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At the Kiss & Cry:

Tracy: Oh boy, I got a workout!

Brian: Oh, but that was fun to watch.

Tracy: Wasn’t it?

Brian: That was just beautiful.

Yuzuru: Finally. I worked hard [each day?]

Brian: And it all worked.

Tracy: Yes, you did.

Brian: But today you were calmer…

Tracy: Yes.

Brian: Not so intense.

Yuzuru: I don’t know. I was feeling like I don’t have enough energy for…

Brian: Guess what, you did.

Tracy: You always do.

[They laugh.]

Yuzuru: Right.

Brian: Just trust your training, you trained hard.

Yuzuru: Yeah

Brian [jokingly]: 201.

[Scores are announced.]

Tracy: Oh my God!

Yuzuru: I’m not crying!

Brian:[laughs] I am. Almost.

Yuzuru: Almost. I’m not!

Brian: Good boy. Wow.


Yuzuru: But I have to get more 10 points right?


anonymous asked:

I know Brian said he did want to become so attached to another skater after yuna, but I can't help but feel like it's the opposite with yuzu, he cares deeply and might be a bit attached, I mean 5 years together, that's gotta speak for something. What do you think?

Pretty sure anon meant, “did not want to become so attached…”


According to Javi, Brian doesn’t have a favorite and treats all his skaters equally, and supports them all to max.

The only thing is, Yuzu has a very particular character and many many details that a coach needs to pay attention to, so that Yuzu can perform with less stress (I sigh at this part because after what happen before Yuzu’s short program…I’m waiting for some answers.)
[ In case it wasn’t stressed enough, Yuzu is HIGH MAINTENANCE. ]

So, I don’t think Brian is attached to Yuzu as some would think.
Even for me, I always say “look at how much Brian cares for his skaters.”

Also, the reason why Brian might have had such a big reaction to Yuna was because he just started coaching competitive skaters, and after his experience with Yuna, he’s probably learned how to keep a certain proximity with his skaters, but all in all – he’s an adult and I’m sure he has put that behind him now.

In addition, I think Brian’s experience with Yuna has made him a better coach because now he might be able to pick up on things he didn’t before (like cultural differences and what not), which helps him establish trust and understanding of his skaters.

Now, I do believe there’s a combination of things that make skaters want to stay at TCC and that is the guidance of various coaches and skating in an positive environment that allows them to focus solely on skating (and making friends who like to skate.)

And the other thing is, Brian is an appealing coach for those who understand and uphold the meaning of “hard work” and “perseverance.” Brian always says “trust your training,” but this is only effective if you put time and effort into it.

So, for Yuzu, this is great. It is a meeting of values.

Also, five years? What about Javi and Brian? That’s six years and they butt heads in the beginning. Brian legit lectured and berated the shit out of Javi, and the nonchalant Spaniard was like “okay. whatever.” Let’s not ever forget this tidbit.

If it works for Yuzu and he thinks its working out, which of course it is, he will stay. It’s as simple as that. At this point, Yuzu probably can’t fathom a better place than TCC.  

Lost Boy (Chapter Four)

Welcome to the story! If you need to, catch up on the rest of the chapters HERE.

Trigger Warnings for this Chapter: attempted sexual assault (NOT BY STEVE) and drug use. This is a sad angsty chapter and honestly was a little difficult to write.


Steve hadn’t heard from Tony in almost thirty hours.
He didn’t want to worry, he absolutely didn’t, but Tony texted him non stop most days, and Steve hadn’t seem him since their ‘almost’ study break the afternoon before. He had received only one text after Tony had left for the day, a short sweet note telling him that he wouldn’t be by that night, so Steve could get some actual sleep, and that he would see his beautiful ass later.
Steve had sent back about a dozen kissy-faces, knowing it would make Tony laugh, and put his phone on silent for the rest of the night.

He had slept great, completely undisturbed, and had woken up lonely as hell, itching to hold his boyfriend -boyfriend- they weren’t even calling each other that yet, but Steve didn’t care. He was already half in love with him anyway.

