brian mayn

HS: Where did you meet? Like.. how did you guys hook up? It must have been… like… you and Freddie were really the band. The rest of the guys you could have done without. Right?
CREW: Ohhh jeez….!!
HS: They weren’t really that talented compared to you and Freddie. And you and Freddie wrote all the songs.
BM: You think so?? (laughs) No, no… it was very much…
HS: Come on. Be honest. Why don’t you admit that you and Freddie really were the band?
BM: No, I wont. Because.. um….
HS: Because you’re a gentleman.
BM: No.. because the biggest hit we ever had was “Another One Bites The Dust”, which John wrote.
HS: Oh. He did??
BM: And “Radio Ga Ga”, in most of the world, was probably.. like…. the second biggest hit we ever had… which was written by Roger. You know.. it was very…. No. I’d tell you the truth if it was true.
HS: But who wrote “Bohemian Rhapsody”?
BM: Fred wrote “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
HS: With you.
BM: Mmmmm… not so much with me.
HS: The other guys were like Ringo.
CREW: Ohhh!! Noooo!! Jeez!!
HS: Let me tell you something. I’m telling you… Brian is much too…. uh….
RQ: …self-effacing.
HS: Right. He is a very nice… let me talk here for a second. He’s a gentleman.
BM: Who’s show is this?
HS: It’s my show!! (all laughing) He’s a gentleman and he doesn’t want to say anything…. (guitar wails) …. to hurt the other guys’ feelings, cause he still has to…
RQ: Aren’t they in England? They can’t hear.
HS: They can’t hear this.
BM: No, no, no. It’s not true.
HS: Why don’t you brag a little?
BM: I mean.. you shouldn’t knock Ringo either…. because anyone who understands the mechanics of a group understands that everybody is totally important. If it’s a…..
HS: Ringo!! Ringo?? Ringo’s the drummer!!
RQ: Ringo’s that little… (laughing) … shrunken conductor on a TV show.
HS: (laughing) Yeah. Oh come on…. Ringo….
BM: No.. I’m not with you because….
HS: Pete Best could have been in the Beatles.
BM: If you get a rare…. a rare situation where it’s a real group, everybody in the group matters totally. And… without Ringo, they wouldn’t have been a lot of what they were. I’m totally convinced of that.
HS: So…. you married now?
BM: But even more so….. I’m boring you.
HS: No. I can change topics rapidly. I’m not buying your Ringo rap.
RQ: (clapping) If we stay on Ringo too long, we lose audience.
HS: I saw Ringo the other day. He was taking a bus. No-one even bothered him. (crew hysterical) It was… like.. ‘there’s Ringo’…..
BM: Did you bother him? (laughs)
HS: No-one bothered him.
—  This is an excerpt from Howard Stern show when Brian May was a guest. They are making fun a of Ringo a bit here… xDDD