brian sexton

The Sean Sexton / Brian Kachinsky Vans Illustrated split part is now live.

Sean got a majority of his footage from a very productive week in Puerto Rico. He also threw down with Bruno, Dak and Ty on the Southwest filming trip, a little closer to home for Sean who is originally from Arizona.

Brian had a rough start to the Illustrated project. His first clip attempt on an official filming trip day 1 in Mexico resulted in a broken foot that gave him trouble for over a year. Luckily. BK had already been stacking heavy clips with his good friend Andrew Brady and had enough quality clips to split a part.

We paired the two living legends up and it turned out really good!


December 10, 2012 / This is the finalized presentation of my group semester project for Picture Editing. The group (Team A!) was composed of an editor (Naomi Driessnack), photographer/writer (Luke Franke), multimedia photographer (Jeff Brown), and a designer (myself). The concept of this semester-long assignment was to focus on a specific community within, or surrounding the Bowling Green, KY area, and connect it to an overall theme of “home.” Additionally, we were instructed to create a special feature section that may have the potential for weekly publicaton in our local newspaper. Our feature section was called, “Our Neighborhoods.”

While the meaning of home is subjective, we decided to center our attention on one specific neighborhood. For the past few months, my group, Luke and Jeff especially, have been out and about examining and getting to know the individuals and families that comprise the Housing Authority of Bowling Green. This community is filled with a variety of cultures and a ton of unique individuals just waiting to have their stories told.

I am incredibly proud of the work we have accomplished, and I am so honored to have been paired with this amazing group of people. I’m a little sad that this semester is already over.