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DAY6 Imagines: Once/Twice Series’ Special Chapter (4)

Read: Once is a coincidence. Twice is not. , Once is enough. Twice is too much. and Special chapter (1) , (2) and (3) first before reading this :)

Note: It would be nice if you could play Letting Go later. (You’ll know when to play it. Hehe)

“So have you seen it? Did you watch?” You feel lethargic from crying until you fell asleep last night and now you have to deal with your workmate who won’t just stop bugging you when it comes to their band.


“Really?!” She then proceeded to tell how she felt while watching the music video; how she felt the pain that was conveyed through the song; how she cried because the song was telling a story “And have you heard their other songs from the album?” You shook your head and she made you sit and gave you her phone. She plugged her earphones in your ears and clicked something on her phone before she left you in the dressing room.

You heaved a sigh of surrender as the song started playing. Oh, this one seems a lively song. You were moving your head trying to go with the song’s rhythm as you were listening to the lyrics.

It’s been a while since you left
But even when you weren’t here
I always had you by my side
I put my hand in my pocket so you can always link your arms with mine
Why are you making me like this? (Why did you do that babe)

You arched your forehead as you realized that the message is still sad despite its lively vibe. You bit your lip as you started to feel your chest tighten again. And you thought your heart stopped when you heard him sing the next part

Every day is the same, I’m running around a wheel
I really hope this feeling changes
Not having what you want makes your heart hurt, I’m only human

You squeezed your eyes close as you try not to play a movie of your memories in your head again. I’ve had enough last night. Please.

I guess this is what they call a habit
In an empty room with no one inside
I’m waiting for you to return

But nothing really goes the way you wanted them to be. Not before, not now. Tears started to well up in your eyes. Never in your whole life that you’ve imagined yourself crying because of a song that doesn’t even have a sentimental sound. But the lyrics!

My hand habits that touched you, my hand habits toward you
My mouth habits that called you, my mouth habits for you

You just want to slap yourself from crying again. Aren’t you tired of crying every single time that you are reminded of him? It’s been 5 months, hasn’t it? But it still hurts the same. Why didn’t it go the way you wanted it to be?

I’m calling out to you in the empty air
I’m beckoning to find you
You became my habit
Became my habit

And it’s so hard, knowing that he’s also a habit and habits are hard to give up.

Became my habit

You hurriedly wiped your tears when you heard the door open. And once again, you were attacked by numerous questions. Your workmate even teased you for crying in Habits. “You can relate to the song so much, don’t you?”

As things started to change for them, things stayed the same for you. After another 5 months, you’re still working at the coffee shop; stuck with your workmate who’d always talk about someone you don’t even want to remember. When your working schedule changes, those are the times that you were thankful for. At least your ears would be able to rest from hearing anything about him. But unfortunately, your new shift is being with the said workmate again. You really have nothing against her. It’s just that, you just don’t want to add salt to your wound.

It’s been 10 months since the breakup but you’re still hurting. Even if you want to convince yourself that you’re already numb from feeling the pain and regret, you’re still hurting.

No one’s really numb anyway. People can’t just accept the fact that after all this time; they’re still hurting for the same reason. And you’re not an exception.

Sometimes you’re being eaten up by your jealousy; seeing him being close with a girl and especially if their fans are trying to pair them up. Somehow you’ve learned not to mind the fans who swoon over him but you can’t just deny the fact that when it comes to this girl, Ayeon, you couldn’t restrain yourself from getting jealous. She seems to be close with the band because she’s a friend of Jae. Eventually, fans saw that Brian and her have a chemistry. Who cares about chemistry?

You trusted Brian so much to ask for that break but now you don’t know if you’d be able to still trust his feelings for you since it didn’t really go how you wanted it to be. And when another album was released, your world started to shake and slowly crumble. Is this it?

I got something to say, let’s meet up
Now we sit silent, facing each other
I keep thinking in my head

Should I say this or not

Although I don’t want to

You exhaled softly as Jae started singing. Just as they’re having their comeback, your feelings are having one, too. You felt a familiar sensation enveloped your heart. Oh, yeah. This is what I felt when I was watching their Congratulations MV. Jae still has those eyes full of sentiment.

I’d been holding on to you for so long
But now I must let go

There’s nothing I can do for you

It’s the only way to make you happy

So I let go, let go, let go

Is this a confession of him letting you go? Is this him telling you that he’s finally ready to stop holding on to you?

So you can smile someday
So you can smile

But what if letting you go isn’t the reason for you to be able to smile someday?

