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you asked for a niall smut request so maybe you over hear niall talking to some mates about your guys sex life and so you have to teach him a lesson later ;)

little blurb about niall talking about his sex life with friends? i feel like he would be one to give all the dirty little details

“So he throws me over his shoulder, slaps my ass and carries me to the bed like a sack of potatoes.”  Juliette said as she lifted her wine glass to her mouth for a sip.

Our friends Juliette and Chris were that couple.  The ones who were loud and boisterous and fun no matter what we were doing.  Out of all the couples at Niall’s and my home that evening, Juliette and Chris were by far the most entertaining.

“Hey, it works in the movies.”  Chris said as he searched around the kitchen for a trash can while the rest of us laughed.

“What movie?  Please tell me what movie has that in it?” Juliette demanded as she pointed to one of the cabinets Chris was standing in front of, “That one, Babe.”

“Ah, thanks Sweets.”  He said as he opened the cabinet and threw his empty beer bottle into it.

“I think Patrick Swayze might have done that.”  Quipped Brian, another one of our friends.  His girlfriend Laura was the newest of the bunch.  She was quietly sipping her wine with her hand safely tucked inside Brian’s as it usually was.  Niall and I both decided it was a defense mechanism until she learned how to speak up in the midst of all the big personalities in our group.

Niall took a sip of his beer,

“Sounds more like a Brad Pitt kinda move.”  He said as he finished swallowing.

Brian bumped Niall’s fist with his own,

“Good one.”

“Best sex I ever had that night.”  Juliette finished.

Chris raised his hand in the air after opening the refrigerator,

“You’re welcome.”

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It was just another quiet and rainy day for London. Shawn had just finished two concerts in Europe, and today was his day off. Of course on a cold and rainy day like this there wasn’t much to do outside. So, he stayed inside the tour bus, with a guitar in hand, trying to figure out some new melodies for his next album.

Thankfully he wasn’t alone. Geoff was with him trying to help him figure out the lyrics, while his girlfriend was at the table finishing up her final paper for the semester. As for his best friend Brian, he was completely bored out of his mind that no amount of filming crazy snapchat videos could suffice the boredom. That was until he suggested a simple yet deadly game to you three. A game that could break all friendships and relationship. A game that goes by the name UNO. 

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  • Mike Babcock: So basically we're completely swamped. All hands on deck.
  • Brian Boyle: I'm not even on this team anymore.
  • Mike Babcock: Don't care. I need anyone with a pulse and a brain to pitch in.
  • Tyler Bozak as he walks in: Babs, do you need help with anything?
  • Mike Babcock: No, we're good, thanks. In fact, you can head home early.

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do you think all fae are dangerous? i know ppl who are afraid to even leave them offerings and stuff like that bc they think they're gonna get killed, but I thought that fae are only dangerous if you anger them? have you had any run ins with fae and how did you feel?

Honestly, I think people over exaggerate how dangerous the fae are (as in, every single faerie is dangerous rather than collectively). Of course, they’re not to be taken lightly, but having an unnecessary fear over them could take away the potential of meeting a lot of lovely faerie individuals. If you’ve never met a faerie and want to start a relationship with them, i’d advise a Seelie fae since they’re more likely to bring about a pleasant encounter or look for local spirits. My encounters with the faerie vary a lot since my spirit is Elemental - i’ve even been to Faerie Court balls/“masquerades”.

Bring offerings such as cakes or sweet pastries you’ve made yourself (since the act of baking the offering pours some of your energetic love into it which the fae can feel), shiny objects such as jewellery or lockets, or pretty flowers that the faerie love such as roses or lavender. Just make sure that if you leave the offerings in a public place make sure you leave it somewhere where dogs can’t get to them, or just make sure not to put any ingredients such as chocolate which can be toxic to animals.

