialwayscomewhenyoucall @helianthus21 @confusedcherub @magnificent-winged-beast @castieljunkie @timelordcastiel @mile9213 @hooker-legs @trrickkster @blissfulmish @castiel-saved-me-from-myself @castielsmissingwings @wheres-cas @sprinklesofspn @haven3333 @krista-ph @beefcakemish @burnshades @magicalmess93 @woahthisguy @celestialhalos @monkeymish @punkascas @aini-nufire @herebutoutoftouch @idontunderstandthatrefrence @monarchmish @angelic-novak @starsinursa @averagetaynara @calistiel @frecklesandfeathers @jimminovak @castiel-the-thursday-angel @whenfireanddarknesscollide @impalaofgrace @boxofpaperclips-blog @assbuttboyfriends @mybabcas @destielmixtape @idjitlovespie @endy-ships-it @prayforjensen @honeybee-and-batman @lovemesomepie-andcake @strengthcas @geekasaurusrexy @mydc2013 @spellboundcastiel @wanderingcas @casownsmyass @acewinchesters @castielsmoon @the-moose-that-ships-destiel @angelicdeancas @pansexualangel @he-is-lightning-in-a-bottle @celestial-sourwolf @theeternalthursdayafternoon @flannel-loves-trenchcoat @imamoosed @violinmyhead

You’re all amazing. <3

This next part may apply to some of you because I know there are multi-fandom blogs. It’s about Sherlock so don’t read it if it bothers you. It also may be a trigger because of the major queer-baiting from Mofftiss. :/ Sorry, I just wanted to include it because I still have followers from the Sherlock fandom.

*To my followers from the Sherlock fandom. Thank you for being optimistic and loyal to the fandom. I had to leave. I couldn’t handle the pain. I still can’t. :( Thank you for still following me. I especially want to thank @yorkiepug @inevitably-johnlocked and @sussexbound-main. You have reached out to me several times in the past. I know I’m forgetting so many more of you. Sorry for that. I may contact you in the future. Thank you for being there for me through the pain of s4. Maybe one day I’ll join the fandom again. I don’t care what anyone says. JOHNLOCK IS CANON.

Tigers Jaw - Hum - 7"
(Aqua/Blue /1500)

Brianna Decker is a class act, you guys. If any of my followers remember, I posted on this blog late last month of my daughter Daria receiving a game-worn Brianna Decker Boston Pride jersey for Christmas. I finally got around to framing it and posted a photo on Twitter of her posing with it while wearing her Decker shirsey (hashtagged ‘shirseywiththejersey’ hehe) and tagged Brianna. She initiated the above conversation and long story short, we sent the jersey along with a handwritten letter and a photo of Daria with said jersey and it’s currently on its way back home. 😊

Support women’s hockey, guys. These ladies deserve just as much love as their NHL counterparts, if not more so because of their groundbreaking achievements as ambassadors of a disregarded demographic. When they give back to us, we should be giving back to them tenfold. Our support boosts them, encourages them to play their best, and shows them they’re reaching their goal of bringing legitimacy to a women’s professional sport. I hope that if we as fans continue to raise them up and get the world to take notice, my daughter someday might be able to enjoy the same prestige as any other male hockey player around the globe.

(Sorry for the rant, this is a cause near and dear to my heart as I continue to raise my little lady hockey player.)

Need more Castiel and Misha blogs <3

So, I’m following many Cas and Misha blogs that are amazing. But I want to discover new Cas and Misha blogs. I’m just so sensitive when it comes to Cas and Misha.

So if you meet any of the criteria I’ll check out your blog:

1) If you are Cas positive

2) Include Cas in tfw

3) Want to wrap Cas in blankets and give him all the hugs <3

4) Ship destiel 

Misha positive:

Agree with any of these statements: want to hug him, think he’s an actual angel, think his smile is pure sunshine, just think he’s an amazing person

I’m trying to give Cas and Misha more love- I guess you could say I’m a bitter Cas girl. I’ll probably lose followers but that’s ok. I may actually take a break from the fandom. I’m just so sad about the S12 finale. I haven’t re-watched it and probably won’t. It literally hurts my heart. I’m just a HSP. But if I’m already following you and you already are Cas positive and Misha positive or you ship cockles, are a Sam or Dean girl, or have any other fave, or are super positive about s13 etc. I’m not going to unfollow you. I’m kind of all over the place with how I feel right now.

