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For once, there was an unknown land, full of strange flowers and subtle perfumes; a land of which it is joy of all joys to dream; a land where all things are perfect and poisonous.

🎃Happy Halloween 🎃

The one stealing candy from the bucket: Jimmy Page

The one who can’t decide what to wear: Rick Wright

The one planning to egg someone’s house: Paul McCartney

The one streaking through the neighborhood: Roger Daltrey

The one who spiked the punch: John Entwistle

The one who shows up drunk dressed as a princess: Percy Plant

The one introducing a blowup doll as their date: Greg Lake

The one dressed as a giant dick: Jeff Lynne

The one throwing candy at the trick or treaters: Brian Jones

The one dancing with the skeleton decoration: Suzi Quatro

The one dressed as the phantom and jumping out and scaring passerbys: David Bowie

The ones dressed like Frankenstein and his bride: Bob Dylan x Pete Townshend

The one dressed as the wolf man who keeps howling at the moon: George Harrison

The one dressed as Dracula and trying to bite everyone: Mike Campbell

The one dressed as the Mad Hatter and giving everyone over sugared tea: Gypsy (This was not on purpose this was shuffled I assure you!!)

The one hiding in the pool pretending to be a Kracken: Ringo Starr  (cut him off he’s had enough punch!! 😂)

The one stealing toilet paper from the house to TeePee the neighbors: Bonzo

The ones dressed as Frank-N-Furter x Rocky: Joey Ramone x Stan Lynch

The one running around with a bloody butcher’s knife: Jonesy

The one who switched the apples in the bobber with prunes: Ray Manzarek

The one dressed as a hooker: Gram Parsons

The one trying to watch horror movies: David Gilmour

The one singing drunk Halloween songs: Pamela Des Barres

The one who wants to go ghost hunting: John Lennon

The one dressed as a zombie asking people if they can eat their brains: Izzy Stradlin

The one wearing a shirt that reads this is my costume: Gregg Allman

The one who eats the candy in front of the children: Roger McGuinn

The one who hogs the candy corn: Michael Clarke

The one sprawled out on the floor from too much punch chanting this is my happy place: Stevie Nicks

The one dressed like a pirate asking everyone for their booty: Gene Parsons

The one dressed like a cat who keeps saying everyone needs a little Pussy in their lives: Tom Petty (I actually wrote this with him in mind and lo and behold this happens!!😂)

The one dressed like a giant gator chasing people yelling I’m gonna eat ya!: Iggy Pop

The one carving inappropriate thing into pumpkins: Howie Epstein

The one mooning trick or treaters: Alice Cooper

The one getting fake blood everywhere scaring the children: Nick Mason

The one dressed as a mummy but used toilet paper so their costume keeps tearing: Chris Hillman

The one dressed as a witch threatening the bad trick or treaters that they’ll eat them: Gene Clark

The one dressed like a playboy bunny and serving drinks: David Crosby

The one dressed like a devil who keeps hitting on the one dressed like an angel: Ron Blair x Roy Orbison

The one dressed like a flower who keeps slapping the guest dressed like a Honey Bee: Mike Nesmith x Marc Bolan

The two dressed as cowboys pretending to have and old western showdown: Jim Morrison x Benmont Tench (Whoo Floridian showdown!!)

The one dressed as a dragon using an aerosol can and a lighter for their special effects: Moonie (this fucking happened!!)

The one dressed as a skeleton fighting with the fog machine: John Densmore

The one dressed as a butterfly trying to put up the cobwebs and gets tangled: Keith Emerson

The one dressed like a clown surrounded by severed body parts handing out candy: Syd Barrett

The one dressed like Popeye swearing at passerbys: Joan Baez

The one who showed up in Gimp Gear as a costume: Todd Rundgren

The two dressed like Bonnie and Clyde: Roger Waters x Carl Palmer

The one dressed as nun spanking people with their ruler: Stu Sutcliffe

The one dressed up like a detective asking everyone if they need a Dick: Robby Krieger

[This was fun 😂]

~ 💘

Good Comics That Had Bad Consequences

The Punisher Volume 1 (1986) & 2 (1987)

What they should have learned: Writers Mary Joe Duffy and later Mike Baron melded elements of men’s adventure novels and VHS-era crime films to superhero comics elevating Frank Castle from a fairly one-note Spider-Man foil to a compelling anti-hero whose popularity continues today.