When I made one of my first encounters with the faerie it was in the forest near my house, and I made Moon Cookies (you can find the recipe on my blog), brought with me the Faerie Oracle deck by Brian Froud, tea, and some lavender sprigs. I sat in a clearing which had a lot of Oak trees as they are portals to the faerie world, and made a small protection circle out of daisy chains, before asking for permission if I can sit down there [through a pendulum]. I set my intention out loud and left them offerings and poured some tea for them in a cup before I picked up my oracle cards, and communicated with them through it. As I started using the deck, I could increasingly feel the local fae presence which felt like a warm tingle that shimmered through my heart, and they had a lot of playful and child-like energy. After getting a few pleasant readings I decided to meditate, and see if I could get any direct contact with them. My third eye immediately went overloaded with energy and I could see a whole crowd of faeries - most of them had small energetic humanoid figures as they were flower faeries, some looked elf-like, while others looked like creatures from a fairytale book. I thankfully didn’t attract any fae with malevolent intentions since I shielded myself and specifically asked to make contact with faeries who come with love and innocence. I also wholesomely believe that Brian Froud’s decks almost always attract benevolent faeries or curious ones, since the deck has a very specific energy about it - so I definitely recommend using it.

Now for an example of a negative experience. A month or so ago I was passing through a woodland area with a friend at night outside of London (for a campfire gathering) which had a lot of dark energy about it. The both of us felt like we were being followed, and in the woods we saw a few small red orbs in the corner of our eyes. When we got back to our city, she went to her own house and I went to mine. That night we both had negative experiences, although since i’m more open to spirits I had more spirits attached to me, and they were Unseelie fae. They didn’t physically follow me, but they sensed my energetic energy and manifested in my home through that information. They were goblin fae (but let me just say that not all goblins are malevolent) and brought me dark visions of their woodland home and were laughing and attempting to attack my energetic space but honestly I felt like they were doing it out of boredom so a simple banishment got them to go away immediately. You can easily get pesky faeries like that, or get ones that pull pranks - pranks that can actually be quite funny and playful but some faeries have a dark sense of “humour” like the goblins I encountered. My friend had the same thing happen to her, although through a nightmare.

If you wish to have a faerie help you form bonds or receive spiritual guidance, there is a trance meditation i’ve heard from someone to do, although I haven’t personally tried it yet. Visualise a forest clearing with a beautiful and large well in the centre. There are deers around the clearing and they all have bright, protective auras. You walk up to the well and see that there are steps heading down to the bottom. Walk down those steps and at the bottom you will find a wooden door on the stone wall. Knock three times. Only, and only enter if you receive permission to come in. If you do not receive permission or you do not get a reply, immediately walk back up the steps and exit the well and meditation. If you do have permission, open the door and you will see Oberon sitting on a high chair, with faeries of all sorts standing together in crowds around him. There is a pathway down the middle separating the crowds. You walk up to Oberon and bow respectfully. Ask Oberon for a faerie companion, to which Oberon will ask for a faerie who wishes to be your companion to come forth. If a faerie wishes to work with you at this time, they will step forth and you will meet them. You will bow again and respectfully part and exit the setting and go back out the well. If a faerie does not come forth, the faerie are not ready to work with you yet so must be more open to faerie energy, by making more offerings in the physical world and the like. Then respectfully exit the clearing and leave the meditation. After a week or more of leaving offers and inviting the fae into your life, you may try again. I would however only suggest doing this meditation after you’ve done a few offerings, felt fae presence, etc.

Low on cash

Hey guys! Unfortunately, I’m a bit low on funds, and am struggling a little bit to get by.

With this, I am offering paid readings and art!  


I’ll be offering either a 5 card reading or a 5 minute scrying reading, both $5 each. For each additional card or minute, it will cost another $1. 

Tarot/Oracle Decks: The fairy oracle decks by Brian Froud, The Fairy Tale tarot, and the Fenestra Tarot deck. 

Scrying: Mediums used are either water, fire, or stones/crystals 

To reach me, please email me at Email me with the details of your request including the question and what method to be used for the reading.


Currently for the art, I am offering commissions for either sketches or flat colored pieces: Full body, half body, portrait. Examples below

Portrait goes for $15, half body goes for $25, full body goes for $35. It will be an extra $5 to add flat color: $20, $30, $40.

To reach me, please email me at with the details of what you want. 