I remember our good times
The days of laughter and fun

Memories ever so precious

Fill up inside me

Although I don’t want to

As he started singing, as he was intoning about your memories, a series of them played in your head. And just when you thought you’ve already shed more than enough tears that you’re supposed to, another stream of tears was shed.

If Jae’s eyes were sentimental, Brian’s were intense. As he started rapping, you intently looked at him. He was giving off the same vibe as he did in Congratulations. Eyes were narrow; forehead furrowed; veins on his neck were visible. Although it is about telling you he’ll let you go, he seemed to be livid.

Ah let go, let go,
The bright future we sought together

I know I know we can no longer

Wish for a happy ending

Like the land hardens after the rain

Pain is only temporary, someday you will meet

Someone who can make you happier

That’s the kind of love you deserve

I got to say good bye right now

You wanted to pat your shoulder for making it to work the next morning. But your eyes wouldn’t just let you hide the fact that you cried yourself to sleep last night. You readied yourself to deal with your perky workmate today but she’s awfully quiet. She didn’t bother you about the comeback, the new music video, anything regarding the band but she kept on stealing glances.

“Are you okay?” She asked you in the dressing room when both of your shift ended. You answered with a nod and a small smile.

You examined her as she was standing near you. “You seem hesitant about something. Is there something you want to tell me?”

She avoided gazes and you motioned her to sit beside you. “Actually…” she trailed off as you encouraged her to continue “Young K was here yesterday”

Your eyes widened a bit. Yesterday was your day off but she said she went to the coffee shop to have a coffee with her friend. That’s when he saw Brian entering the place.

“He seemed to be looking around. Like… trying to find someone?” She paused and looked at you for a hint to stop or to continue “Aren’t you friends with them? I think he was looking for you”

“Did you talk? Did you tell him?”

She shook her head. “Can I ask you something?” You nodded “You seemed to be crying a lot since the day I met you, especially when it comes to their songs. And you seem to not like their band to be talked about. I was thinking if you cried again last night when their new music video was released?”

You raised a brow and she cleared her throat. “By any chance… Did you have a past relationship that you’re reminded of every time you listen to their songs?” Your eyes widened in surprise and you were taken aback by her question “Perhaps… Is it Young K?”

Was it that obvious? Or was she just observant and wise? She murmured her apologies for asking and excused herself. But before she could even turn around, you grabbed her wrist as you let out a breath.

You’re just tired; tired of walking away from it; tired of pretending not to care; tired of putting up a mask that you’re okay. So for the first time, you opened the door for her to see and know. You told her everything, letting you cry your heart out and hugged you when you have no words left to say.

“I understand”, she whispered as she wrapped you in her arms, not minding if her shoulder will be soaked by your tears.

That’s all you wanted to hear. All this time, for 10 months, that’s all what you needed. Finally, there’s someone who understands you. If you had known, you might just have opened up to her sooner.

You both fixed yourself after a little while so you can both leave from your workplace. You were thinking about him as you opened the dressing room’s door to leave; wondering if he knows you’re working there. As if on cue, you found him walking toward the entrance as you froze and forgot what move means.

Ok, nothing much in this chapter.. Next special chapter might be d ending. I just cant take it anymore. Ive been feeling extra emotional I never imagined myself crying bc of Day6’s Habits. I used to move my head & body quite a lot but bc of this, it became a sad song for me;-; lol

Thoughts, please? :)


private practice 4x10 – just lose it ( requested by anonymous )


“You’re a cop! Brian-! I have to go find Jesse before they do! I’m all the kid’s got!”

“I’ll call in the plates. PD will pick him up way before Johnny even gets near him.”

Lecture Notes

Characters: Park Jaehyung & OC ft. Roommate & YoungK (Brian)

Word Count: 1582 words

Summary: Its your first day of college and when you go to your first class of the day, you come across a cute guy who manages to sleep through the entire lecture.  After waking him up, you let him borrow your notes…

It was a warm fall day, the perfect weather, not too hot but also not cold.  You got ready and since the weather was nice, you felt nice and productive.  Dressing casually, you got ready and headed off to your first class.  You were nervous.  It was your first official day of college and you had Math first thing in the morning.  You walked along the paved walkways through the campus, listening to music with your headphones.  You walked into the building and headed down the hall way to find the lecture hall your class was in.

