brian williams

Throughout this whole Brian Williams thing, Gawker has tastefully played the part of the schoolyard bully who’s been waiting his whole life for you to not make it to the bathroom on time. Like … hovering. Salivating. POUNCING at the chance to call you a pants-pooper. 

Gawker is our biggest star of B.S. News round-ups. They reported obviously Photoshopped images as real, falsely claimed a woman had sex with a dolphin by purposefully changing the news quote, and made a hero out of a guy lying about bullying a kid.

We somehow have it in us that, because the Internet has more information, we’re more informed. But that works only if the Internet holds itself to the same standards that we used to. Instead, we’re actually just as misinformed as we used to be…

Why the Internet Needs to Calm Down About Brian Williams