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I saw some art of Rob where it looked like he was in a wheelchair and I thought that was a cool concept like maybe he has chronic pain and uses a wheelchair on bad days or as a full time wheelchair user who goes cryptid hunting on a fancy scooter he modified with help of some of the other dads IDK that seemed cool


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brian 39, 98

100 Ways to Say I Love You x

39. Don’t Cry ; 98. Take a deep breath | Brian

There was a fine line between being someone’s best friend and someone’s, well, not-best-friend, and Brian knew that very well. He knew it so well the knowledge burned in his mind and repeatedly engraved itself in his chest causing him to be unable to think or breathe. It was such a fine thread separating those two entities that it could easily break if he so wish it, that he so often found himself crossing that boundary beyond his conscious state of self. He was well aware of the fact that all he ever was and all he could ever be to her was a supporting cast member in a romance novel. The tragic romantic second lead who never got the girl despite his efforts— was he even that?—he was her best friend. That was the role he would play, and that was where he firmly drew the uncrossable line between them.

He found her on the roof deck, and Brian joined her where she sat. He eased himself up the elevated platform and crossed his stretched legs at his ankles and rested his weight on his hands behind him. Her eyes were red and puffy.

“Don’t cry,” he said, “He’s not worth it.”

She bit down hard on her knuckles and started whimpering. He understood her frustrations and he wanted to take them all away. He was capable of taking her away, too. All it would take was just one look from her, and he would take her away from everything that hurt her, everything that put her down. He moved closer and wrapped his arm around her, held her close against his chest.

It wasn’t her ideal picture, he knew, but for tonight he wanted to be the one by her side. Brian knew that he alone wouldn’t possibly be enough for her, but just for tonight he would be her shelter. Just as he did so long ago, he would do the same now. He would never leave her side. Even when all he could ever be is the romantic second lead who would never be able to sweep her off her feet, Brian would stay by her side. He would be the one to take all her hurts when she couldn’t anymore.

“Just take a deep breath.”

But what he really wanted to say: I’ll take care of you. I’ll protect you. I’ll make you happy. There was no way he could ever be capable of making such words come true. All he could do was sit there with her and console her. He couldn’t even hold her the way he wanted to.

But for now, this would be enough.

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Do you know why someone might feel strongly connected to fairies? When I was a child I had an obsession with fairies out of nowhere, they're not even commonly talked about where I live. My friend and I even came up with a complete fairy realm and we used to pretend to be fairies. I'm American but most of my ancestry is British (so maybe it's some kind of genetic memory?). I don't know if this means anything and just thought I'd ask.

It could be for a number of possibilities: 

  • You have fae bloodline which could result you in feeling a strong connection to the faeries. 
  • One of your guides may be a spirit connected to nature or the faerie realm.
  • Your previous life had elements of faeries in it, influencing your connection to faeries in this life.
  • If you grew up on folk tales about faeries or read books about them it may have sparked an interest
  • The faeries are trying to get your attention by influencing your attraction to them.

I live in Britain so I grew up surrounded by faerie lore, and much like you, I also loved the faeries and made my own realms and such too haha :) 

I think you should get a faerie or elemental reading to open up a communication with the faeries (using oracle cards since it is the simplest way) either by someone who can offer them (there are a lot of people who offer readings over Etsy if you cannot find someone in your area who can do them) or you can also do a reading yourself using a faerie deck (remember to always protect yourself before using cards just in case):

  1. Brian Froud’s Faerie Oracle Deck is lovely
  2. The Faerie Guidance Oracle Deck
  3. Faerie Messages Deck

Here are some good books that you can read to learn more about the faeries:

  1. Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins: An Encyclopedia 
  2. A Complete Guide to Faeries & Magical Beings: Explore the Mystical Realm of the Little People
  3. Faeries 101

You can also do a faerie offering if you would like to welcome the fae into your life (preferably in a garden if you have one) which can contain anything from sparkling objects or pretty jewellery to sugary sweets and baked goods. 

However, faeries can be unpredictable. A lot of them have a specific expectation of etiquette and good manners, to insult a faerie can be a dire consequence. 

*I suggest to do a lot of research before you open up any communications with faeries though. Tumblr also has a lot of good sources or blogs dedicated to faerie lore.

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Request: Brock's first time staying the night over at Brian's place (as a couple of course, and not in a sexual way.) Please and thank. If I think of more prompts I shall send them. And you can send me some too!

