brian's soapbox

i have successfully gotten every good ending in dream daddy

- mat’s was adorable

- but not as cute as craig’s

- hugo’s made me very happy

- brian’s was very funny and heartwarming

- robert’s was the best emotional rollercoaster

- damien’s was probably my favorite because of how sweet it was

- why can’t i be in a polyam relationship with joseph and mary

- however he remains….. my broseph

- i’m going to adopt all the kids (or at least river and the twins, christie, carmensita, and daisy. i love them more than i love myself.)

- i really hope the cult thing isn’t canon because joseph is a cool guy, kinda, he’s made big mistakes but he’s trying

- i love all this representation, body positivity, you can play as a trans dad or romance damien who is a trans dad, poc characters, a character who is canon autistic (joseph’s son chris,) seriously whatta game


“…And here is the proof that it really was me, all those years ago in Sidmouth… There’s a small bridge over the river, just at the end of the prom… and there I was in 1960… looking wistfully upstream.
And here I am in 2012… feeling lucky, and…. well, just compare… you can see I never had any dress sense!!”

- Brian May (via Soapbox, May 2012)

How can anyone not love him?


The guy who appears on the back cover of Queen (I) album cover  is John Harris, Queen’s very first roadie.

“He was our first roadie, and very involved with everything at the beginning of our careers - we used to call him the fifth member. We owe him a lot, actually. He was devoted to sound, and to cars - he used to drive a white Triumph TR 3 (I think) and was the inspiration for Roger’s song "I’m in love with my car” (I think!) He drove our Transit van, when we first began doing gigs as Queen, and also set up all the gear, and also mixed the sound. Of course the gear in those days was rudimentary, but John Harris mixed the first few gigs on a tiny mixing board into a hundred watts or so of PA. John stayed with us for many years thereafter, and all the first Queen tours were mixed out front by JH. John drove himself very hard, and did not take much care of himself, especially with regard to eating. He succumbed to a mysterious illness, which all but immobilised him, and put an end to his touring days. However he fought back over a long period and I believe he is now doing well. I wish we were still in touch. Perhaps we will be.“ Brian May (from Brian’s soapbox)

       WOW  !!!  It’s that time again !!

What ?    Christmas ?

No  !! … sod Christmas … it ’s AIR GUITAR TIME !!!!   WOW !  And this time there’s Led Zep and The Stones and ZZ Top and ….

WOW !  Better get practising !!!!

Here we go …. Ah yes  … it’s just like riding a bike … this finger goes here and .. 

Oh Bugger … the riff takes over … can’t keep up …  the beast’s out of control … !    yeeeow …

Just gotta go back and do it all again.

Well, at least you don’t get calluses …. you just get the thrills !!!    Here it is !!   Air Guitar Anthems ! The business ! !

        Have fun, folks ! Bri X