It was an auditorium like hall, and it was huge.  Many students were already inside and you made your way up the stairs to find a seat.  You slowed your walking as you spotted someone.  He was sitting, head resting on the palm of his left hand which was propped up on the long table in front of him.  His eyes were closed and his glasses were looked like they had slid down his nose a bit.  He wore a casual outfit as well, a black hoodie with a pair of basketball shorts and Nike socks and sandals.

His blonde hair looked slightly disheveled under his hood and you laughed a little inside.  There were two empty seats on his left and you took the one further away from him.  When the professor walked in, you immediately forgot about the boy sitting next to you, and you paid attention to your teacher, trying to stay awake.  "That’ll be all for today, please get your supplies on the syllabus and have the prepared by next week.“ Your professor said.  The lecture was over and you sighed deeply.

As you packed up your notes and supplies, you turned to your side to reach for your backpack.  Your eyes widened slightly when you saw that the boy was in the exact same position as he had been when you’d sat down.  Nothing had moved.  You finished packing up and stood up.  People were clearing out quickly and the professor had left as well.  You looked at him and then decided to wake him up.  "Uh… Excuse me?” You said.

He didn’t hear you so you decided to poke him.  "Hello….?“ You poked his arm.  His head moved slightly and then his arms slipped from under his head, causing his head to fall and him to wake up.  "Oh my god.” He said, looking around.  The lecture hall was practically empty and you stood next to him.  He turned to look at you and his eyes widened slightly.  You were really pretty.  You wore a simple white t-shirt and a pair of light blue ripped boyfriend jeans, with flip flops.  Your long hair was tied up in a ponytail and he could see the loose waves when you bent down to pick up the pencil that had rolled off his desk.

“You slept through the entire lecture.” You said.  "Wow…. That’s not good.“ He didn’t know what to say.  "I would’ve woken you up earlier but I hadn’t noticed you were still asleep when he came in and started.” You said.  "It’s fine…“ He said.  He started to gather his stuff and you watched him.  "Did we take notes..?” He asked, looking slightly stressed and confused.  His eyebrows furrowed as he looked up at you.  "Yeah, do you want to see them?“ You asked.

"Would that be okay? I know some people don’t like to give people their notes if they’ve been slacking.” He said, laughing a little at the end.  "It’s the first day, it’s fine.“ You said, looking through your bag for your notes.  "Thanks you’re a life saver.” He said, taking them from you.  "Eh I try.“ You said, laughing a little.  "I’m Jae by the way.” He said, standing up.  Your eyes followed his as he stood up and you were now looking up rather than down.

“Wow you’re kind of tall…  And I’m _______.” You said.  He laughed.  "I think I’m normal, maybe you’re the one that’s short.“ He said.  "I’m average height thank you very much.” You said.  "Are you doing anything right now?“ He asked.  "Ummm…” You checked your timetable on your phone.  "Nope, my next class is in three hours… Why?“ You asked.  "Want to grab some coffee?” He asked.  "Sure!  I think you need it more than me though.“ You said.  He laughed and nodded.

You walked together through campus to the nearest Starbucks and ordered your drinks.  "So where are you from?” You asked.  "Well I was born in Argentina, but I moved here to Long Beach when I was 5, you?“ He said.  "I lived over in LA.” You said.  He nodded.  You guys got your drinks and sat down.  You ended up talking for quite a while, learning more about each other.  "Oh shoot, in going to be late for my next class.“ You said, looking at your phone.  "Thanks for the notes again.” He said.  "No problem, do you think you could drop them off at my dorm when you’re done with them?“ You asked.  "Sure.” He said.

You gave him your hall and room number and then parted ways.  "Okay bro.  Who was that?“ Jae’s friend Brian asked as he moved from the counter to the seat you’d been sitting in.  He’d walked in and saw Jae sitting with you and he didn’t want to interrupt.  ”_______, she’s in my math class, which I slept through on the first day…“ Jae said.  "Seriously?” He asked.  "Yeah, she gave me her notes though.“ Jae said.  "And her hall and room number.” Brain said, wiggling his eyebrows.  "She’s cute.“ He added.  "Yeah I know.” Jae said.

