Brian was on stage at MCM London earlier today showing the Wasteland 2 opening movie and talking about the game and crowdfunding (you can watch the presentation onResero Network’s twitch through this link).

Of course we’d like all our backers to see this opening movie, so we put it up on Youtube for you. Enjoy!


Wasteland 2 Opening Movie.

I know a few of you will be excited to finally see the collector’s edition of Wasteland 2 (basic goodies shown, higher tiers have extras such as medals). The unsigned versions will start shipping at month end. Once they arrive at inXile, Brian and Chris will be able to hole themselves up and begin signing the autographed versions. We hope you like what you see!


This is it, the video that started a legend. The intro cut-scene to the Original Fallout. Many a great story behind this video.

For a game that almost didn’t happen, it is better than anyone could have ever hoped for.

Brian Fargo, creador de Interplay, quien mantuvo el grupo Black Isle dentro de su empresa, ahora vuelve para cerrarles el orto a aquellos que hoy en día, crean juegos que consideran fríamente RPG.

Kickstarter fué la solución para su plata, llegó a reunir, más que $900,000, unos $2,933,252 en aproximadamente 1 mes. Con esto, Brian, reunido con  el team Obsidian (los que estaban en Black Isle), harán la continuación de Wasteland 2.


Fallout: When and How to Protect Yourself (1959). This 1950s film describes what fallout is and how to protect yourself. Watching this is almost like watching the opening sequences of the Fallout series of games. Don’t forget your Pip-Boy.