Here have my sleep deprived rambling that i wrote at 3 am. Also this is a lot longer than i meant it to be

Feel free to send in more prompts whenever you need more terrornuckel goodness <3

Brock was beyond nervous at this point. Somehow he’d completely bypassed the nervous spectrum and entered an empty void of emotion that merely gave him a slight tingling feeling that spread from the tips of his fingers to his chest. Brock was so nervous that he wasn’t even nervous anymore.

Many of Brock’s friends assured him that it wasn’t really a big deal, that there was nothing to be worried about. But it was a big deal. Brock was going to be staying in Brian’s house for the first time ever! All the confessions over skype and their newly formed relationship were whizzing around in Brock’s head, replaying memories over and over and over. And that certainly wasn’t helping the nervousness go down. Brian was one of his best friends, not to mention his first boyfriend. How was this not a big deal?!

Okay… Maybe in retrospect it wasn’t that big a deal, but it was to Brock!

Brock paced around his hotel room. The contents of his suitcase were scattered across the bed as Brock tried to arrange some sort of outfit. What should he wear? Should he keep it casual or dress up? They only planned on going to Brian’s house, but he didn’t want to be underdressed. Maybe Brian planned something as a surprise, or maybe Brock misunderstood their previous conversations. 

Brock stared at the clothing unhappily. Was he thinking into this too much? No, no of course not. He has every right to think ahead. It was technically his first date with Brian, after all. And he really wanted things to go smoothly. After twenty unhappy minutes and several failed clothing combinations, Brock decided on a simple white button-up and blue jeans. What could possibly go wrong with that? 

However, in Brock’s blind panic to find the right outfit, he didn’t realize that Brian would be at his hotel to pick him up literally any second.

Brock nearly jumped out of his own skin when a loud knock sounded throughout the small hotel room. Brock exhaled, trying to calm his frazzled nerves.

Okay Brock, don’t say anything awkward…’ Brock muttered a few words of encouragement to himself, and opened the door.



Brian raised a brow and whistled, a small smile working it’s way onto his face.

“Wow, someone dressed up. Who’re you going out with?”

Brock smiled awkwardly. “You, unfortunately.” Brian laughed.

“Hey! You’re the one who suggested a sleepover.”

“That was a joke!”

“A terrible joke.”

“Better than yours.” Brock grinned, and took a moment to take in Brian’s appearance. Brock felt his heart sink a little. Brian looked amazing, as usual. However, Brock figured he kinda overdressed, as Brian was decked out in pajamas. Brian raised a brow.

“Are you gonna be comfortable in that? I mean you look great, but all we’re gonna be doing is sitting on my couch all night..”

“Right,” Brock muttered, now flustered. “I’m just gonna, go change.” Brock spun on his heel and walked back into his room, throwing on a t-shirt and pajama bottoms faster than humanly possible. Brock stepped back outside awkwardly, face pink as the door locked behind him. Brian just smiled.

“Much better.”

The two walked in silence down to the lobby and out into the cool Irish evening. Brock stared off at the sun beginning to dip down below the horizon, unaware of the Irishman staring at him.

“You’re adorable Moo Moo.”

“I wish I could say the same to you.” Brock said without thinking. Brian’s mouth dropped open and he swatted at Brock’s arm.


Brock laughed loudly and tried to dodge Brian’s flailing arms. “I was kidding!!”

Brian huffed and walked up to a cab parked on the curb, opening the door for Brock. “Oh shut up and get in the cab.”

Brock just smiled and got in, watching Brian walk over and get in the other side. Brian gave the cabbie his address and silence overcame the two. Although it wasn’t an uncomfortable, suffocating silence. It was a calm, peaceful silence, and Brock was quite fine with it.

The cab parked outside Brian’s apartment and Brian jumped out of the car, rushing to the over side to get Brock’s door for him. Brock chuckled softly at the gesture.

“Such a gentleman.” Brock grinned at Brian, who simply smiled.

“But of course. What kind of man would I be if I couldn’t get the door for my lovely boyfriend?”

Brock blushed horribly at the term ‘boyfriend’ and nudged Brian.

