This is my Mom in 1977. A couple of years before I came around. But she looks cool in this shot. She’s in my heart a lot today because about 3 years ago, she got sick. And a year ago today, we lost her.

She was such a wonderful lady. Angelic in her purity. Not a bad bone in her body. Any sweetness that I possess most surely comes from her. Not to mention my creative self. My empathy that guides me with acting. My ability to carry a tune. All these things come directly from her. I tried to thank her for all of that before she left us. Hopefully she understood. It’s easy to feel like I came up short. Like nothing I expressed could possibly have been enough to thank her.

Mostly, I just miss her. She left us way too soon. The good ones seem to have a knack for that.

But thanks for reading and for being in touch tumblr pals! Makes all the difference sometimes.