Sending love to all of you in all the fandoms. Geez, I’m such an emotional mess. I send out all this love but I really struggle to love myself



HOW I GOT HERE: Hello From The Other Side

Hi I’m Mia and this is my #Outlander story.

It might be a little late in the game to start this blog but I needed an outlet to let all my #Outlander feels out. Hope this space inspires to love the show, the cast, and the story even more!

Originally posted by anahunterspn

Would love to get to know some of the fans as well so the ask box is always open :) 

First posts on my blogs usually begin with why I created it and how I’ve come to love the people/stuff the blog is for so let me share a bit of how I’ve trampled upon #Outlander: 

I watch a lot of TV shows, it’s kind of an annual regimen for me. I usually go check on tv sites for the latest and to be really honest, I didn’t even check on #Outlander because I’m not much of a fan of historical TV shows previously like it (Vikings, etc) so I didn’t pay much attention to #Outlander when it was beginning. 

I had no idea who Sam Heughan was or who Caitriona Balfe was and knew a little later that it was based from a popular book series (which I regret because I’m an avid book reader). 

So then weeks pass by and there’s this big buzz and hype around and about 1x07 episode (you know which one I am talking about) and it got me really curious about the show because everyone just can’t stop talking about how much they are looking forward to it. So I binge watched the first six episodes the of the “The Wedding” episode so I would know the context of it all. 

So thank you to fans who won’t stop talking about this show because it got me hooked. Honestly, episode 1 had enough juices to keep me coming back for more. 

The cinematography of the show is beyond fantastic. Add the gorgeous cast, it makes a girl dream of the 1700s and Scotland. 

Season 1, I followed the episode weekly after the wedding episode and I just loved, loved, loved it. Sometimes I can’t believe just how great this show is and that more people should know about it. Thank God I found it just in time between the long break of the Season 1 continuation.

Going to Season 2, the episode I was pretty warned about was 2x07 (Faith) and just how heartbreaking it will be. After watching 2x01, I honestly felt the shift in the show everybody was feeling where the story becomes more serious and dark in someway. That plus the fact that I can’t get see my bbys get hurt, I completely skipped the first half of season and the first episode I watched in this season was when they went back to Lallybroch after Faith. I anticipated the arrival of Brianna so much in the finale, I watched it almost everyday during my commute going to work. 

And then we had this loooooong #Droughtlander. At this point, I still wasn’t taking active participation in the fandom, not followed that many tags or people, not even read any fan fiction, like I was going through the drought just be watching the past 2 seasons on repeat. 

In the middle of the drought, one saturday evening, I decided that I had enough courage to go back and watch the first half of season 2 and it was above and beyond whatever love and heartbreak I imagined it will bring. I regret not watching it in the first round. It was just all beautiful. Paris, the deception, the marital problems, FERGUS and of course, Faith. Season 2 had the best couture in all television. Cait was just so beautiful in all the clothes. 

So then, Comicon and Season 3 premiere loomed around and there is just so much content all of a sudden, it’s overwhelming and I was loving it. Season 3 premiered and I literally set an alarm on my phone when I will watch it and prepared special food and it did not elfin’ disappoint. Season 3 so far, has been really awesome. 

And just last week, I decided to read the book series. The reason I wanted to read it was to get a more in-depth understanding as to how the characters really felt or what they really thought in a particular episode. From Outlander, I really wanted to know why Claire picked Jamie over Frank. So far, I skipped Dragonfly in Amber, went straight to Voyager along with the episodes, then just this weekend, I went to Drums of Autumn and finished it in 3 days. So far, DOA is my favorite book. So now, I am going back to DIA and hopefully get more insight in their time in Paris and during the Battle of Culloden. 

Now, I am just obsessed with both the TV series and the book. It seems like I can’t get enough. :) My Tumblr and Pinterest books are just full and overflowed with all things Outlander. It’s on my #Twitter profile as well. I am just in love with this series and I think I’m going to love it forever. I think I’ll take a more “active” participation in this fandom now, so far it’s the most LIT I’ve been on. 

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Worst Case Of Child Abuse Leading To Murder In US 
Baby Brianna

In September 2016, Stephanie Lopez could be released. Lopez played her part in the horrific child abuse that lead to the death of 5 month old Brianna in 2002. The case was dubbed the worst in US history.

