Critical Role Lockscreens
This started with my Percy Gendo shot. They make for pretty good windows lockscreens surprisingly enough. The missing two are in the notes.
It’s been a while since I created these. I had a very large list of these to get though but at least the first 12 are done. I started a new massive long term fan art project so it might be a while before I revisit these.
Also my achievement for this was getting one on the fanart gallery. Yay! 

Two weeks back a man came to a program I was involved in and presented a question. He stated “You are all very bright, I can see that in each and every one of you. Now, what is it that makes you unhappy?” At first, I was confused and questioned his justification for telling me that I was unhappy. But then he asked more questions. 1) Why do we let unhappiness/false happiness run our lives? 2) Do we get into relationships due to mutual hate for a person, thing, or belief? 3) Do we base our friendships on the fact that they like to listen to our problems. 4) Do you use drugs and alcohol because they make you feel good? I was taken aback at first, but instead of taking these questions as an attack on me I asked myself these questions. I realized then that I wasn’t happy at all, but it was up to me to change that. I have started to use the list above to question how I feel throughout my day and what I am basing the decisions I make in my life on, and I can truly say I have noticed a change In the way I view life and I do the things I do based on happiness instead of anything below pride haha. And this isn’t some hippie-type, change-the-world type of crap. It just has really helped me, especially with dealing with benzos & bars. Even if you don’t believe in god you can still ask yourself your thoughts toward him. All it takes is a question…