Wounded world,
Are you sleeping through the pain?
Is your wakefulness consumed by wincing?
Do you look away from the busyness of production and ambition long enough to lick your wounds?

Wakeful world,
We can find the roots of our grief
Untangle each snare and release
Breathe peace long enough to be willing witnesses to each other’s unraveling.

Loving world,
Let us be light on the shadows of this place.
Light that illuminates
that warms
that empowers each of us to find our own loving light.

When I talk to people about Humans of Portland, there are several words that I find myself using to describe the intention behind it: authenticity, connectivity, honesty, vulnerability. These are the qualities I hope to encourage in my interactions with others. This is made possible by holding space for someone to share their story. By holding space I mean showing interest, listening without judgment, and acknowledging their experiences as real. Authentic interactions are also made possible by demonstrating my own willingness to be real, honest and vulnerable - even in front of a social media following of thousands. I have at times shared with you pieces of my own experiences, thoughts and struggles as I have carried out this project because I want you to see my own humanity as I make my way through this city we all share. I want you to see that I’m just a person who sometimes chooses to spend time talking to people, and I’ve chosen to share these bits of my journey with you. 

My real hope is that by making my process accessible to you, you will be inspired to sometimes choose to spend your own time connecting authentically with one another, holding space for each other and sharing bits of your own journey along the way. 


Hi friends, 

I’ve been taking a short break to give some love to other facets of my life, including working on my first solo exhibition, and you’re invited! 

I’m honored to have a selection of my work displayed at REDUX (811 East Burnside #110, Portland, Oregon 97214) during the months of June and July. Please stop by and say hello during the First Friday opening on June 6th from 6:00 - 9:30 pm. 

I am excited to share with you some of my personal work that, like Humans of Portland, also touches on the emotional complexities of the human experience. The work featured is a selection of some of my early explorations on themes of human emotion. In a world obsessed with perfection, I find beauty in authenticity. I’m inspired by the internal conflict between our desire to know and be known, and the fear that drives us to mask who we are. 

Prints will be available for purchase. 

More information here: