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Are you troy, brian and Joseph still friends? Or do you at least still talk?

i don’t talk to anyone, ever. my vocal cords haven’t shifted one millimeter in 6 months

Learning to Like

Request: Shawn and girl seem to hate each other but they’re attracted to each other at the same time

a/n: so all of nashville’s wifi was down today and I planned on just studying for sociology all day but my notes/flashcards are online so I stress wrote this little thing and stress wrote a little of a part 2 (wifi is back though so imma be studying alllllll night for sociology…yay) 

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“C’mon, Y/n, if you would just give him a chance––“

           You shook your head as you slumped down in the passenger seat of your friend’s, Clara’s, car.  “I’ve given him plenty of chances.” 

           Clara rolled her eyes as she turned into the parking lot of the diner you were meeting a group of friends.  It wasn’t odd to meet at the diner at ten o’clock at night, because that was the time you all usually met up at, but you didn’t know the exact reason of the meet up until a few minutes ago.

           Pickering was a small town, and you were close with all of your high school friends, even after you all split up to go to different universities.  Most of everyone stayed in Canada, but you and a few others, decided you wanted to continue your studies in America.  It was Christmas, and the first time you were home since starting school, so you were excited to get together with your closest friends.  That was until Clara spilled the beans and listed everyone who was supposed to be at the diner.

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“The Chance Of You”

Requested: Yes

Request: Hi! Could you do imagine where you and Shawn meet at m&g and he tells you to wait backstage and you spend a night at the hotel talking and laughing and something comes up? Love your “definitely love her now” imagine!!! Xx

Word Count: 3137

I couldn’t breathe. I was stressed, I was nervous, I was tense and anxious…you get what I mean. I was currently in line to meet Shawn. Not a big deal, you know, just… my everything. Thinking back to the show, it was absolutely incredible. He put every single part of his heart, soul and body in every word he sang and gave me goosebumps all night long. Even though it ended 30 minutes ago, I was still in a complete fog. I came back to my senses when I realized the line was getting shorter. The meet and greets were starting and I had very little time to pull myself together. I went from going over what I was going to say, to thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Soon enough, I was next in line and as I hear “Your turn.” I just completely forgot about everything that was clouding my head. The curtains opened and I realised he was right there. Right in front of me. I walked in, not knowing what I was gonna do and just told myself that I’d try my best to be normal. His back was facing me as I walked in. I glanced and saw he was laughing at something Brian said from the little table aligned next to the wall. I took extremely slow steps, not knowing what to do until someone on the crew called him out and nodded his head over to me. He turned around with a big smile that disappeared as soon as he saw me. I freaked out instantly but tried my hardest not to show it. Wondering if something was on my face or if I had done something wrong, I stepped up my pace, a million things racing through my mind.