“Befriend her first if you’re trying to get her though.  She doesn’t look like the type to jump.” Brian said.  "How would you know that…“ Jae looked at Brian with a ‘really…?’ look.  "Just trust me.” Brian said, patting his shoulder.  "I just know.“ He added.  Jae rolled his eyes and sipped the last bit of his pumpkin spice latte.  "You drink that stuff…?” Brian asked.  "Yeah it’s delicious bro.“ Jae said.  "Sure…” Brian said.

Later that day, you were studying alone in the commons room of your hall, working on some homework you’d gotten in your Writing class and you heard a knock on the door front door.  You looked up and saw Jae and another guy through the glass and Jae waved the notes in his hand.  You laughed and opened the door.  "Hey.“ Jae said.  "Hey, did you finish copying them?” You asked.  "Yup, thanks a lot, you really saved me.“ He said with a laugh.  "No problem, don’t worry about it.  Did you understand everything?” You asked.

“Y-” Brian stepped on his toes, and Jae looked at him, but you didn’t notice the exchange as you were looking at your phone.  Brian didn’t say anything but using his face, he motioned for Jae to change his answer.  Understanding what his friend was trying to get at, he changed his reply.  "No, actually.  There was this one part I didn’t really get…“ He said.  "Oh what part?” You asked, walking back into your room.  "I’ll see you later.“ Jae said to Brian.  He followed you in and closed the door behind him.  *Smooth, smooth Jae.* Brian nodded in approval and headed back out.  He set his bag down and you both sat on the couch in the commons room.

"This part right here…” He said, pointing to one of the harder parts of the notes.  He was a smart kid and your notes were neat and easy to follow so he actually understood everything.  But it was a good opportunity to hang around you.  "Oh this is actually pretty simple, it took me a little while too.“ You said.  You started to explain it to him and he watched you.  "Jae are you listening…?” You asked, waving your hand in front of his face.  "H-huh?“ He asked, realizing he’d been caught staring.

You laughed.  "The pumpkin spice latte wasn’t enough to keep you awake was it?” You asked.  "It worked while I was writing everything down.“ He said, laughing a little.  "I’ll go make some coffee.” You said.  You got up, but hit your foot on the leg of the table and tripped.  "Whoa there.“ Jae caught your arm and saved you from falling.  You straightened yourself and laughed.  "Thanks.” You said.  He laughed too and let go of your arm.

*Could you be any more clumsy…..????* You thought to yourself as you prepared the mugs in the kitchen.  You sighed a waited.  *Could you be any more obvious….????“ Jae thought to himself as he sat alone in the commons room.  You both, without knowing the other was doing it, lightly patted your faces with both hands to wake yoirselves up.  *She/He probably thinks you’re weird now……* You both thought.  You both sighed.

You walked back to the commons room with the two cups of coffee and continued helping him with the notes.  "Thanks so much, I actually understand it all now.” He said, laughing.  "No problem!“ You said.  "Well I’ll see you on Wednesday.” He said, standing up.  "See ya!“ You said, waving as he headed out the door.  When he was out of sight you laid down on the couch and sighed.  He stopped walking when he couldn’t see you anymore and ruffled his hair wildly.  *She’s/He’s really cute…* You both thought.

hehehehee finally got to do a Jae scenario, I’m so happy they debuted!!! I’ve had their entire album on replay since they released it and I’m in love <3  Can’t wait for them to do more stuff :) And for some reason I can TOTALLY see this happening to him when he was at Long Beach xD Love ya Jae ;)

My thoughts on the new Power Rangers movie.

*Disclaimer im a huge power rangers fan and it was my first special interest and is my longest standing one so I apologize if its a bit much in my excitement. Also I tried my best not to spoil stuff and only give like a bare bones summary there is obviously more to the movie then im mentioning*

