April 9th 2018 marks nine years since Team Starkid accidentally created the most wonderful love story of modern times - Happy Birthday, A Very Potter Musical!

9 years ago today, A Very Potter Musical opened in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a group of college kids forever changed youtube, the theatre community, the Harry Potter universe, and I cannot thank them enough.


this is probably my favourite Harry-Potter-reference in AVPM, because a) it’s actually subtle, b) it’s so random and c) it implies that Quirrell had a lot of fun letting a troll loose at Hogwarts and being a total dramaqueen about it

i went on my laptop to watch one scene from a very potter musical cause i couldn’t remember how a song went, and then i ended up watching all three musicals and i don’t know how that happened oh my gosh


in honor of 9 years of the starkid cult i present to you…. get back to hogwarts supercut!


I don’t know who made this, but it’s brilliant and you need to watch it

Edit: @laurendomo made it so give her some love

Ron! You had me going there for a minute, buddy.
Oh yeah. Sorry about that, pal. It was just…everything she was saying, you know, and it feels like I couldn’t…I don’t know.
Even if that’s…how she did feel about you and me…well, it wouldn’t matter. ‘Cause you’re my best friend. I would never…do anything to hurt you. Because I love you.
I love you too, man.

A Very Potter Musical (2009), dir. Matt and Nick Lang