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The Rabbit is Out of The Hat! {Fluff}

 Hello cookies! This is a Halloween themed oneshot I’ve been working on! But anyways let me get to the point. There are going to be 5 couple in this whole story, so it’s not just one shipping, but it will be based mainly one one shipping which we all know is Brohm. The couples are: H2OVanoss, Terrornuckel, Minicat, Daithi De Calibre, and Basically & Droidd but they’re best friends. Now That is settled, LET’S BEGIN~!  ~Deluct~ (Happy Early Halloween!)


 It was a spooky night, and all was out for a simple fright. We have our favorite friends gathered at the Wrecker residence. With Delirious, Vanoss, Basically, Nogla, Lui, Wildcat, Droidd, Mini, Moo, and Terroriser were there, even Bryce. They planned on having a good night of trick-or-treating and a party, which Delirious said it was going to be the ‘shit’.
 "What do you mean you’re not coming?!“
 "I’m sorry Delirious, but I have other things to do. I’ll tell you this….If I finish early, I’ll come over okay?”
 "Alright, see you then man.“ Delirious hung up his phone, setting it down on the coffee table.
 "So is Cartoonz coming over or no?” Evan asked him. Both him and Delirious were playing some Mario Kart before Cartoonz called. Evan was dressed as his GTA character “Bat-Owl,” while Jonathan was dressed as the Trapper from Dead By Daylight, but with his custom skin.
 "Nah, but he’ll probably  show up if he finishes up whatever he’s doing,“ Delirious replied back before starting up the game again.
 "Seriously though, just imagine a random dude showing up in the bathroom stall every time you went to go grab the toilet paper, wouldn’t that scare the living shit out of you?”
 "That would be disturbing, Tyler. Like you would be finishing your shit, then reach out for the toilet paper and he would appear! Making you shit again! *laughs*
 "Exactly!” Wildcat replied back to Mini, they were sitting outside on the porch. Tyler was dressed as his GTA character, but it was pimped out, and Craig was dressed as Mario. Suddenly, they heard a loud clank besides the porch, and Mini jumped while Wildcat stood up quickly. “WHO THE FUCK IS THERE?!” Yelled Wildcat. Both of them heard snickering then laughter as Moo and Terroriser walked out in front of them.
 "Goddammit!“ Craig slapped the arm of the porch bench.
 "Aw! You two should’ve seen the looks on your faces! Priceless!” Brian laughed even harder; Brock snorted. Moo was dressed as Link but more of a Toon Link and Terroriser….Well…He was dressed as Terminator, Delirious had begged and begged him.
 "Oh shut the fuck up, fuccbois!“ Tyler yelled at them.
 "Droidd there is no fucking way that’s possible!”
 "Yes it is Marcel!“ Droidd argued back. Droidd and Marcel were arguing on a random subject that no one knows about. Basically was dressed as Finn The Human (Gmod), while Droidd…..No one knew exactly, but he was just random.
 "Are you guys ready yet?”
 "No! Me and Bryce will be down soon!“ Ohm called back to Nogla.
 "What was that Nogla? Just that silent 'Are you guys ready?’ It sounded like a mouse!” Lui laughed, mocking Nogla.
 "Hey don’t be mean man!“ Nogla softly replied back. Nogla was dressed as Zoidburg (Gmod) and Lui dressed as his GTA character as well. Lui didn’t know what to dress as, so he copied Vanoss and Wildcat.
 "Brycey! Are you finished?” Ohm softly knocked on the door and asked. Ryan was dressed as a magician, his beard nicely trimmed, and a top hat that sat on his head. He didn’t know what Bryce was gonna be because he would always say 'It’s a secret!’ or 'Not now!’
  Bryce looked at himself in the mirror and blushed. He was dressed as a playboy bunny with white stockings and black heels; also with blond bunny ears and tail to match. Bryce didn’t really plan on trick-or-treating, but he promised the guys he would walk around with them. So Bryce decided to look good for the occasion and wanted to match with Ryan. Sadly, he didn’t have a magician costume as well, so decided to dress up like a bunny you would see; getting pulled out of a hat.
 "Bryce, the guys are gonna leave without us. I told them we’ll catch up, is that okay?“ Ohm asked again.
 "Yeah! That’s fine!” Bryce said. He gave himself one last look in the mirror before stepping out of the bathroom. “How do I look?”
 Ryan turned around, finally seeing Bryce. His jaw dropped and eyes widened. Ohm thought Bryce looked cute and especially hot, he felt heat rise to cheeks.
 "Y-you look good. Really good,” Ohm stated, making Bryce blush even deeper.
 "Uh, thanks.“ A heavy silence filled the room, making it awkward for the both of them. Suddenly, an idea popped into Ohm’s head, and he smirked. "Ryan, why are you smirking?”
 "Oh no reason~!“ Ohm quickly walked up to Bryce and pinned him to the wall.Bryce gasped loudly, his breathing becoming shallow. Ryan kissed him hard on the lips, one of his hands moving down to Bryce’s waist. Bryce moaned into the kiss and started to squirm, wanting to get out of his grasp. They pulled apart, gasping for air.
 "Ryan…..Let me go, we’re going to be late,” Bryce panted out, squirming even more.
 "Oh you’re not gonna get off the hook the easily…Now, isn’t there a better way to ask?“ Ohm teased.
 "Let me go.”
 "Come on, you know better than that Brycey~!“
 ” *Sigh* Daddy…Please let me go.“ Bryce whined, his knees bucked slightly.
 "Are you going to listen?”
 "Then who do you belong to?”
 "And who are you only going to listen to?”
 "Only y-you, Daddy.“
 "That’s right baby.” Ryan replied before they both heard a snort in the doorway. Instantly, Ohm let go of Bryce and Bryce quickly stood up straight; the gang was there with weird faces.
 "H-how long have you guys been standing there?“ Bryce stuttered.
 "Long enough for me to arrive!” Cartoonz squeezed his way into the room, placing a hand on Ohm’s shoulder. “So daddy~, huh?”
 "Shut up.“
 "Aw~! Don’t be like that Ohm,” Delirious joined in on the fun. Everyone started laughing beside Bryce and Ryan.
 "At least I don’t scream to the whole world 'I’m going to cum’!“ Bryce roasted Delirious.
 "S-shut up!” Delirious stuttered and Evan just blushed, laughing even harder.
 "Alright, alright everybody! Let’s get going,“ Cartoonz pushed everyone, even Ohm and Bryce, outside of the room.
—————————–Extra Ending~!——————————-
 Ohm watched as the guys made their way up to the door, with the children, to get candy. Him and Bryce were standing on the sidewalk waiting.
 "Hey Bryce?“
 "Yeah Ohm?”
 "After this, you wanna see a few tricks?“
 "What do you mean 'a few’ tricks?”
 "You know…The one where the magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat.“ Ryan purred, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Bryce lightly blushed and rolled his eyes.
 "Sounds great.”