“Oh shut up..” He muttered. Brian just laughed and nudged Brock back, leading the man into the building and to his apartment. Brian’s apartment was incredibly small, yet very cozy.

“So, where’s the McDonald’s you steal your internet from?” Brock asked, smiling.

“Oh ha ha ha. It’s down the street.” Brian answered, rolling his eyes and chuckling. Brock laughed.

Brock decided in that moment that this was exactly what he wanted his relationship with Brian to be like. He wanted to be able to joke and laugh with Brian the same way they did online. This is what their relationship had always been like, and he didn’t want that to change whatsoever.
Brock found himself smiling at his little revelation.

“What'cha thinkin about over there Brocky?”

“Oh, nothing. What movie are we watching?”

“I dunno. Netflix selection is garbage.” Brian replied, flipping through various movies and shows, looking for something decent.

Brock chuckled. “Is this what Netflix and chill is like?”

Brian sighed at his lame boyfriend. “Yes, Brock. This is what netflix and chill is like.”

Brock laughed as Brian started a random horror movie he found. Normally. Brock hated anything that had to do with horror, but the movie could only be described as complete and utter garbage, so he wasn’t too bothered.

In fact, the movie was so horrible it was laughable. The two joked about the movie endlessly. Brock tried hard not to laugh at one of the worst ‘suspense’ scenes he’s ever seen when Brian let out the most fake yawn he’s ever heard. He looked over at him to see Brian stretching his arm over Brock’s shoulders. Brock shook his head and rolled his eyes, a big grin on his face.

“You’re so lame.”

“Oh hush, you love it.”

A soft smile settled on Brock’s face as he leaned onto the younger man, muttering quietly. “Yeah, I really do.”

Please help

Hey guys. So I’m right at the bottom of my overdraft, I can no longer run my Etsy shop, I can’t afford to pay my rent, bills and buy food until I get paid in January… literally everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. I’m offering readings for very small amounts of money, so if any of you could purchase one from me, I would be eternally grateful. Even a couple of dollars will help me go buy some cat food or some groceries. If anyone is feeling super generous, you can donate money using the donate button on my blog - this also where I take payments for readings.

So, here’s what I can offer:

  • Hand-drawn sigil - $2
  • Pendulum yes/no reading - $1
  • Three rune reading - $2
  • One card reading - $2
  • Three card reading - $4
  • 2017 year ahead card reading - $6
  • Aura reading (for this you must be able to send me a clear photo of your hand) - $6

All card readings will be done with Brian Froud’s faery oracle deck. Please shoot me a message if you’d like to purchase any of these things, thanks x


I know I’m hopelessly behind  the times, and I’m sure versions of this have been circulating since we found out BRIAN BLESSED decked Peter (not on purpose) for real, but what the heck.  I’ve had this capped since I first did Tom Jones for the filmography way back when and while I don’t know for certain it is the actual take when it happened, the scenes does cut off awfully abruptly…

Now, which slightly semi-relevant Malcolm gif from 303 should I use to accompany it?

This one:

or this one:

New Record - Fall 2013 via Triple Crown Records

Since November 1st, I’ve been cooped up in a cold Chicago rehearsal space with Nick Wakim creating, crafting and redrafting a new set of Into It. Over It. songs. The two of us put in place a new and ever-growing skill set to give this record it’s own feel. Excited about not making the same record twice, I felt this new IIOI project needed a different approach when it came to recording and release.

Enter Triple Crown Records, Brian Deck and Soma Studios in Chicago, IL. 

Triple Crown has been super supportive of everything I’ve been a part of for a few years now. Through a long series of conversations, it was obvious this the most supportive and likeminded home for this new set of songs. 

Brian Deck has recorded some phenomenal records from bands like Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, Owen, Rex and many more (as well as playing in bands like Red Red Meat and Ugly Cassanova). His background and style were what I felt would be a great fit for the ideas behind this record. Our separate but similar backgrounds really find a perfect balance. 

I can’t wait to tell you guys more about the songs and the process. There is still so much to do. Thanks for everything you guys! I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to create.


Evan Thomas Weiss

New album teaser video can be found HERE. More to come soon.

Get ready.