brian uhl

recently finished this design for my pals in Cloud Rat and their tour with Plagues and Disrotted, they leave TOMORROW! I’m pretty sure they’ll have screenprinted copies of this poster for sale on the tour.
I loosely based this image of the Norse myth of the death of Baldur and the onset of winter. 
If you’re in any of these cities, make sure you check out these kids. Their sound is incredible. 

work in progress for my piece in the Transmogrify Print Exchange.
I havent done a linocut since I was about 17, so its a bit unfamiliar, but manageable.
The process seems to have more steps than should be necessary to procure what ends up basically being a mirror image of the original drawing, but with a bit of a real life photoshop filter on the linework. All in all it’s been fun to do. 
Stoked to pull those prints tho!