What they actually learned:  Marvel and DC Comics churned out scores of deadly gun carrying anti-heroes trying to recreate Frank’s success over and over again.

Watchmen (1986)

What they should have learned: Alan Moore’s magnum opus is a one-of-a kind blend of world building, non-linear narrative, and alternative history to create a true mind-spinning work of unparalleled depth.

What they actually learned: Swearing and death scenes makes you “mature.”

Batman: The Killing Joke (1988)

What they should have learned: With it’s sickening violence, lurid nightmarish colors, and elaborate backgrounds Moore’s most controversial DC book is a masterpiece of tension that takes Batman & the Joker’s conflict to it’s furthest logical conclusion and intends to sicken the reader.

What they actually learned: Rather than being the apex of grimdark “The Killing Joke” inspires a generation of readers and writers to decide that Batman should ONLY be grimdark to the point that characters like Harley Quinn and The Mad Hatter have quadruple digit body-counts.  Also Barbara Gordon remains crippled for years despite Moore regretting making that part of the story.

Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man (1988)

What they should have learned:  A young artist takes some visual risks and becomes popular by eschewing Marvel’s house style of the time creating a unique and striking visual. The time experimenting with Spider-Man gives McFarlane the tools to create his wildly popular original series Spawn.

What they actually learned: Rather than inspire companies to take risks with their artists the popularity of McFarelane, Jim Lee, and Rob Liefeld inspire Marvel & DC to make their house style an amalgam of “The Image Style” resulting in eyesores like “Extreme Justice” and “Force Works.”

Bone (1991)

What they should have learned: By mixing cartoon antics and high fantasy Jeff Smith proved that child friendly comics can reach a wide audience and that cartoonish books don’t have to be simple or boring.

What they actually learned: Once the value of a mint condition copy of Bone #1 shot to $100 in Wizard’s Price Guide speculators started looking at black and white indy comics like they were lottery tickets.

Alias (2001)

What they should have learned: Another genre mash-up this neo-noir mix of violence, sex, super-heroics and gritty story-telling FINALLY gave Marvel a critically acclaimed Mature Readers title that could compete with DC’s Vertigo line.

What they actually learned: Writers see Bendis’s take on The Purple Man and conclude that sex crimes are an easy way to show how bad your villain is. Thus paving the way for sleaze-fests like “Identity Crisis” and “Kick-Ass II.” 

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2002)

What they should have learned: By taking a thoughtful slow build a young Brian Michael Bendis proved that with clever dialog and solid pacing that character building can be just as exciting as superhero action.

What they actually learned: You can pad-out a one-issue story to six issues then sell it as a trade.

Danganronpa V3 Official VA's status

Kaede Akamatsu - Erika Harlacher [Kyoko Kirigiri]

Gonta Gokuhara - Kaiji Tang [Yasuhiro Hagakure]

Himiko Yumeno - Christine M. Cabanos [Chiaki Nanami]

Kiibo - Lucien Dodge [Hifumi Yamada]

Korekiyo Shinguji - Todd Haberkorn [Teruteru Hanamura]

Maki Harukawa - Erica Mendez [Nagisa Shingetsu]

Ryoma Hoshi - Chris Tergliafera [Gundham Tanaka]

Tsumugi Shirogane - Dorothy-Elias Fahn [Sayaka Maizono/Chihiro Fujisaki/Alter Ego]

Monokuma - Brian Beacock

Monophanie: Natalie Hoover

Monodam: Jason Wishnov

Rantaro Amami - unknown

Kaito Momota - unknown

Kokichi Ouma - Derek Stephen Prince [Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu]

Shuuichi Saihara - Grant George [Leon Kuwata]

Angie Yonaga - unknown

Kirumi Tojo - Kira Buckland [Hiyoko Saionji]

Tenko Chabashira - unknown

Miu Iruma - unknown

This will be updated as more gets revealed.

anonymous asked:

do you know if eric or dylan ever interacted with any of their victims before nbk?