As I made my way over, the huge smile quickly reappeared, reassuring me. He opened his arms wide as I wrapped my arms around his huge torso, my arms not being able to touch each other. I felt his arms hug my neck, since I was smaller, holding me close to his chest. We were embraced in each other’s presence for a couple of seconds, before he pulled away, just so that I was still in his arms, but that he could see my face, looking me straight in my eyes. Before he hugged me again quickly. Which lead me to release a breath I didn’t know I was holding, causing me to make a weird muffled sound due to my face being squished into his chest. He laughed loudly, as I unwrapped my arms from around him trying to hide my embarrassed face. “Are you okay, babe?” my heart fluttered as he spoke those words. But then again he did call all of his fans pet names. “Yeah. I’m alright. It’s not like I was hyperventilating back there.” I said nonchalantly, causing a chuckle to escape from his lips. “And there were a lot of fans there, just not the right kind to help me breathe.” I said. Regretting instantly. I tried to make a joke, but it sounded a lot better in my head. The words came out of my mouth as I closed my eyes, cringing at my bad joke. I don’t know if it was out of pity or if he actually found it funny but my words caused him to laugh loudly once again. “Oh, by the way, I’m Y/N” I said, stumbling over the simple words, realizing I forgot to introduce myself. “Nice to meet you-” he chuckled, “I’m Shawn”. I looked at him with a brassy expression. “Really?” I asked in a shocked tone. “I thought your name was Richard” I continued. He laughed, harder than ever, as he repeated my words “Richard…” I laughed along with him, thinking I was doing a good job so far. “How are you?” I asked, trying to keep our conversation going. You could hear the smile in my voice. He stopped laughing and looked at me like I was out of this world. I guess people don’t ask him that question often. “I’m great, thanks for asking hun” he replied. Yep, people didn’t ask him frequently. The camera man cleared his throat, stopping us from joking around, as we both turned to look at him and him pressing us to take the picture. Shawn rolled his eyes at him, looking back at me. “What do you wanna do?” he asked me, referring to what pose I wanted to do. “Whatever you want, I really don’t mind” I said. Which I thought would’ve been stupid, but I saw him grin. “Whatever I want?” he asked, smirking at me, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah?” I replied, more as a question to myself. He stood in front of me bending his knees slightly, so that he was closer to my height, and picked me up effortlessly. My legs wrapping around him, my eyes widening. I wasn’t expecting that. Nope, not at all. Even if I really like this pose, I would’ve been way too shy to ask for it. He put both of his arms under my tights, making it more intimate, compared to if he’d just put around my waist, as he would normally do with others. My arms found their way around his neck, my fingertips brushing slightly against his hair. He looked directly into my eyes and whispered “This” alluding to the pose he decided on. I looked from the corner of my eye as the camera man was putting his eye on the camera, meaning he was ready to take the picture. I looked back at him, as we both looked at each other adoringly. It wasn’t awkward at all actually, I felt comfortable around him. “I like this one” I whispered back, a huge smile on my face, causing him to smile even harder. “Got it” we heard. “Thank you-” I said “You’re welcome” he replied, still holding me. “-no, no. Thank you for everything. For being the loser that you are and making me incredibly happy and being my light through the darkness.” I said joking but also trying to make him understand the reasons of my “thank you”. He hugged me, moving his arms from under my thighs to my lower back, pressing me against his chest. “I still haven’t had the chance to tell you I love you” I whispered in his ear, causing him to squeeze me, rocking us back and forth. “I love you so much more Y/N” he murmured my name. “Not possible” I said as he put me down. Giving me one last hug. “Thank you Richard.-”I giggled “I love you, bye” I said my final words to Shawn, as I was being rushed out.

I took in a deep breath, the door closing behind me. This what way better than what I could’ve ever dreamt of. I hope I left a good impression. That he’ll remember me, at least for the day. I was now walking down the hallways, pulling my phone out of my pocket, ready to text my mom to come and get me, since it was now all over, unfortunately.  I clicked on her name, starting my message, but I heard a voice calling my name. “Y/N. MISS, PLEASE STOP” I turned around to see a man that I saw earlier from the crew running down the hallway to meet me. I started to walk toward him, meeting him halfway, wondering what this could be about. “Yes..?” I asked once I was in front of the man, my voice quietening. I saw a “SECURITY” badge on his muscular chest, and freaked out internally. I was pretty sure I was gonna end up in jail for some reason. “Y/N? Right?” He asked me. “Yes?” Will you please follow me backstage?” he asked calmly. “Uh…” I dragged the sound. I was so confused. “Okay… But why?” I questioned him. Trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. “Shawn has requested you to wait for him.” He answered, turning his back, already walking ahead of me. I let out a barely audible “What the fuck” pretty much asking myself….

