The X-files, Season 11 - What we know so far

This is everything that we learnt so far, based on pictures, tweets, articles and of course the Comic Con. Very spoilery, read with caution. Also, nothing is a fact, of course, these are just what I think we know 😂


“You have to find him and you have to stop him before he releases hell on Earth,”

There is a lot of action in Season 11. “As the characters got older we’ve given them more action. They’ve become action heroes now.”

If we go back and see the cliffhanger of Season 10, we can exactly see where he set up exactly what happens in episode 1 in Season 11.

“On Scully and Mulder’s son William playing a pivotal role in these new episodes, Carter said, “We explore that father-son-mother relationship, and you’ll see more of William than you’ve seen in a long time.”

General details:

  • Episode 3 and 4 are gonna be crowd-pleasers according to Chris Carter.
  • There is a mythology episode in the middle, but really that could be called as a stand-alone episode, a monster of the week episode. (Episode 3?)
  • Chris Carter is working on episode 1 right now, he just showed it to the studio and they loved it. He saw the director cut of Episode 2 and the producer’s cut of Episode 3.
  • Piper was in charge of Easter Eggs. According to Gillian she is really good with them
  • CC doesn’t have a final end scene in mind, it always evokes.
  • Season 11 will end on a cliff-hanger according to him…
  • Gillian and David haven’t seen Episodes 7,8,9 and 10 scripts.
  • Scully still doesn’t have a desk, but she might “take over Mulder’s” 😂

For more details, like a lot more! see under the cut!

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No Posers - DCM 15

Found this in my drafts, not sure why it never published. Please note that Manztoukas is using one drum stick and a soup ladle.

New Girl Season Finale Press Release


Jess is ready to tell Nick of her true feelings for him. Meanwhile, Nick takes a meeting with a book publisher, as Aly helps Winston reconnect with an important person. Then, Cece and Schmidt receive big news in the all-new “Five Stars for Beezus” season finale episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, April 4 (8:00-8:31 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Zooey Deschanel as Jess; Jake Johnson as Nick; Max Greenfield as Schmidt; Lamorne Morris as Winston; Hannah Simone as Cece. 

Guest Cast: Nasim Pedrad as Aly, June Diane Raphael as Sadie, Brian Huskey as Merle Streep, Fred Willard as Beezus.