Critical Role Lockscreens
This started with my Percy Gendo shot. They make for pretty good windows lockscreens surprisingly enough. The missing two are in the notes.
It’s been a while since I created these. I had a very large list of these to get though but at least the first 12 are done. I started a new massive long term fan art project so it might be a while before I revisit these.
Also my achievement for this was getting one on the fanart gallery. Yay! 

Brian Wayne Foster is a gift and we should all continue to collectively yell, “Fuck you, Brian Foster,” at panels when possible. 👌🏻
But seriously, thanks to Brian for gifting me Matt Mercer’s name tag at the Talks Machina panel. I will treasure it always, as well as the very brief chat we had. He was one of the sweetest people I have ever met and he is such a genuine and wonderful human. ❤️

A fan piece I’ve done for one of my favorite youtube shows Critical Role. They did a one shot DM’d by Marisha Ray. Incredibly funny and entertaining. If you haven’t guessed, it’s about bear’s stealing honey as a major crime caper.

Disclaimer: This is a purely fanmade piece, I have no affiliation with Critical Role or Geek and Sundry. Some of the images rendered or drawn by me utilized images sourced from the internet. No copyright infringement or plagiarism is intended.