brian platt

typecasting musical theater dudes

musical theater men and the character types they usually play

Jeremy Jordan: earnest but naïve

Andrew Rannells: narcissistic but innocent

Jonathan Groff: innocent but narcissistic also plays straight

Christian Borle: Slightly Unbalanced Man ™ also plays gay

Brian d’Arcy James: suffering everyman

Ben Platt: anxious compulsive liar

Nic Rouleau: Elder Kevin Price

Lin-Manuel Miranda: himself

Reblog with how you got introduced to Book of Mormon!

Hello! So I reblogged this post asking people to share their stories on how they got introduced to Newsies. And as said from a lovely follower (hi @ramieverse​!), the Book of Mormon fandom is getting bigger and blossoming.

And so I also want to pose the same question to everyone: how did you get introduced to Book of Mormon? (musical only please!)