First of all, GO SEE IT ITS AMAZING I LOVE IT ITS REALLY GOOD. Secondly the movie is actually really good as a movie not just power rangers (within reason I mean, its still power rangers) I was actually really surprised by how well written the characters motives were, given that its power rangers and its not really known for that. Like they don’t just jump onboard with the idea of being a ranger like they are hesitant aswell as unsure if they can trust Zordon (Brian Cranston) or Alpha 5 (Bill Hader). Also this isn’t like the show where they are friends before being rangers and immediately know how to be rangers. They become friends throughout the course of the film and learn to be rangers. The humor in this movie is great, you got visual humor, regular humor etc and Alphas humor. Also the zords were great looking and awesome to watch. Even tho the mammoth zord was a bit weird looking but it was still awesome. Also the command center looked sick af. Elizabeth Banks as Rita was on point and actually felt evil instead of a cheesy space wizard that makes monsters to attack earth. Also Bill Hader as Alpha 5 was on point and amazing I found Alpha was really funny with Alphas fatalistic humor I loved it. Also Brian Cranston as Zordon nailed it and was really well done. Lets talk about RJ Cyler as Billy though, RJ Cyler as Billy was fucking great and I loved how well done Billy being Autistic was and as a Autistic person I really related to the portrayal. Becky G as Trini was also really good and as someone whos Bisexual I liked how they went about mentioning Trini as a Bisexual and not making a big deal about it. I also liked Ludi Lin as Zack, Naomi Scott as Kimberly and Dacre Motogomery as Jason. Basically I loved all the rangers. Honestly the movie blew me away, I was infodumping on my friend about it and was talking about what everything means after the film. Support this film go see it, its been out for a few weeks and only just made its production money back. Which sucks cause it was great and I blame the subpar Trailers. If you don’t like it see it for the really good Autistic representation and Bisexual representation. Yes I realize that was vagueish but I don’t wanna spoil it cause its really good.


In the early 1950s Maxwell Garvie met Sheila Watson. Max was a wealthy, handsome man about town in north east Scotland and Sheila was a beautiful, smart young lady, there was no surprise when the pair announced their marriage in 1955. They settled into a luxurious farm, as Max was quite rich, and had a couple of kids. It was now the sixties and sex, drugs and rock and roll fueled the mainstream mind. Max was no different than any other drug taking, thrill-seeking hippie, enjoying tranquilizers, liquor, and flying his plane at top speed pulling dangerous stunts over the North Sea. Eventually that would get boring to him so he moved on to the free love part of the sixties. He started a nudist colony in his backyard which at first, Sheila was not a fan of. It was innocent enough with just friends coming by to hang out in the nude. Things soon escalated to orgies with old friends and new. Max met a 22 year old name Brian Tevendale and brought him home to introduce him to a life of sexual inhibition. Sheila didn’t enjoy having sex with people who weren’t her husband, but she soon got into the swing of things. She and Brian began seeing each other regularly. Brian would drag his sister Trudy Birse into the lifestyle and she and Max would also be seeing each other regularly. She was married to a policeman in Aberdee who also joined the orgies from time to time, much to the delight of village gossip. In March of 1968 Sheila and Bryan ran away to Bradford, however she was coaxed back by Max. On May 15th Max was reported missing by his sister, Hilda Kerr. In August, Sheila for some reason, probably guilt, confided in her mother that Max was dead, killed by Brian. Her trust was slightly misplaced as her mother was a law abiding citizen and went straight to the police with this information. On August 17th 1968 Max Garvie’s body was found the drains of Laurieston Castle, St. Cyrus, which was Brian’s hometown. Sheila, Brian and one of Brian’s friends named Alan Peters, were all arrested and charged with murder. On November 19th 1968, her trial began and the truth about the Garvie’s orgies came to light. Up until then everything was just gossip, to the point where people in the neighborhood called their house kinky cottage. Sheila claimed that Brian and Alan had killed Max while she was sleeping. Brian said it was all Sheila’s idea. The crown agreed with Brian and said on the night of the murder Sheila first slept with Max then silently slipped away as he slept, she let Brian and Alan into the house and gave them the .22 rifle which belonged to Max. The men then smashed Max’s skull with the butt of the rifle and then shot him in the head. Sheila and Brian were found guilty of murder, Alan was released because of lack of evidence against him. Sheila and Bryan would have been executed for their crime, but capital punishment had been replaced with life sentences, and that is what they received in 1968. They were both released in 1978, Brian started a pub in Perthshire and died in 2003 and Sheila married two more times and still runs a bed and breakfast. Pictured above: the victim Max, Sheila, Sheila and Brian and a newspaper clipping including a pic of the kinky cottage. Source: Murderpedia