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The video we’ve all desperately been waiting for! ;)


Little Mix - Touch (Brian Friedman Choreo)
Feat. Jade Chynoweth, Maddie Ziegler, Kalani Hilliker, Camryn Bridges, Kendall Vertes, Charlize Glass, Kaelynn Harris, Larsen Thompson, Trinity Inay, Kerrynton Jones, Kaycee Rice, & Angel Gibbs


“Into You” by Ariana Grande | Choreography by Brian Friedman

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

ft: Maddie Ziegler, Larsen Thompson, Jojo Gomez, Sean Lew, Kerrynton Jones, Richard Swagg Curtis, Whyley Yoshimura, Jal Joshua, Ryan Ramirez, Abby Lett, Madison Cubbage, Kierstyn Tupa, Samantha Long, Stevie Dore, Angle Gibbs, Samaria Barnes, Morgan Geraghty, Jazz Smith & Grant Smith


brianfriedman: I’m loving getting 2 train @maddieziegler so much lately especially when she gets 2 dance with my kiddos @larsenthompson @kerryntonjones@seanlew1125 & @lilrichswagg! She’s a beast! Full video coming next week! Click the link in my bio for more! @arianagrande #IntoYou @mdcdance #BFreeGlobal

that Helen of Troy speech was epic

i truly do believe that a huge part of Tom cares greatly about Fitz and loves Fitz

just from that one scene, his speech to Olivia…the emotion in his voice, not really judgment but just questioning why Olivia left - now me personally I don’t care much for the ship but the way Tom is talking about it, about how wrecked Fitz was, calling Fitz “My President” the same way Fitz called him “My Tom Larsen” - you can just hear there is pain, that despite all this B613 stuff that Tom is still a secret service agent at heart who wants to protect his president and he doesn’t understand that if there is so much love why Olivia would leave Fitz behind to that kind of a state of pain…

it’s especially interesting coming from someone who isn’t being confrontational or judging but just someone begging for answers because he cares for them and has been on the inside and privy to all these moments that matter

i really believe despite this horrible thing Tom was ordered to do and that he had done and should answer for - he does deep down in his heart care very deeply for Fitz as much as he could

and I just really hope that before what will surely be his end (because let’s be honest, his end is coming) that he will get a chance to show that loyalty and get his full redemption, maybe dying to protect Fitz and Olivia the same way he’s always done for them since this show started

if Tom can die either taking a bullet for Fitz or Olivia or die doing something for them…I can accept that, I can accept that after all these seasons of him being one of the few consistent presence and support for their relationship, that it won’t all be for nothing


Landslide. Newark, NJ - 02/08
© Brian Larsen
Ariana Grande Into You feat Maddie, Larsen, Jojo & Sean | @brianfriedman C
Ariana Grande - Into You - Choreography by Brian Friedman Master Class at Millennium Dance Complex 2016 Filmed & Edited by @BrazilInspires Featuring: Maddie ...

brianfriedman It’s LIVE! @arianagrande #IntoYou featuring @maddieziegler @larsenthompson @seanlew1125 & @jojogomezxo | Filmed & Edited by @brazilinspires with Choreography by yours truly ;) @mdcdance #BFreeGlobal #BrazilInspires #BeastNetwork @beastnetwork link in bio! Can’t watch on some mobile devices



A fantastically close-up view of Sara from last night, courtesy of Brian Larsen
Sydney, Australia - 22.10.2015