brian molko quotes

The music industry has changed a lot since the 90s. Do you miss anything then?

Yes, of course I do. A lot of things … I mean, when we were preparing the twenty year tour we were watching videos of the old performances, and nobody had a cell phone. Everyone … Everyone was jumping up and down, and people were flying over each other! Everyone was in the moment and enjoying themselves. Now sometimes you are playing for an audience that has the face attached to an electronic device, which makes it very difficult to satisfy with that audience with technology stuck to the face, because there is an object blocking their own energy and prevents it from reaching you. Today, there is a fascination for documenting everything above experiencing it. It is the result of having let ourselves be seduced as a society by that technology, you know … And the problem is not technology itself, but our attitude and the ease with which we allow ourselves to be seduced by it. It is easier to have a conversation with someone through technology than face to face, because it does not carry any vulnerability. And vulnerability implies a very important part of what it means to be a human being. So if we continue to exist without vulnerability, without truth, without physical contact, without physical exchange in the real world, I believe we will become more disconnected and solitary beings within society. Since the multinationals are telling the world that they create a better place to connect people and we believe their lies … It’s really rubbish,

—  Brian Molko for MondoSonoro in Mallorca, 2017
When I was a teenager I never ruled out the possibility of falling in love with another man, even though I had quite a healthy attraction towards the opposite sex. It’s one of the things I had a very big problem with the church about, and one of the things I continue to have arguments with my mother about. As a teenager, I just made sure that I didn’t close off opportunities. When desire manifests itself you have no control over it because it’s there. It’s your choice over whether you repress it or explore it, and I chose the more adventurous path and decided to explore. And I still do.
—  VOX “It’s Only Rock'n'Role Reversal”,
June, 1997.