Killed Victims

Rachel Scott: was shot by Eric outside of the school. She knew Dylan since kindergarten. He was in the same drama production class as her. There’s only one known incident that they talked each other, which was when Dylan was the sound tech for the talent show. The audio cut halfway through her performance and it was Dylan that fixed it. So Rachel thanked him.

Wounded Victims

Makai Hall: Makai and his friends were hiding underneath the tables in the library when Dylan looked under the tables and smiled at them, before shooting Makai in the knee. He knew Dylan from French class that they took in the previous year and even worked on a few class projects together. Makai described Dylan as an “alright guy, “decent and real smart.” He also said that Dylan was a nice guy that never treated him badly. 

Brian Anderson:  was shot by Eric near the west entrance of school. Brian suspects that he was shot because he was wearing a white hat on 4/20. He did have one interaction with Eric and Dylan 2-3 weeks before the shooting, when they asked him for help to find a website that had sound effects on it. They told him they needed the sound effects for a video they were working on (probably Radioactive Clothing). Brian was unable to help them. 

Evan Todd: was injured by wooden splinters caused from Eric’s shotgun blast. He told investigators he knew Dylan because he saw him everyday. Although Evan was only 15 at the time, meaning it probably wasn’t from any interactions from their classes.

 Jeanna Park: was shot by Dylan in the library from the back. She stated she did share a class with Dylan before. 

Musicians as desserts
  • Mike Rutherford: Doughnut holes
  • Phil Collins: Angel food cake
  • Peter Gabriel: Key lime pie
  • Tony Banks: Tiramisu
  • Steve Hackett: Chocolate cake
  • Jon Anderson: Milkshake
  • Bill Bruford: Lemon bars
  • Chris Squire: Jell-o
  • Steve Howe: Strawberry shortcake
  • Alan White: Pineapple upside down cake
  • Rick Wakeman: Banana pudding
  • Todd Rundgren: Fruit cake
  • Robert Fripp: Blueberry crumble
  • Brian Eno: Cheesecake
  • Keith Emerson: Chilli chocolate
  • Greg Lake: Bundt cake
  • Carl Palmer: Ice cream cone
  • Roger Daltrey: Sorbet
  • Keith Moon: Moon pie!
  • Pete Townshend: Gingerbread
  • John Entwistle: Fudge
  • Steve Winwood: Apple pie
  • Geddy Lee: Nanaimo
  • Alex Lifeson: Raspberry tart
  • Neil Peart: Ayn Rand
  • David Gilmour: Red velvet cake
  • Rick Wright: Cupcake
  • Nick Mason: Apple pie and cream (WITH NO CRUSTS)
  • Syd Barrett: Bag of Halloween candy
  • Roger Waters: Baked Alaska
  • John Bonham: Bear claw
  • Robert Plant: Cotton candy
  • Jimmy Page: Liquorice
  • John Paul Jones: Cream puff
  • Paul McCartney: Cherry pie
  • George Harrison: Baklava
  • Ringo Starr: Jelly roll
  • John Lennon: Chocolate chip cookies
  • David Bowie: Banana split
  • Kate Bush: Mixed berry parfait

Batman Gotham by Gaslight Sneak Peek

Gotham by Gaslight is a DC Comics one-shot by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola, with inks by P. Craig Russell. It spawned a sequel, Master of the Future (1991), also written by Augustyn, but with drawings by Eduardo Barreto. Although not originally labeled as such, Gotham by Gaslight is considered to be the first Elseworlds story, where DC Comics heroes are taken out of their usual setting and put into alternate timelines or realities. Subsequent printings have included the “Elseworlds” logo. 


On October 6, 2009, Trick ‘r Treat was released in the U.S.!

It’s a crime that this film didn’t get a proper theatrical release!