On July the 19th 2002, in New Mexico, America, after only 5 short months of life baby Brianna died after long periods of abuse. Brianna was slapped, punched, pinched, verbally and physically tormented, kicked, chucked up to the ceiling and watched as she fell, raped and sodomised. Shockingly enough when the baby cried Stephanie would stuff her mouth with clothes. Autopsy revealed she had, bleeding on the brain, broken legs, arms, fingers and legs as well as lacerations to her vagina and anus.

Most of the sexual and physical abuse was from Brianna’s father Andy Walters and her uncle Stephan Lopez, but Stephanie played her part and also watched on. Awfully other relatives knew of the abuse but failed to report it.

The sad thing about this case, is no member of the family claimed the body. Local people did and gave the girl a burial and funeral. But when the family did find out they caged the site so no one else could lay flowers.

anonymous asked:

Hi, Brianna! Love your blog and you seem to be a really interesting person! So, I wanna know your idea about one thing - do you think that reverse racism is real?

Hey hey! Oh thank you, that’s kind of you to say 💖

No, it’s not. Reverse racism doesn’t exist.

Racism only exists because of the systematic oppression of people based on their skin colour. White people have never been oppressed because of their skin colour, they haven’t ever applied for a job and had their application thrown away bc their name sounds “too black”, they haven’t ever had to fear for their lives when walking down the street because they know that the colour of their skin puts them at risk, they haven’t ever had to fight for their basic human rights that weren’t afforded to them bc the colour of their skin had them viewed as less than human in the eyes of the law. Reverse racism doesn’t exist. Racism is systematic oppression.

And of course, PoC may have a distrust or dislike of white people, but that’s not reverse racism. That’s a direct result of actual racism - White People have treated PoC badly en masse for hundreds of years, and it’s something that is ongoing today. You may not all be racist, of course you’re not, but it’s enough of a problem that sometimes PoC worry that you might be, and put a guard up in order to protect themselves. This isn’t racism - you are not being oppressed here in this scenario, it’s prejudicial yes, but racism requires oppression.

I think a lot of the time on here, what people refer to as reverse racism, is actually xenophobia. Which is something entirely separate from race, it’s not to do with the colour of your skin, it’s to do with where you’re from. And living in Europe, xenophobia is almost a bigger issue than racism. Or at least it was until the crisis in the Middle East reached boiling point and so now apparently every brown person is a terrorist.

Anyway, Xenophobia. In Europe, you can be white and have your job application thrown away because of the way your name sounds. It’s not because your name “sounds white” though - it’s because your name sounds Eastern European. Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Czech nationals have an especially rough time of it in Europe, and they’re mostly white. They have their property destroyed, they have their homes and businesses broken into or vandalised or robbed. They get attacked, beaten up, killed. Since the Brexit vote, xenophobic hate crime in the U.K. has increased by 100% in some locations. I’ve witnessed first hand the abuse that people from that part of the world get in this country. They are stereotyped by police forces across the west of the continent, in the U.K. there’s a real attitude that they bring trouble and drugs into the country. And it’s absolutely nothing to do with their race, but the way in which they are viewed and treated, shares a lot of similarities with the way racism displays itself in America.

And I think that’s where the idea of “Reverse Racism” comes from. People don’t talk enough about Xenophobia, or maybe they don’t know enough about it, and it’s quicker to just call it racism because it so closely mirrors it. But they’re different forms of oppression that stem from different things, and they’re both awful, and they both really shouldn’t be happening in 2017. But they’re different and should be treated as such.

ALRIGHT so i finally finished going through all the applications and have made a master list of the CURRENT members for all who applied thus far, now this list is veeeery long so it will be under a read more, now you do not have to follow everyone back, but please do take the time to follow SOME new people from your fellow network (maybe those with similar interests or a url that catches your eye) 

**applications will close on 6/19/15, and this list will be updated then!**

so welcome my friends! it is finally time to get this wonderful network underway! you may now post to the network tag #thepandom, and your content will be reblogged to the network blog 

here are some things you may do now that the network has officially started

  • make an introduction post and post it to the #tag (you could include stuff about yourself, what music you like, your social links, anything you want)
  • support other members content (browse the tag and spread some love with some likes/reblogs
  • follow fellow members
  • interact with your squad (you could host a tinychat, play so cards against humanity, whatever you want, just post it to the tag and ask your fellow members to join you) also here are some links to what may be fun for you to try out: tinychat (video chat, watch videos, and regular type chat) cards against humanity online, rabbit (watch netflix & youtube with others + there’s video chat and regular chat) chatstep (create a chatroom with no signup for up to 50 people)
  • post to the network tag (selfies, text posts, art, whatever really)



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