brian you are a fashion god


im just a sucker for lineups and also these are the best boys in the cosmos so i’m biased and i’m gonna talk about them

  • the gold standard is all together :’) 
  • lince and rich hang out this whole segment (partners in crime!!!) and gran, akira, and mustafa group up, too, and it’s very cute. cedric is involved intermittently in both groups but mostly he’s just busy as the protagonist of this particular title picture and he’s very handsome and confident and charismatic and charming and i’m in love
  • drew threateningly undoes the one button he had buttoned on his jacket and it is exactly as dweeby as you think it is. also tony looks so bad god GOD seeing those two clowns next to ariya daivari King Fashion is so jarring
  • everyone’s in their ring gear but drew and…PRESUMABLY jack? we haven’t seen jack in gear since he turned…if he hadn’t worn a fancyboy suit to his no-DQ match with brian in the first place maybe things would be different but maybe he’s just decided to wrestle in a suit now. Cool. Okay. This Is Fine
  • also speaking of jack he’s still a gay icon even with this Forced Recloseting reading of things look at him. as a gay? as a gay MYSELF? that is the posture of a gay icon if ever i saw one
  • mustafa is very cute and good yall know this we all know this and love him
  • these colors are still SO GOOD????? LIKE, UNREAL LEVELS OF GOOD, theyre a very VERY rich swann specific aesthetic (pink/purple scifi just like…Is Rich) but also what a cool cruiserweight aesthetic? they all look even more beautiful than usual. even looking at n*am doesnt hurt my eyes too terribly, only MARGINALLY. like. what the hell…the cinnamon topography?? thank you 205 live for this
I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Advent Prompt #18: Because of work, Darren hasn’t been home properly for months. Brian is not amused and makes his feelings known. 1.2K [AO3]  Read Previous Advent fics on: AO3 | Tumblr

Darren calls Chris the second he leaves the airport, bleary eyed and jet lagged in the back of a cab. “Should I be bringing home treats for Brian and Cooper? Because I totally didn’t buy anything for them, if so.”

“What, like a commemorative tote bag from the Chicago airport?” Chris snarks back. “A keychain? Something from the duty free store?”

“Shut up. I don’t know. Like, dog and cat appropriate toys or treats? Something to endear them to me?”

“They’re animals, Darren,” Chris says very matter-of-factly.

“You say this like you don’t treat them like tiny children. You dress them in themed costumes from every major holiday, don’t act like I’m the crazy one here.”

Chris sighs heavily. “I don’t know. I doubt gifts are really the way into their hearts. Just be prepared for them not to remember you, okay?”

“Wait, they might not remember me? Seriously? What the fuck, I’ve spent months feeding them and petting them and taking Cooper on walks,” Darren grumbles, vaguely horrified.

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