He led me through a bunch of left’s and right’s going backstage, where all the rooms were. Like the lounge room, the maintenance room, and the dressing rooms. He led me in front of the one with “SHAWN MENDES” written in big bold letters on it. He opened the door and let me in. “He’ll meet you here as soon as he’s done with all of the meet and greets.” He spoke and went out the room, closing the door behind him. Leaving me all alone in this huge room. I stood in the middle, just looking around. I finally decided to let myself on one of the couch, careful not to touch anything. I was still really confused but I decided to text my mom explaining to her the situation and that I didn’t know when I’d be done. Trying to reassure her that everything’s was okay and that it’s was a really cool opportunity, even though I didn’t even know what the situation was. She ended up by agreeing and let me stay until I needed to. I stayed on the couch for about 15 minutes, scrolling through my phone, until I heard the door open. I sat up correctly, repositioning myself from my previous “slouched on the couch” position. I saw those 2 men enter and recognized them as Andrew, Shawn’s manager, and Brian, one of Shawn’s best friend. They both enter the room talking, and saw me sitting there. They both stopped, and looked at me, before they looked at each other. “Uh…Hey?” I said, still unsure about everything. “So you must be the one” Andrew said, making Brian chuckle. “I don’t really know what’s going on…” I said, my voice low, just looking for some answers. “Shawn’s coming, he’ll tell you.” Brian laugh as him and Andrew start to pick some stuff up, packing them, and sitting down on the other couch or the chairs placed around the room. I was still really confused, but decided to wait. Shawn really had some explaining to do. Barely 2 minutes later, I see the door open once again, recognizing the tall figure. He saw me sitting on the couch and smile. Scratching the back of his head. “Hey” he breathed out. “Hi” I replied heartlessly, not on purpose. Looking at him with a very puzzled look. He caught on that I wasn’t too happy and confused very easily. Andrew and Brian left the room, leaving only me and Shawn. “So…are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” I asked. “Because so far, I had this strange man drag me to this place without telling me what was going on, and 2 of your friends make weird comments about me.” I said softly. I wasn’t mad. And I showed that I wasn’t. I just wanted some goddamn answers. “Look…” he sighed. He moved from his previous place to next to me on the couch, sitting down. “-I just-” he sighed once again. Trying to find words. I put my hand over his, which was gripping his knee. Looking at him with an encouraging look. Urging him to speak. “Okay-” he breathed in, once he caught on. “I’ve never done this and this is weird, but I knew I would regret if it I didn’t…” he stopped, trying once again to find words. He looked up, looking into my eyes. Taking my hands in his. “Ugh…Okay, so from the moment I saw you I was shocked because you’re the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen in my life, and I gained instant interest in you, and then you I talked with you and you blew my mind instantly, you’re just so nice and funny and a total sweetheart, and I feel like there’s so much more to you and I wanna get to know all of you. I felt great in your presence and comfortable and having you in my arms made me feel weird. In the best way possible.” He paused to breathe in, since he was pretty much rambling at this point. He didn’t let me react and continued “And I don’t know what this is. I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in infatuation at first sight. And I guess that’s what this is. And again this is weird, I never do this, but I couldn’t give up on the chance of you.” He finished. He lowered his gaze during his babble, and was now looking at our hands, too scared to look at me. I took my hands away and took his face in my hands, caressing his cheeks, making him look at me. He reluctantly looked at me and was welcomed with the biggest smile. I was still reacting to what he said. And I decided to just say what I was feeling. “Shawn, I came in here, expecting to meet my idol, and have him forget about me the day after. I could go on and on for hours about what I like about you. Seriously-” I looked at him seriously, my smile fading. “My sister gets so annoyed when I talk about you” he chuckled at me, smiling. The smile was back on my face. “And I felt the same way, and I say that genuinely, it’s not because you’re my biggest inspiration, and my crush, and my everything, I truly felt comfortable with you and felt like I could be myself around you and that it’d be okay. And I don’t know where you wanna go with this, but if you’re down, I’m down.” I said, chuckling at the unplanned reference I made. There was so much more that I wanted to say but at the same time I didn’t know what to say. So I had to run with what was coming out of my mouth. He looked at me smiling, looking down at my lips. We both obviously wanted to kiss each other, but I guess we both knew we had to take this slow, so he just said “You just made me so happy” taking me into his arms. And that was all I needed. He made me happier than ever and I succeeded to make him happy too. “Do you maybe, wanna hang out at the hotel? You know we can just talk, get to know each other more?” he said shyly. “Of course” I replied. “Okay, I think the others are waiting for us.” He giggled. He helped me up, leading me out of the door and to the lounge room where everyone was ready to leave. “Finally man!” Brian came over to pat Shawn’s back teasingly. “I don’t think we’ve had a proper introduction, I’m Brian” he said, making me chuckle.  I simply replied with “I’m Y/N”. Shawn introduced me very quickly to everyone and everyone were now on their way out of the stadium. We were the last one, everybody wanting to get back to the hotel already. I felt his hand brush against mine, taking it into his. Intertwining our fingers I slowly caressed his hand with my thumb. He looked down at me smiling, kissing my forehead.

