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  • Dumbledore: I've found the perfect place to raise Harry until he's old enough for school.
  • McGonagall: With Remus and Sirius?
  • Dumbledore: Nope...
  • McGonagall: Hagrid's?
  • Dumbledore: Not exactly...
  • McGonagall: At Hogwarts with me?
  • Dumbledore: No...
  • McGonagall: I give up. Where?
  • Dumbledore: Well, now I'm not sure I want to tell you.

My favourite A Very Potter Sequel moments;

Snape: I would like to take this opportunity to announce the Hogwarts’ astronomy club. This year we’ll be paying particularly close attention to the cycles of the moon and its effects on certain professors.

Watching Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Snape: How extraordinarily like your father, you are, Potter. He too was exceedingly arrogant, strutting about the castle.
  • Harry: My dad didn't strut
  • Sirius: Yes he did
  • Remus: Yes he did
  • Peter: Yes he did
  • Lily: Yes he did
  • McGonagall: Yes he did
  • Dumbledore: Yes he did
  • Marauders Fans: Yes he did
  • James: ...yeah I did
Marauders Headcanon

So I have this head canon that at one point during 6th year, just after Remus and Sirius had gotten together, Padfoot & Moony wandered off for some alone time during a full moon.

James and Peter don’t know where they went or what they were doing but they ended up with a horrible flea infestation. And I’m sure they’re some kind of magical flea that just multiplies every time they scratch.

Cut to the next day in the shrieking shack and all four of them are scratching like there’s no tomorrow.

They wander back through the castle and don’t realise fleas are jumping off them like crazy. They go about their day none the wiser but still scratching.

The next day the students of Hogwarts wake up covered in fleas. There’s fleas in the dorms, fleas in the common rooms, the classrooms, the great hall, the staff room, EVERYWHERE.

That morning at breakfast McGonnagall is losing it “Where did they come from!?!? Who is responsible for this!?!?

Sirius stands up, clears his throat and says "Minnie, darling, have you seen how many people in this place have pets? Aren’t you a cat Animagus yourself? Frankly I am SHOCKED that there hasn’t been an infestation before now!?!?”

Slow murmurs spread the hall and everyone starts agreeing with him.

Dumbledore stands up and addresses the hall “Perhaps Mr Black is right Minerva. Professor Slughorn & Madam Pomfrey will be handing out potions to rid the school, I suggest if you have been affected you report to them as soon as you can.”

Meanwhile Remus, who had been sitting there quietly during Sirius’ speech, whispers “Totally worth it Padfoot, nice save.”

And James just glares at both of them while scratching his head.

The Marauders biggest prank and they didn’t have to lift a finger, serve a detention or lose any house points.

Three days later after every last flea has disappeared they see McGonnagall walk past in her animagus form wearing a flea collar…..

Can you imagine if we had never found out what Dumbledore’s Patronus was? And then, after thousands of fans asking and many years of waiting, JK Rowling just finally comes out and says,
“It’s a bumblebee. His name is literally White Bumblebee.”

Marauders Headcanon #2

Marauders Headcanon #2

So I wrote a Headcanon about the marauders a few weeks ago. It involved a lot of fleas if you want to read it. And @itsthemothersfighter pointed out that it could be the reason students are only allowed one pet by the time Harry goes to school. So this got me thinking that they might well be the reason for a lot of school rules, such as; first years aren’t allowed to bring their brooms to school. So I give you The Marauder Rule #2

It happened the day before they were to have their first flying lesson and they are about 2 months into the school year so they already have a bit of a reputation. Remus had mentioned that he had never flown on a broom before and that started a chain reaction.

James was shocked. “You’ve never flown before Remus?!? Oh it’s the best, my parents just bought me the newest broom The Nimbus 1000! Let’s go flying when lessons finish!”

James and Sirius grabbed their brooms and they decided to switch off. So James kicks off for a quick fly around while Sirius shows Remus the basics. Soon Remus is up in the air and having the time of his life and this is the first time the other marauders have seen him let loose a little bit. They both come barreling to the ground to switch the first time and Remus, struck by sudden brilliance decides they should have a game. Peter points out they only have 2 brooms and they don’t have access to the school brooms.

“Gents I have an idea” Sirius blurts suddenly. “2 men to a broom.” And he grabs a spare quaffle then jumps on the back of his broom behind Remus while Peter clambers on behind James.

They fly up to the goal posts and Sirius climbs on to the middle one. James catches on immediately and launches himself at the one on the left.

“This is never gonna work, we only have one quaffle!” Remus points out.

After a bit of thought they decide Remus, Sirius and Peter are the keepers and James, being the most experienced, is the chaser. So James starts throwing the quaffle at each goal post in turn and gets a few through. Soon enough they have an audience and some of the other first years have joined in.

Between all of them they have enough brooms for each team to have 6 players on the field and another 3 each on the goals. Some of the older students have gotten wind of what’s going on and start to wander down to the quidditch chatting away.

Of course Dumbledore hears some of them talking and decides he needs to check it out. He watches for a while and is just about to put a stop to it when McGonnagall bursts on to the scene. Immediately she knows who is responsible so she calls everyone to the ground.

“Potter, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew, explain yourselves this instant!”

Remus always being a quick thinker tries to explain. “Well Professor we were eagerly anticipating our first flying lesson tomorrow and couldn’t wait. So Sirius and James grabbed their brooms and we decided to have a bit of a game, then everyone else wanted to play and who are we to discriminate.”

“That does not explain why you were sitting on the goal posts!”

“Well we didn’t have enough brooms to go around for everyone,” Sirius chimes in.

“And did it not occur to you to have subs and take it in turns? No of course not. Detention for all four of you for a week.”

“But professor, which rule did we actually break?” Remus innocently asked.

After racking her brains, McGonnagall couldn’t actually think of a rule so she had to revoke the detentions and settle for a warning and taking away a few points from them.

This lead to McGonnagall going on a mission and convincing Dumbledore that first years can’t be trusted and shouldn’t be allowed their brooms at Hogwarts!

Dumbledore not wanting to argue, concedes and brings in the rule for the new school year.

What they failed to remember is the marauders were no longer first years……

Well I hope you all enjoyed! Please feel free to send me a Hogwarts rule (mentioned or made up) and I’ll write a marauders are to blame story.

Sirius Black

I’m really pissed cause like I’m rereading the series and in the first book Hagrid clearly states that he has borrowed the motor bike from Sirius Black. If Sirius had sold out the Potter’s to Voldemort (with the intention of Harry being killed) why would he then proceed to give Hagrid the motor bike to get Harry to safety. Wouldn’t he just kill Harry himself??? How did they not all know he was innocent!!??!

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