Some Fallout 4 Voice Actors I Found/Familiar With (Updated 04/02/16)
  • Brandon Keener (Garrus Vakarian): Sully Mathis, Rufus Rubins
  • Courtenay Taylor (Jack, current voice of Ada Wong, Natayla Ivanova): Female Protagonist
  • Brian T. Delaney (Sha of Pride): Male Protagonist
  • Peter Jessop (Sovereign, Miraak, Arms Master Harlan, The Vision in Avengers: EMH): Paladin Danse
  • Matthew Yang King (Illidan’s old voice actor from WC3, Male Pandaren Player, Agent King, Sumaru): Justin Ayo
  • Paul Eiding (Varimathras from WC3, Grandpa Max from Ben 10, Father Clifford): Vault-Tec Representative, Arlen Glass
  • Matthew Mercer (Kanji Tatsumi currently, Kilrogg Deadeye, Levi): MacCready, Z1-14
  • Wes Johnson (Lucian Lachance, Mister Burke, Fawkes): Moe Cronin, Silver Shroud, Protectrons
  • Cindy Robinson (Amy Rose currently, Astrid, Labrys, Ken Amada currently): Gwen McNamara, Becky Fallon
  • Ashly Burch (Rise Kujikawa currently, Chloe Price, Tiny Tina): Tina De Lucy, Rowdy, Cricket
  • Sean Schemmel (Goku): Strong, Male Ghouls
  • Stephen Russel (Mr. Handys, Clavicus Vile, Barbas): Codsworth, Nick Valentine, Percy, Deezer, Professor Goodfeels, Old Rusty, Supervisor White, Tenpin, Wellingham, Whitechapel Charlie
  • Ron Perlman (Fallout Narrator, Slade, Hellboy): Newscaster in prologue
  • Dave Fennoy (Vol’jin, Bluebeard, Lee Everett, Jed Masterson, Gabriel Tosh): Max Loken, Malcolm Latimer
  • Tony Amendola (Khadgar): Father, Colonel Smith, Todd
  • Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman, Azura, Female Nords/Orcs in Oblivion): Magnolia
  • Kari Wahlgreen (Haruko Haruharu, Nova from SRMTHFG, Charmcaster): Proctor Ingram
  • Dwight Schultz (Dr. Animo, Mung Daal, ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock): Knight Captain Cade
  • Sumalee Montano (TFP Arcee, Saints Row 4 Female Voice #3, Shae Vizla): Rachel
  • Yuri Lowenthal (Yosuke Hanamura, Teenage Ben Tennyson, Simon, Sasuke Uchiha): Danny Sullivan
  • Jim Cummings (Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Dr. Robotnik from SaTAM, Lorewalker Cho, Darkwing Duck): The Scribe
  • Richard Tatum (Agent 9, Coyote Bongwater, Countdown): Rex Goodman, Issac Karlin, Vault-Tec Scientist
  • Colleen O’Shaughnessey (Current voice of Miles Tails Prower, Wasp/Janet van Dyne from Avengers: EMH, Sora Takenouchi): Sylvia Cooper
  • Greg Chun (Ariok, Emperor Shaohao, Koro Mistwalker, Loon Mai, Project Yi): Marowski, Vault-Tec Scientist

Lamb of God

Seeing a thousand metal heads walking around a large metal show with not only the art I did for the headliner but other bands I’ve worked for on their backs is not lost on this sentimental old man. This is what happened when I attended the Lamb of God tour as it passed through Philly. I have three shirts on this tour. Well maybe 2 and a half. Two are illustrations and the the third I laid out. The third one I find very legit mainly because it was a photo Randy took while on tour. A soldier at the Wailing Wall. Heavy. Ultimate collaboration. 

Another highlight? My good friend John Santos also has a shirt on this tour. John is a killer artist and a very good friend. I’m very lucky to be able to call him a contemporary. 

Thanks as always to Mark Morton and the Lamb of God family for the support. These are the guys who drug me kicking and screaming into being a “professional”. Make sure you go see them on tour.

Two weeks back a man came to a program I was involved in and presented a question. He stated “You are all very bright, I can see that in each and every one of you. Now, what is it that makes you unhappy?” At first, I was confused and questioned his justification for telling me that I was unhappy. But then he asked more questions. 1) Why do we let unhappiness/false happiness run our lives? 2) Do we get into relationships due to mutual hate for a person, thing, or belief? 3) Do we base our friendships on the fact that they like to listen to our problems. 4) Do you use drugs and alcohol because they make you feel good? I was taken aback at first, but instead of taking these questions as an attack on me I asked myself these questions. I realized then that I wasn’t happy at all, but it was up to me to change that. I have started to use the list above to question how I feel throughout my day and what I am basing the decisions I make in my life on, and I can truly say I have noticed a change In the way I view life and I do the things I do based on happiness instead of anything below pride haha. And this isn’t some hippie-type, change-the-world type of crap. It just has really helped me, especially with dealing with benzos & bars. Even if you don’t believe in god you can still ask yourself your thoughts toward him. All it takes is a question…


Savannah, GA's Black Tusk have confirmed a July 23 release date for their new EP entitled “Tend No Wounds” via Relapse. The EP was recorded with producer Phillip Cope (Kylesa, Baroness) at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC. Today the band has unveiled the artwork, which was created by Brian Mercer (Eyehategod, Lamb of God, Zoroaster).