The ride to the hotel was brief and uneventful. Just Shawn, Brian, Geoff, and another guy, whose name I had already forgotten, and I talking. We got there and everybody got to their room, tired after a long day. Shawn and I entered his room laughing about a story he told me. He quickly changed in the bathroom, asking me if I wanted to change into something more comfortable. I looked down at my skinny jeans and tight top who strangled me all day and gave in. He gave me a shirt of his and some “skinny sweats”, who fitted me as baggy sweats. We were now just talking. Talking. Something that’s hard with someone that you met less than 2h ago, but we just instantly clicked and our conversation when on and on and on. Without stopping. We could talk about everything and anything and still talk. We got at the hotel around 10:30 and it was now 2:45. We didn’t even realize that more than 4 hours were gone. I realized my mom had called a bunch of times and felt bad, she was probably worried and really mad at me by now. But then again, when I’ll tell her about my night, she’ll probably forget about it. She’ll be as excited as I was. “I think I have to go Shawn…” I said sadly, looking down. “Hey. It’s not like it’s our last time hanging out. It’s only our first” he winked. “We can hang out tomorrow if you want to.” he asked hopefully. “Sure!” I said excited, taking my clothes to change back in them. “No!” I heard Shawn say loudly, making me jump, causing both of us to laugh. “Keep them, like that you’ll be obliged to see me again to give them back.” He laughed, me along with him. “And you look good in them.” He added. “Okay then” I giggled as I texted the hotel’s address to my mom. We talked about what we could do the next day, debating whether we should explore the town since it was his first time here or go to eat or go so something fun or a mix of everything, until my mom texted me, telling me she was downstairs. We made sure to exchange numbers as he accompanied me down to the lobby, holding my hand.

 We arrived at the lobby and since it was 3AM, nobody was around. I turned to look at him, hugging him. My arms high, indicating I wanted to hug his neck. He bent down slightly and hugged my waist. Lifting me off the ground in a swift movement, and my legs wrapping around his waist, recreating our pose. I laughed at him, looking at him, my hands playing with his hair. “Starting to think you really like this pose, eh?” I chuckled. “Yeah, I like having you as close as possible” he brought me back to his chest, hugging me again. I kissed his cheek and unwrapped my legs, signaling for him to put me down. “I gotta go now, I’ll see you soon” I said as I was put on my feet. “Okay” he breathed out. “Bye” he spoke again, kissing my forehead, which was at his lip’s level. “Bye” I said back, walking towards the exit, waving. He waved back, pouting, making me smile. Now, all I have to do is explain to my mom why I was in a random hotel, in someone else’s clothes, at 3 in the morning. Fuck.



A/N: Thanks hun!xx I hope you all liked it. This was supposed to be up yesterday, but I didn’t think it was good enough. Sorry about that. I don’t know how I feel about the ending, I had to do it over so many time and it still turned out like shit. But I hope you liked it. Btw, I know that meet and greets are normally before the concert, but I put it at the end for the sake of the imagine. As always, feedback is always appreciated, and I need request people!!!:) Thanks guys. Peace out -Red


How far along: 21w 3d
Total weight gain/loss: not really sure
Maternity clothes: a couple pairs of maternity underwear because it sounded like such a luxury haha and two new shirts
Stretch marks: not yet but lots of lotion
Sleep: had a miscarriage nightmare last night and a serious backache from sleeping on my back on accident
Best moment this week: Brian started talking to her so much more
Have you told family and friends: yes everyone knows
Movement: she moves any time I lay down or eat
Food cravings: meatloaf
Food aversions: none that I can think of
Have you started to show yet: I’m moving towards looking pregnant instead of just tubby haha
Labor signs: nooo
Belly button in/out?: still out!
Wedding rings on/off?: on
Happy or moody most of the time: very happy and excited for my family’s future together 😍

Lessons on Love {Part 1} (Trixya) - Zula

A/N- Katya is a cis girl and Trixie is a cis boy in this (I’m sorry for everyone who doesn’t like that). I started this as a one shot ages ago and never finished. I have a strange feeling I’ve seen a fic with this title before but if there is I didn’t steal it on purpose oops💜This is for the lovely anon that requested teacher/ single parent and for all the anons that will send me hate about how cliché this might be ;) If I manage to not lose motivation there will be more parts to this but for now I’m sorry if it’s not the best / short. Please send me feedback on my sideblog ‘toxiczamo’, I love receiving any kind of comments about the stuff I write (yes, even hate - I live for the thrill.) Lots of love always to anyone who takes the time to read anything I write. - Zula

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Day 9

Sept. 9th, 2016

Name: Brian

Age: 23

Career: N/A Just graduated from UCI

Interesting Fact: He’s a DJ

 ~Some people come in our life as blessings. Some come in your life as a lesson.

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Brian who recently graduated from the University of California, Irvine.  He’s a soft spoken guy who has a passion for music, DJ’ing in particular. When I first approached Brian he was with a friend, and as I talked to both of them I found it interesting how shy he became. His friend finished most if not all his sentences for him. They talked about rock climbing and joked about how terrible he was. 

I realized over the years I’ve forgotten how amazing people truly are. Everyone has a story to tell and every person I’ve encountered has taught me a great deal already. 

iheartavidan  asked:

Arin and Dan are in the choir class(in 8th grade) and Arin has a crush on Dan so he talks to him after school about it...

Taking a deep breath, Arin taps Dan’s shoulder.  He knew it was lame but he could never talk loud enough for Dan to hear over his own music.  The older kid takes out an earphone and looks at Arin questionable.  The two had the same choir class and lunch but they never really talked to each other.

“Hi….after school I was wondering if you could meet me at the soccer field….I’d like to tell you something.” Arin kept looking down and anywhere but Dan.

It took him two weeks to work up the nerve to do this.  For the past year, he’d had a crush on Dan so bad that it hurt.  The kid was a year older then him and was the coolest even if the others didn’t see it.  Arin loved his tight curls, big glasses, and skinny figure.  He also really liked Dan’s sense of humor, over hearing it when he talks to his friend Brian who’s in the band class.  Arin had to shake his head of his thoughts, with them clouding him over he almost missed what Dan said.

“Sure Arin, I might be a little late because I gotta swing by my locker but I’ll see ya there.”

Dan waved bye and put his earphone back in and walked off to class.  Stunned, Arin stayed in the middle of the hallway, hand half raised to wave back at the already gone boy.  The fact that Dan knew his name made his heart flutter.  They only talked a hand full of times but he didn’t suspect that Dan would even remember.  Arin had math next and didn’t even think he could concentrate with the butterflies in his chest going wild.


It’s been ten minutes since the final bell and Arin felt like puking.  He was starting to think Dan was standing him up.  It took a lot of him to even ask him to meet him.  Turning away from the school, he faced the breeze that was coming through and took a few deep breathes to calm down a bit.  It was working until a tap on his shoulder made him jump and yelp.

“Sorry man, didn’t mean to spook ya.” Dan chuckled as he put his music way.

Arin was a loss for words.  It hurt when he thought that Dan wasn’t coming but now seeing him here, on the edge of the soccer field, it was unbelievable.  He knew it was now or never.

“I have something to tell you.”

Dan ran a hand through his tight curls. “Shoot.”

“I….I li…..I like you….”

All Arin wanted to do was grab a shovel and bury himself.  The fact that the words actually left his mouth surprised him, but the look on Dan’s face surprised him more.  The older boy was blushing and smiling down at his feet.  Arin didn’t know what to say or do.  It took a while before Dan finally looked up, flashing his bright smile.

“I like you too.”


“I like you too.  I was actually gonna tell you on the choir trip next week, since we were gonna be room mates.”

Arin’s eyes went wide. “We are?  I thought we don’t find out till we line up for the bus.”

Dan looked back down at his shoes. “I may have asked the teacher if I could pick my room….”

He wanted to ask more questions but then it hit him again.  Dan admitted that he liked him.  That he had feelings for Arin.  Over taken by emotions, Arin step forward and hugged the older boy.  It was the first time they had any real contact, besides the occasional bump in the hall way, and it felt right.  When they hugged it was like puzzle pieces fitting together.  Arin didn’t want to let go, he never felt like this about anyone and he knew that he was young but that this was special.  They broke the hug and Dan held his hands, walking him back to campus to the parent loop so that he could get picked up.  Before he got in his mom’s car, the two exchanged phone numbers and hugged one last time for the day.  He got into the car and watched Dan through the passenger seat mirror.  

“Have a good day at school?”  His mom asked.

“It was the perfect day.”